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  1. Its been here for ages I thought unless there is a new version out. Buy it on Ebay anywhere. "keep it in the slot"
  2. Howard has lots of goodies, I can recommend his slot car scenery gear,everything from scale coke machines to tyre racks, buildings of all descriptions, seats etc. "Keep it in the slot"
  3. Near miss.........worked Boxster leaving the end of a long straight and getting airborne, flying through the air narrowing missing a guests head. I worked out the real speed was minimum 30 kmph, it would have hurt. "Keep it in the slot"
  4. Yes buy two even, much much cheaper. Carrera track is cool, but wider, so not as useful in tight situations. the "Triple Rivals" digital set I believe is coming soon, a digital set with 3 cars and 3 controllers, and 2 lane changers. "Keep it in the slot"
  5. Hi Can I check out your club? Aussieslotter
  6. hi Quickfinger and itelectrical, I will be hosting a trial club meet soon. Its a Scalextric digital set up, hope thats ok. "Keep it in the Slot"
  7. Whos got them locally? thanks
  8. I use a custom modified digital Parma by RePete Pete. Thanks
  9. Im at Kellyville. I have a 32 m digital track we could use. Thanks
  10. Thanks Vinno, anyone else keen let me know. I already have 3 mates keen so another 4 would be enough to start a small club. "Keep it in the slot"
  11. hi Guys, I scored these on Ebay, http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...:B:EOIBSA:AU:31 Im betting these are the fastest best detailed 911 GT3R's around (out of the box). Rare Flying Lizard livery and easy to come by Team seabah but both with 20k motors! I have 7 Scalextric 911 GT3R's and they all kick. "Keep it in the slot"
  12. Anyone want to form a serious Sydney or NSW based digital club? Sydney slotter
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