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  1. Day 6 Sunday 20th off Day 7 Monday 21st Redesign board 3 hours work to suit manufacturers directives. Resubmitted. Day 8 Tuesday 22nd. Manufacturer confirms design is ok. The 3rd manufacturer notifies us they also cannot do a job this small so we have no choice but to go with the one who can. Turnaround time 4 weeks. Once received the program can be loaded on . The advantage of using the same chip as the Gen II chip is huge.
  2. Day 5 29th Dec 2020Programming PCB.The F1 car chip has 4 tiny pads for programming to save space. To quickly align the programming pins a custom set up is manufactured to not only make sure programming is fast and easy but also reliable.Here’s the PCB that John designed. The files have been sent off to a company that specialises in rapid turn around PCBs only.John will add a few components by hand here.Day 6 onwards will be a waiting game.
  3. Day 4 Friday 18th Dec 2020, paperwork and files, BOM etc sent to 3 different manufacturers for quoting. No hand assembling or cottage industry assembly here, only high end electronics assembly robots can do this job.Rick
  4. Day 2 and 3.... Success! John has, in just 2 days designed the worlds smallest car decoder. Size is just 10x5mm Another world first for Team Scorpius! Next stage is create manufacturing files for production. Rick
  5. This thread is 13 years 1 month and 4 days old and no end in sight!!!!
  6. Hi Guys Day 1 December 15 Writing specification for the F1 chip (Version 2) and emailing to John today. Lets see what he can come up with..... Rick
  7. Hi Guys. Here’s a design of a Scorpius F1 car decoder. This version is 12x8 mm or 96 sq mm Its around 1/4 of the size of the current Generation 1 chip!!! And it’s still wireless. In fact it uses the relatively new Nordic nRF52832 chip which is a combined RF and Bluetooth radio chip together with a nice microprocessor all in the one unit. So 96sq. mm is cool. Note 26 components in all. It would be nice to go even smaller employing different combinations say under 10x5mm or 50 sq. mm. That would be a huge 87.5% reduction in size compared to the current Gen 1 car decoder. Or say 1/8th of the size. Is it even possible? Rick
  8. Hi Dave, The Ultima best like system has been out since 2015. Recently we did some upgrades. And yes it needs to be added to our website. No additional hardware is required. All you need to do is upgrade your Lane Brain board in your lane changer to Ultima and you’re cruisin’ All downloads are free on our website. Rick
  9. Hi Guys, Here's an updated list of Scorpius Gen II car decoder goodies. No doubt a lot of people will be happy and about 5 people extremely unhappy. So here goes; 1/. Smallest car decoder of its type just 26x13 or 338sq mm. 2/. Full light set with configurable settings including brightness, with wiring and LEDs connected and ready to install thus saving installation space and cost dramatically. World first 3/. Compatible to: Scorpius, SSD, Carrera, SCX Advance, Oxigen, Ninco. World first. 4/. Analogue compatible if using Scorpius controller and WAM. 5/. 5A Mosfet rating for robustness and reliability. World first 6/. Double sided to reduce size. 7/. DPR Compatible 8/. DPR hatch available. 9/. JST plugs on: Power in, motor power out, lights front and rear, hall sensor for ease of install/removal. 10/.Direct DC, now bypass bridge rectifier if ever required. 11/.Improved circuit protection on power in and power out (motor). 12/.Bluetooth/app compatible. 13/.Auto detect. Place car on rails and car decoder will automatically detect which system it is on and change protocols and track comms hardware use automatically. World first. 14/.Back EMF detection for use in future functions. World first. 15/.Hall sensor for use with Oxigen or tacho. World first. 16/.Accelerometer for use with impact front, side, rear collision detection and the ultimate ghost car. World first. 17/.PEARL. programmable electronically activated race line. World first 2012 18/.Ability to swap car from RF to BT in seconds using accelerometer. Just tap on car 5 times whilst stationary. World first. 19/.Current sensing for future functions. World first. 20/.Ultima. PEARL in conjunction with Anti Collision. World first 2014. 21/.Heat sensor for circuit protection. World first. 22/.Track comm hardware ie sensors and LEDs are on the car decoder itself for DPR install AND on flyleads for custom installs. World first. 23/.Can be controlled by app. World first. 24/.Can be reflashed by app. 25/.Can be reconfigured by app (world first) 26/.2.4GHZz wireless control. World first 2006. 27/.No powerbase required. World first 2006. 28/.Schottky diodes as standard. World first 2006 29/.Wireless telemetry. World first 2009. 30/.Nordic nRF52832 chip. Latest technology. World first. 31/.12V accessory output to drive any accessory. World first. Scorpius. World leaders in digital slot car technology. Thanks for reading. Rick
  10. Carrera reacts to heat more than Ninco Or Scalextric. If you have Ninco I wouldn’t bother. None of the big clubs in Europe run expansion joints. Carrera is too stiff for serious racing, and I won’t even mention the second rate conductivity due to their choice to use stainless or the ridiculous white line nobody wants or needs. But back on topic. On a 10m straight you will need at least 3 expansion joints of 3mm. Now if you use magnet cars you will now experience a horrible sound each time a car passes, ultra annoying. If running non mag not so bad but still noticeable. Scalextric also expands but as it’s seldom used for competitive tracks and doesn’t expand as much as Carrera. Bottom line is go Ninco or timber. Best way to get conductivity is to simply jump the gap with tiny jumper leads perhaps 22 or 24AWG. Bunnings deliver anything you want from hinges to outdoor lounge settings. Rick
  11. The problem with Mr Trax is a rare event. Having laid 400 m of pre taped braid on my track and it has stuck 100% over a number of years is quite amazing.
  12. I get my braid with the tape applied ready to lay from Mr Slotcar, I know Peter cleans it prior to applying the tape, I’m not too sure weather both sides were cleaned because my car didn’t run well at first. So I gave it a clean and bingo. If applying your own tape or glue just emerse the entire roll into a large container of Prepsol and just wipe it dry as you use it out of the container. Rick
  13. I agree with Mark, one slow pass for the slot. I use 1/8” for the slot (3.2mm) but 3mm for the pin on the recess but. I go 8mm deep on the slot but the recess bit guide pin is only 5mm long. You don’t want any friction. That’s why I use my big Makita router so it has the power to do it in one pass. I try to seal the entire board same day, hand painting the slot with a tiny brush and spraying both sides, 2 light to medium coats. The next important thing I think is to ensure a smooth that shiny surface on the recess where the double sided tape adheres to, I achieve this by carefully sanding after each coat, except the last coat, then apply the braid. After installing the braid use prepsol or similar to clean the invisible gunk off the new braid to ensure good conductivity. I found a fast way to rubber in the corners, because we’re all in a hurry to go fast on your new track. I just hold an old car with a big motor and rubber tyres in the slot and rev the car to full and use the spinning tyres to lay rubber. You just move the car along slowly and concentrate the spinning tyres where needed most. Rick
  14. Just as good as CNC with practice of course. Using my home made recess bit. You need verniers to get depth perfect. 0.8mm if using double sided tape.
  15. I drilled a 3mm hole in the end of a 7/8” router bit, used epoxy to glue the drill bit in then cut it off to 5mm slot depth. I recommend CNC then do your own braid recess. Use the 1/4” braid for sure. I used non magnetic.
  16. 90% of box sets and cars are bought for kids. I think your argument is flawed. It’s well known enthusiasts only make up a small part of their market and their cars are manufactured perfectly for this market. Considering theres lots of better cars on the market and considering you already knew what they are like I don’t see your point. Don’t buy them.
  17. Most forums didn’t host pics until recently so a host is required. Can’t believe..😊
  18. After a long absence hosting races I will soon be holding race nights 6-10 times a year here at Winston Hills (Northwest Sydney). All will be welcome. It’s a new 33m 4 lane routed digital (and analogue) track using the Scorpius system and RMS. So .....back into it. I reckon I can even ask Yngwie over😊 Rick
  19. GM: Time for another $200 mill handout Oz to a multi national corporation. PM: Weve run out of money GM: ok we’re taking our cricket I mean baseball bat and going home.
  20. The new Commodore.... complete fail.... I think I’ve seen 3 on the road since it’s release.
  21. Can’t say I’ll miss the Holden of late.
  22. They are they mainly from USA. Coincidence? . I’m not the only one to have noticed this.
  23. The boost on SF was due to SCI being down. Now it’s back up traffic has slowed again.
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