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  1. Hi Guys, The USA guys on the team have not only nailed the worlds first sims for wireless digital comms they have really detailed yellow and black flag functions so as to add flexibility and practicality. While the same 3 jealous hobbyists continue cheap talk and produce nil the Scorpius multi pronged hard/firm/soft/app machine moves along at a steady pace. Heres part 1 of a 2 part article. NEW SCORPIUS RMS FEATURESThere are also a number of new features and enhancements in this release which make it worthwhile for everyone to download and use. The features below are applicable to any setup, regardless of how many dongles are used. Defaults for new parameters are set to maintain the current behavior of your race setups.————Missed lap detection has been enhanced.Sector timing now displays current, last, and (new) best lap time sectors. Much more useful.You can now remove a car from the track while in the pits without causing a Yellow flag. Car will continue to refuel, etc. Great for adjusting braid etc without interrupting track action. A pit delay time minimum and maximum has been added. This lets you set a range of time for the pit delay, introducing a bit of random luck into pit stop times. Min - Max set the same by default.Running Yellow Flag: Now when a Yellow Flag is called drivers have X seconds to slow to the Yellow flag speed limit. Failure to do so will result in a Speeding penalty flag. They then have an additional separate Black flag delay time to get under the limit, failure will result in a 2nd flag. If the Yellow speed limit is set to 0, all cars must be stopped before the delay time expires or they will receive a penalty. When you don’t have corner marshals, this will prevent anyone from gaining an advantage over the driver who has to re-slot the crashed car(s). During a Running Yellow Flag (with speed limit > 0), cars may change lanes and enter the pits to refuel, serve penalties, etc. Pitting under Yellow you will lose less track position than pitting under racing Green conditions.There are now separate penalty types forSpeeding and False (jumped) Starts/ReStarts, as well as separate # of laps to serve the penalty and separate time parameters. Penalty types are Drive Through, Stop & Go, and Timed Stop.Drive Through has remained the same- drive through pits (not exceeding Pit speed limit). Penalty is served when pit exit is reached.Stop & Go now has a time parameter for length of stop . No car service is allowed during the stop. Default time is 0.Timed Stop now allows refueling etc to begin after time is served. If there are more laps to serve this penalty than laps left in the race, the driver is not required to serve the penalty and instead will have the time added to his total race time at race end. (Note: To use the time penalty, the Heat Tiebreaker needs to be set to Total Time in race setup.)DQ Penalty: Instead of instant disqualification you can choose to penalize a lap(s) or an adjustable amount of time, or both. If any penalty isunserved before the # of laps expires, or if a DriveThrough or Stop&Go penalty is unserved at the end of race, the DQ penalty will be applied. If a driver receives two concurrent Black flags, they will also incur a DQ penalty. This permanent penalty will be reflected in the displayed positions during the race. (Note: To use the time penalty, the Heat Tiebreaker needs to be set to Total Time in race setup.)————A separate post with details on using the enhanced Yellow Flag and penalties coming soon. Rick
  2. PROPOSED SCORPIUS RANGE 2022-23 Hi Guys, Here’s the list we plan to have completed by mid 2023, Covid permitting. 1. Maximus decoder (25 products, one piece of hardware). Prototypes currently being manufactured. 2. Scorpius 12x8 F1 decoder 3. Scorpius 9.4x5mm Nano decoder 4. SSD decoder native with lights, accelerometer and wireless comms. 5. SSD native braid plate decoder with wireless comms. 6. Carrera decoder native with lights, accelerometer and wireless comms 7. Controller. As is but upgrade 52840_CKAA chip by Nordic. 8. Dongle. Completed. 9. WAM 50A. Completed. 10. Light Gantry with colour touchscreen. Hardware completed. 11. Ultra thin flipper assembly for routed tracks. Hardware completed. 12. App. Shell and bootloader complete. 13. Scorpius RMS. Completed. 14. Routed lane change track kits to suit 90mm and 100mm track centres. Completed. There you have it, a 38 piece product range that will take us through to 2032-33 Within 6 weeks ALL hardware for the above will be completed except the controller chip upgrade. Rick
  3. It can’t achieve the same result it hasn’t got telemetry mate. Your comparing 24 to 20 also. Has more than 8 cars been tested and proven? No? There’s a reason the software team is waiting on a dongle protocol upgrade for more than 8 cars. Have a think about it. Unless you have the knowledge gained from attempting this it’s impossible to make an informed statement. Scorpius does 24 cars with ONE dongle so there’s your proof This information can be verified online quickly. I can PM you the link. Rick
  4. Is a Maximus decoder required if you don’t need lights or an accelerometer or a hall sensor? Wiil a Maximus decoder clip into your Scalextric braid plate? Wiil a Maximus chip fit where only a 12x8 space is available? Does a Carrera only user need SSD protocols? Does anyone want to pay $59.95 for functions not required when they can buy a more basic Scorpius decoder for $29.95? Etc So no. All very carefully planned
  5. No one asked but I told. By my logic.....? Or yours? And I didn’t mention any brand nanes and prefer not to. I’m just stating what Scorpius does. When it does 24 cars the way Scorpius does let me know. So you have a 24 straight car control function. 24 ghost cars function and a 24 car telemetry function? 72 possibilities. Get it? No? That’s ok. If they go 20 cars they will need 3 dongles. Trust me we lead the industry in this area and no one else has attempted it for your cross reference. They are struggling to get 8 basic cars controlled with one dongle mate. Huge difference. Massive difference. 72 v 8. Rick
  6. So your system has unique lane changer IDs for each. Hmmm .....Which system has that? Rick
  7. Except no telemetry. And I can’t see that coming anytime in the next decade. Unless you buy a complete Scorpius system. We have 32 LB IDs as well, how many on your system? Rick
  8. Greg I actually got 2 distinctions for maths in the Australian Mathematics Competition in high school run by the Australian Institute of Mathematics in Canberra, Australia. For a distinction you need to come in the top 5% in the competition and only a handful of students are entered from each school from around the country. Sorry to disappoint you ....and yes I can email you the paperwork as I still have it after all these years if you like Yes it’s 9 times the possible functionality or 4.5 times assuming all the simulations work. (Do they?) You may be missing the point however. The data flow comparison differences are MASSIVE. Happy to clarify anything you don’t understand on the system. Rick
  9. Thanks for the positive support Greg much appreciated. 72 to 8 a factor of 9 72 to 24 a factor of 3 Take your pick. Simulations are multi times harder to implement in a wireless system. The trade off is 2 way comms, ie telemetry (huge) and 4 times more cars! Rick
  10. COLOUR CODED DECODERS Scorpius was the first company company to use a non green boring as hell pcb mask. We used green, then blue and even red. Do the cars go faster? No, but there is an important reason that I will now explain to the hobbyists: Scorpius plans not only to release the Maximus decoder but also a dedicated SSD decoder with integrated lights and RF/BT connection. as well as a dedicated Carrera decoder with integrated lights and RF/BT connection, a Scorpius F1 decoder, 12x8 with RF/BT and accelerometer, a braid plate decoder for SSD and a Nano chip for Scorpius. Different decoders will be easily identified by colour as well as different production run of one particular decoder. So next is purple. Or orange or maybe black. So there you have it. Rick
  11. Hi Greg, It clearly says functions (possibilities) not cars on track at one time. Pretty cool huh 24 cars that have full on telemetry, ghost cars and simulated cars!!!! I bet you wish your system could do that? Rick
  12. THE DONGLE FACTS Hi Guys and Hobbists, I just did some research online and the closet thing to 24 car telemetry, 24 ghost/pace car and 24 car simulations ala Scorpius is another race software company who has limitations to 8 cars with simulations and zero telemetry. I think that makes the score 72 to 8 in terms of functionality. And the limitations? Dongle updates, lack of dongle updates and a 2 year wait on improved protocols from a manufacturer. So you can see other teams struggling with 8 whilst we boast 24. It is certainly not the fault of the software developer as you can only work with your given Picture below: Worlds smallest and most advanced digital slot car dongle. Only the clued in people will get it that fast, accurate data flow for 24 car telemetry, 24 ghost/pace car and 24 car simulations ala Scorpius in fact requires 3 dongles. Rick
  13. SCORPIUS R&D WORLD FIRST Seems a few hobbyists with zero software skills and who have done zero development work in any race management system nor have ever designed, built and programmed a dongle think one dongle can simultaneously do the following: 1. Successfully receive one hundred proposed 30 bit (approx once accelerometer data is included.) telemetry messages from 24 cars. 2 . Successfully receive one hundred proposed 30 bit (approx once light status is included ) messages from 24 controllers. 3. Successfully send one hundred proposed 30 bit messages (approx once light status is included ) for up to 23 ghost/pace/simulated cars. 300 hours of intense testing over 12 months proves this. Has anyone achieved the above? No? Didn’t think so Team Scorpius have and were first. Credit to Dave Aufderheide who leads the works in software development for slot cars. Rick
  14. At long last I've posted a new version of the SRMS. We'll be posting more in a bit about it, but for now I wanted to share the most important change. SRMS 1.14.x.x and all future updates now require 3 dongles for dynamic throttle control. This was a hard decision but the right one. Previous 2 dynamic throttle support could run 3 or 4 cars at most before latency issues made the car hard to drive and not a whole lot of fun. We've tested 10 cars under the new system with no noticeable issues and in theory it'll run up to 23 cars.Here's how the setup works. Direct Drive: 1 dongle, but none of the advance RMS features including pace cars fuel weight simulation, tire simulations, and all the future support we have planned.Pace Cars: 2 dongles. Both constant speed and recorded pace cars will run with two dongles as before. As with a single dongle none of the advanced features are available.Dynamic Throttle: 3 dongles. All current and most likely all future RMS features are supported. Starter · #2 · 2 d ago Here is how the cars/controllers need to be setup for each use case the RMS supports: No pace cars, no dynamic throttle Code: One dongle required Car and Controller: ID: [1, 24] PIN: [0, 999] Car and controller share same id/pin pair. Dongle data is used for lap counting and other pit features. Pace car only (no dynamic throttle) Code: Two dongles required Human car/controller ID: [1, 24] PIN: [0, 999] Car and controller share same id/pin pair. Dongle data is used for lap counting and other pit features. Pace cars: ID: [1-24] PIN: [0] Pace car data is sent out on the same channel as the pace cars assigned id. The pin is always 0. Recording for pace car playback Code: Two dongles Controller and Car ID: [1] PIN: [0] One dongle reads the controller values and saves the data. The other dongle reports car locations which is paired with the throttle levels for playback Dynamic throttle (with or with out pace cars) Code: Three dongles: Human/Pace cars: ID: [1, 23] PIN: [0] Controller: ID: [24] PIN: [1, 23] Throttle data is read from the controller which is modified based on the race configuration and sends data to the car through the third dongle. Pace car data is sent out on the third dongle. Dongle1 reads car data as always and applies fuel consumption
  15. Below a typical backyard job. Via not concentric ....on any nano chip accuracy will need to be 0.05mm. I can understand why a self proclaimed engineer refers to themselves as a hobbyist.
  16. Hi Ade, A real shame that All that extra in car hardware and annoying cabling to sense solenoids. I wonder was that ever considered? Obviously not. More stress equals less fun. Let’s look at the positives, it gives cheap and quick sector timing For Nano chips only the best factories in the world can achieve a high success rate. Quick and efficient, equals lower prices with higher quality. This maintaining customer satisfaction and zero forum complaints. When it comes to Nano chips things like micro vias, solder masking, accurate pick and place etc cannot be achieved in even small quantities outside a quality assembly house. Fact. A cottage business won’t cut it and in any case you need a real engineer with real experience. And a properly paid engineer will cost much more than to pay an assembly house. And I’ve seen some extremely poor quality solder mask presentations amongst other things lately which makes assembly houses look very good indeed. Rick
  17. You can upload videos direct from phone in same fashion, very cool
  18. Embedding YouTube only works 7/10 times approx however.
  19. Ten seconds No FB required No host required Click to choose files, select picture from your PC or phone, submit reply. Its never been easier.
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