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  1. Thanks Munter, Like Mattscrackers said, no rush. Cheers.
  2. Thanks Steve, it was a learning curve thats for sure. Now I just gotta convince some of the other guys to "do themselves a favour" and go out and buy one. I put a wooden guide in, a set of F22's on the back , ripped out the magnet and tested them out. They are as good fun as everyone says. Cheers.
  3. Thought I'd have a crack at some slotworx. First time at these clear bodies. I think it will be a big year ahead for DJR/Penske. It wont be no big surprise to see this guy do well either, although he will be in a Red Bull car, big team.
  4. Great job there munter, they look the goods. Are you willing to part with a couple of those bodies. Waiting for the Scaley models is painful, I wouldnt be surprised if we dont even see them in 2016. Top job again, they look fantastic.
  5. Thanks guys, I ended up tracking down some Jo Sonja acrylics to do the job. Steve, I did read the slotworx thread, but it didnt say anything about what you cant use, so I thought I'd ask anyway, being my first lexan body I wasnt sure but now I know, NO NO NO , hey Gary! Phil, I didnt want to mask up, so thats why I opted for the old brush instead of using spray cans or do Tamiya do the PC series in bottles as well. Anyway, all good. Now to finish cutting out decals. Cheers.
  6. I just recently got myself a couple of these cars and have never done these clear bodies before. My decals came the other day from Patto's, so I'm cutting decals out to get ready for painting, I've read this post trying to soak in as much as I can, well my question is, can you use the Tamiya X series(enamel in the little bottles) paint on the bodies? It sticks like you know what to a blanket and is a bit flexible, so I thought it would be good.
  7. supercharged

    Westport Raceway

    That looks great. You have done a top job. Bloody ripper.
  8. Well done. Are you going to use magnabraid? What sort of paint did you use?Congradulations on a good job.
  9. Thanks for the comments.Is there anyone interested in making a mould before it gets damaged? Can these new fandangle 3D machines scan and print something like this?
  10. Here's a car I recently finished.It's an AMT model kit mounted on a plafit chassis. I flared the front and rear guards using Tamiya putty and other bit and pieces. Added some brake lights and head lights and put a scaleauto cockpit in. As well as a front splitter and a scaleauto rear spoiler. Made up a grill out of a bit of plastic, drilled some holes and painted silver. Pattos decals and Tamiya paint. Cheers.
  11. supercharged

    Fly Bmw 3.5 Csl

    This is what I've done to a BMW M3, if it's any help. Fitted a slot-it motor mount. Cut out a bit of the cockpit.
  12. supercharged


    It's great to hear he's out of a coma. I might be just optimistic, but I reckon he will be back on his feet. it might take some time though. The human body is an amazing thing and there's always hope.
  13. Thanks Neil, the squeezes are great fun, gets people out of their comfort zone and keeps them on their toes. Andrew we downsize to a 32", thought the 40" was too big. Mounted it on the wall with one of those swivel tilt brackets, and got a 10m lead from Jaycar and she's up and running. But would like to put another screen in front of drivers though. Cheers.
  14. Thanks Andrew, I was thinking of running two monitors, a small one in front of drivers and a bigger one up in the corner.Is that possible running two screens off the one computer or do I need an adapter of some sort? Yeh Paul, you'll have to come over for a blast, for sure.
  15. Yeh, a bit slack hey! You know what they say about when a track is up and running, the rest gets put on hold. Just add artificial grass and a bit of 3mm mdf. A wall mounted screen will be next, hopefully about 40". A bit more bridge work to be done. Chopper cam. Some contact (I think thats what they call it) on the mdf for a test run. Looks better than plain mdf? I think it looks like concrete, what do you reckon? Still a fair bit more to do with the pits etc.
  16. Geez mate, I think ya had too many drinks when you done that bottom section Nah seriously, that looks like that will be fun! Half a dozen 1/24 cars would be a blast.
  17. Did someone say donuts, well done on the car too mate. What's your next one going to be?
  18. Lights and timing done, thanks Andrew. Starting to take shape, call in the landscapers. Squeeze 1, two cars fit with a bit of paint swapping. Squeeze 2 another close corner to pay back,I mean to swap paint.
  19. Brilliant, absolutely beautiful work.Well done.
  20. Thanks Andrew, I was hoping to set up the timing this week some time, just got to do some research on what I need for a light gantry( lights, power supply, etc.) I'll find some good info on a thread here somewhere? Make sure ya bring a 1/24 with ya too .
  21. Heres some photos taken a couple of days ago. Painting ripple strips was fun. One of the squeezes. Turning onto bridge. Devil,I mean Neville connected up the power today so we had to test it!
  22. Ferrodor nearly done. Another angle. This will be interesting. Thanks MattB. Cheers.
  23. Thanks guys, Andrew, you'll be finished two more before this one in finished, the way you pump them out. We're learning as we go, its our first go at a wooden track. Was going to start braid tomorrow, but Steve suggested to do ferrodor first, so I don't risk getting it on braid then having to wipe off leaving a stain. So I am going to start to paint the ferrodor tomorrow. Hopefully got the heights right. Should be interesting. Thanks Micheal for the pc.sounds great with the updates. Will let you, Tony and the guys know when it is up and running. Cheers.
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