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  1. great advice mate,thanks for all that. We find our laundry parts about a 1/3 of aussie retail.Even with DHL 3 day shipping still only 1/2 to 2/3 the delivered price on average.
  2. Thanks Burglar,handy info there. I've often been in that situation myself,looking for tyres but because only available overseas the postage kills the idea,
  3. Yeah i guess if you're after a particular car then you'll do what you have to in order to get it.Why pay someone else.I guess the edge we have is fast and cheap shipping due to the amount of gear we get over.Thanks for comment.
  4. G'day everyone.My brother and I regularly bring machine parts over from the USA and UK through shipping agents. We were thinking of adding a few hard to find slotcars to the shipments every now and then to be auctioned on Australian ebay. Ofcourse fellow Auslotters would get free shipping So we don't bring over cars that nobody really wants,we were wondering if anyone would like to tell us what models they would buy if they were available over here? Any input appreciated!
  5. Good on ya for sharing that with us. Reading those articles is pretty inspirational. Thanks
  6. Just be sure to run an inline fuse if exceeding about 5amps supply to your track.
  7. I packed all my track up in a suitcase for a coupla years and sold all my cars too.It just seemed to sit there taking up most of the 2nd bedroom. Now I've decided to get back into it bigtime,along with my little bro who lives down south.. I figure a landscaped track,four 1/24 scale digital cars flying around a banked hillclimb and full RMS via laptop should keep me and the mates interested a bit more than a skinny bumpy flat SCX track with a barely readable Ninco lap counter! Might put AC in the room too,gets stinkin hot in there during the buildup.It's good in one way cause it keeps the homebrews flowin,but the bladders flow too and all the dunny stops cut into racetime. Getting excited now,got 70feet of Carrera track comin as well as 20 cars,some for investment,some for racing. Going with a TTL-USB cable from Richard Girling to run from the Carrera control unit to the laptop. Fuel stops,braking adjustment and overtaking ability should hopefully add to the excitement. Slotcars are like family,you do get sick of em every now and then,but sure glad their around when u need em.
  8. Howdy, I've just invested in new Carrera Digital track (or 2) and was wondering if anyone knows which Carrera digital chip to buy in order to convert my old analogue Scalextric cars. It seems there are a few types available,one for hot rods,one for F1,and one for all others. I understand the F1 is a different shape to suit the narrow body,but what is the difference between the hot rod and the 'all others' type? Just don't want to grab 1/2 a dozen of the wrong type. Any help appreciated.Thanks Repilcarz in the states has them on special at the moment,so would be a good time to buy.
  9. Thanks mate,nice track by the way,was thinking a mini Mt Panorama might be the go as well.
  10. G'day everyone,just joined the forum. Been racing and wheeling and dealing slotcar's for a few years,about to create a landscaped hillclimb track in Carrera digital. This is really taking it to the next level for me,after running an ever changing 42ft SCX/ Scalex Classic analogue layout in the second room up until a coupla years ago. Also had a Wireless HO hybrid track,consiting of SCX Wireless tower running into a LL terminal track,adapted to AFX track with electronic control station. Had 18" radius curves,hairpins the lot.Was flamin awesome but I just can't keep with them Mega G's! I also enjoy a bit of bodgy building,best so far a Revell/mono Lola chassis grafted under a VW Combi, Slot.it anglewinder under a M.A.N. prime mover,and my greatest actual racer is the scalex Grand Torino chassis under the Carrera black charger,a real goer. I'm nearly 40 now,with a family and all so time to get serious and grow up. So far planning to do something similiar to manic's track here,great advice page I reckon: http://manicslots.blogspot.com.au/2007/12/how-to-slot-car-scenery.html Did the table revamp today,L-shape,long side 3.6m by 1.2m,short side 2.4m by 0.9m,smallish for Carrera I know,but hillclimb should help? Anyway,happy to get online and seems like a fantastic group of racer's!
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