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  1. Tormentor


    oops my bad, tried too hard to stir the pot...
  2. Tormentor


    Then we prepare pieces of track that the hosts graft into their tracks to complete each round, Graham you're a genius... no no no I like the look of this proxy racing I don't want to wait 2 years. However having only just got back into the hobby I don't have bits and pieces to draw on so it's important to use currently available components. To keep it interesting tweak the rules each year different maximum weights, different tyres, 2wd/4wd Maybe two classes running at 2 year intervals rally cars one year and nascars the next. Just mixing it up as a novice, you don't want to restrict it to an elite group.... ...or do you?
  3. Showed the pictures of the model to the good lady wife (who encourages me to build the Grand Prix circuits on the lounge room floor) and her first reponse was "has she left home...?" - I think she was impressed I think she forgets how much time we had before we turned to expanding the human race. You sure do have a talent. By the way when are you gonna include a tribute to the parachuting banksy rat on your dioramas?
  4. Ember, You're a freak. What happened to the garage? can you please come and look at mine?
  5. Welcome, my advice would be - buy more track... We're haveing fun building each grand prix circuit on the weekend that they're run, still have Monaco on the lounge room floor... Look out for the sets (the anlogue ones) on special it's the most cost effective way of building up the track. And if you're a little bit more serious look at the race management systems. We have SSDC, just wish I'd seem the pit pro system before I purchased the Pit Game set. Have fun and let the kid have a go every now and then...
  6. Tormentor


    Gazza, It may be early but I would be really happy if a decision was made early. Never come across proxy racing, never really "tuned" a car until I'd been on this forum. Couldn't believe how much difference some of the simple things make the cars go much quicker. I don't have enough spares around and being a digital scaley need to find a donor car to tweak 'cause I'm gonna have a crack at this next year (I hope).
  7. Ember Are the graphics on your car decals or did you hand paint them?
  8. they need a bit of weathering but that's where my advice stops as I have no idea how you would weather white. some oily black carbon?
  9. Tormentor

    Lower Body?

    I'm attempting my first proper repaint/modification, the donor is a Scalextric Super Resistant 997 Porsche, a red one... which will soon be lime green I'm thinking about lowering the body slightly, is this "just" a case of removing some height from the screw posts? I'm only thinking 1mm, there looks to be enough tyre clearance. I'm geussing there'll be a little body sanding where it meets the chasis but that looks lie it will be resticted the the front end and where the exhaust is. Any tips? Thanks
  10. Does anyone use an airbrush or is the cost not worth it? I see a lot of reference to Tamiya paints I assume the spray is finer than automotive paints?
  11. a tip I read/heard which made a lot of sense but I've never tried is: Once the area is masked, spray the edges with the base colour before spraying with the desired colour. The theory being that the paint that bleeds can't be seen and it blocks the "holes" in the masking so the new colour doesn't bleed. This does need consideration around what paint goes over what colour. I read this a number of years ago and I don't know why I've never confirmed it
  12. Hey Brett, How did ya gowith negotiations...? I bought the platinum set and it's great fun. Also invested in the SSDC and a cable which is on it's way from the UK... Would like the pit lane realism too but I think as Kenny says it needs a mature player to appreciate this and at a bit over $100 plus a lot of postage it's a bit out of budget at the moment. You are both a little way away from Melbourne for me to "be a friend" and pop over for a race just to make up the numbers. As for tracks we have a challenge to recreate every round of the GP this year buying bits of track to make the layout as real as the "director of track laying" requires - within reason. need more R1 corners for most tracks... If you haven't gone the SSDC yet I'll provide an update as soon as I can. Have fun with the new "toy"
  13. I can't believe you went to all the extra trouble of painting them with your expectations of the night... Hopefully it goes well, if it does maybe we'll see more of these events... Looking forward to the report, and don't forget to add how much you raise (this may help me decide if I persue this idea...).
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