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  1. I'm ready if anyone drops out, different car this year.
  2. They have a battery in the chassis so if there is a derail, cameras are still running(you'ld burn the guts out of the camera running on track power, camera only runs on 3.5-5vlts). If they went into production you would definitely put a smaller camera in a better position. This was just for a laugh for a house class and to see if they would fit into a 1/32. They do take a fair bit of punishment though, same gear they use in drones.
  3. Yeah Andrew, you took to them like a duck to water. Definitely an advantage if you fly drones. Not going to be for everyone, but might bring in some young blood.
  4. Here's some more pics, the view through the FPV headset. Shell Falcon. Jack Daniels Holden. Rear post. Front post. John,I just used 5 minute arildite to glue posts in.
  5. Hello John, yeah they are all scaley bodies, but with some modifications. On the Falcon and Commodore, I had to move the front wheel arches back about 4-5mm to fit the chassis', then I flared the guards to accommodate the width, the Chevy Nascar almost fitted perfect so I didnt bother modifying it. Patto's stickers all round. I put the mabuchi style motor in so I could fit the battery for the camera and transmitter that's in the car. I wanted to have it so that all cars have the same chassis, I can put any body on any chassis. Each car has over 40 channels to choose from. Hello Grant, surprisingly, its not as expensive as you may think, buy a new car ,camera ,transmitter, battery FPV(goggles) for about $200. Cheaper than some other makes out there and easier.
  6. Here's a few more photo's. This is what it looks like from above. This is a view from the FPV. This photo is taken of the TV screen with a receiver so the marshalls can watch as well.
  7. I haven't posted any pics for a while, so I hope I can still remember. Anyway, it started as a cheap house class on those cheap Ebay chassis'. I dont know if anyone has tried this, but it is a lot of fun. Cheers.
  8. Very cool, I'm gunna have to get me one of those. Well done again.
  9. Its all good, if thats the rules then thats the rules! I will bring it(tyre cleaner stuff) over next time and we can check it out and maybe do a comparison. But the rules are the rules and thats the end of story I suppose.
  10. Sorry guys, as you can see(cant see) pbucket up to their tricks. Anyway, it was a photo of the bottles of Scaleauto Tyre cleaner and Scaleauto Slot GripTyre cleaner. Cheers.
  11. I've used both of these and there is no comparison with wd40 or the likes. I just use it to clean my tyres exactly the way I've seen the guys using shellite or lighter fluid. I reckon if you ban one ,ban them all and just use tape, simple! Is there anybody else out there that has used either?
  12. Hey Vito, I dont know about the viking clap, but you can get the canberra clap around the corner! Hope to see you guys there. Safe trip.
  13. Yeah, she was a bit chaotic wasn't it? I thought it was demolition derby night. I had two cars in the panel beaters and paint shop last night, they're all good and ready to go again. I think I might put some air bags in my cars and wear my body armour and helmet next time. Those outside lanes ends up with all the carnage in them and you have to have good peripheral vision. All in good fun though, had a ball.
  14. What I was trying to say is that we all have different skill levels, mine runs out when I put the car on the track, thats when the other guys come into their own. As for the interior, I just took inspiration off the ones that the guys have already done( I think they call it plagurism, something like that!) Cheers.
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