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  1. Ok I've got a cracker coverage here: http://henno.info/ Select the stream to 'StreamUP - /r/WEC' and then click 'Full Screen'
  2. You can also follow the 3 Porsche cars here: http://www.porsche.com/international/motorsportandevents/motorsport/worksracing/raceseries/fiawec/livestreaming/
  3. 24H Inside - Not the best race coverage but the best I've found to date:
  4. Too nice Mark, I don't hold a candle however to some of the track builders on Auslot. Important thing is how much fun it is, my goal this time around is to have enough on track lighting to be able to successfully run cars at night with house lights off. Keep the photos coming mate.
  5. Great to see you've got going on permanent layout, you'll be pretty happy once you can run some slots at home. Have fun!
  6. Any recall on where you got them Ember?
  7. Thanks guys, yeah a trophy/bottle of champagne would be perfect...now in 1/32 hmmm.
  8. They look the part, the number 14 BM for me please.
  9. Thanks for the tips Capri-corn7, I decided to knock something up in Photoshop. I haven't installed the piece on my track as yet, I still need to add some flag poles (metal behind the checkered background) along with some small topiary shrubs each side of the podium perhaps. I also need to find some good driver figures.
  10. OMG, I have a self imposed rule for 2015...no 'boxed' slot cars. I really don't like looking at a heap of coloured boxes on the shelf! Looks like I only made it to late May with my conviction, that JPS is superb...a must have!!
  11. Thanks a million Grant, I ended up putting one (Le Mans 24hr blue) together in Photoshop. Send through an email if anyone is after a copy.
  12. I'm building together a winner's podium for my new track but can't find a podium checkered background anywhere on the net. I need a decent quality image (to be printed at 11cm x 7.5cm) hopefully with some typical sponsorship logos down the sides etc. Has anyone come across one? Any help appreciated.
  13. Epic job guys, I love seeing an 'average' performance and detailed slot car made into a top end slot - great job, some more overall photos please.
  14. For those interested in the 24 hours of Nurburgring, you can watch a live stream of the event here:
  15. WOW, they look fantastic! Orange for me...
  16. Great work guys, I'm loving the IOM!!!
  17. Happy birthday Mark, here's to another year!!!
  18. Second, OMG all my proxy dreams have come true - I'm not really sure how that's even possible, has to be a mistake for sure! Congrats Matt and thanks guys for the great round.
  19. I've fallen in love with Scaleauto's BMW Z4, a beautiful slot car and the Studie AG livery is a complete cracker in the flesh! There's a full review and dozens more photos over at ManicSlots for those interested in a little read...
  20. Some photos of MSC's latest Pantera release, nice livery.
  21. Thanks for all your efforts Matt in running round 4, well run!
  22. Welcome to Auslot and slot car racing, its a great hobby with numerous areas of interest so enjoy!!!
  23. Ok, latest offering from Scaleauto...the Spyker C8. She is a cracker of a release in my opinion, enjoy the photos and head over to ManicSlots for a FULL review of the Spyker if you NEED more eye candy!
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