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  1. Progress continues with final stages of firmware...
  2. Here’s the electronics and flipper assembly that fit into it. 3 interesting yet challenging projects to form one product..........
  3. Hi Guys, Heres the latest detailed prototype lane changer by Scorpius, tweaked by Mr Trax himself. It’s a CNC version of the hand routed prototypes made previously. Soon you will be able to buy these and install whatever electronics you wish. Any digital system actually except SCX. It will come in kit form late in 2022. All the wiring recesses, braid feeds, and pockets are neatly routed in place ready to go. The Ninco track pieces actually clip into place. More pics of that later. Rick
  4. Unfortunately Arc Pro only has a limited Bluetooth connection to app with 1.8 second delay with no compatible hardware for any aftermarket apps. If you’re a Scalextric fan you’re better off going back to the C7042 powerbase which has lots of aftermarket options including throttle and 4-5 RMS options which include pit stops. Arc Pro was specifically a step back from C7042 to reduce price and target the Christmas box set market. C7042 was helped along by 2 forum members during design and development stage and hence a more suitable product for those wanting to go next level.
  5. Pic 1: Worlds most advanced chip installed. Fits neatly in the recess of a Thunderslot motor pod. Pic 2: Programming jig completed.
  6. Hi Guys, New Scorpius 10A chip with Bluetooth connectivity, telemetry, powerful 10A drive circuit, anti collision and just 192sq.mm, (12.0x16.0) x1.83 the smallest and thinnest chip ever released.
  7. Not really, Scorpius is a high end system, not for the feint hearted. There's no point lowering the specification to match other brands, and Scorpius users are typically the type who don't mind paying a fraction extra for massive increased functionality. And I can guarantee you for any brand to have 24 car track telemetry, 24 car car telemetry and 24 car simulations 3 perhaps more dongles will be required. There will also be discounts for those buying 3 dongles. Of course if you just want simulations 2 dongles will be fine. Seeing we have options for 3 levels of excitement based on 1, 2 or 3 dongles we have covered all bases. Rick
  8. Nice try but as I've explained twice you’re missing 2 massively important aspects. Scorpius has incredible TRACK TELEMETRY. Scorpius has incredible CAR TELEMETRY........... which together give 11 huge functions as described in the post above. Please compare apples to apples to give a clear and fair assessment for our readers. Sure we can do 8 cars with one dongle. But wait its NOT an 8 car system. If I want that I can simply use Carrera or Scalextric for that. If a particular brand A needs a dongle for 8 cars with simulations, its obvious it will need 3 dongles for 20-24 cars. Now throw in telemetry (24 cars x 100 updates per second x 17 bit message, 0r 40,800 bits per second) add an extra dongle. Thankyou also for the admission that firmware in the dongle is lacking. I can also guarantee you it is not the limitation of the race software or its engineers. Team RCS will fully agree with me on this one. Rick
  9. Hi Greg Thanks for your input. Such rational discussion can only be good for the industry and especially Scorpius. And sure you may not feel the need but most others do. Its all about the customer user experience, not one individual right? As we all know it is not a limitation but just the opposite, an excellent advantage made possible by simple yet clever architectural design, with the addition of only firmware and software to take the system past the norm, ie a car being able to go, stop, count laps, change lanes and have a wireless controller and app. All those basic concepts are available on 2 large commercial companies systems right now. If that's all the functionality you require then you can buy those systems from Toys R Us online today for quite cheap pricing. I'm still struggling to see also how such advanced functionality is inconvenient for large competition races. Fact is it isn't. Take any advanced 1:1 car, examples are AWD, clever traction control, advanced electronics, sensors, wireless feedback are not considered as "inconvenient" or a "limitation". The answer is certainly not. Agreed? I guess it if cost extra, employed additional hardware or wiring, took longer to install or made the system unreliable, ala bootloaders, I would definitely give it some weight. But none of those factors exist in this discussion. As you know the new trend is Wireless DC. Currently 3 companies use this architecture. And why wouldn't you? These 3 systems all employ these hardware aspects as follows: 1. All 3 use LEDS to transmit IDs. 2. All 3 use photo transistors. 3. All 3 use 2.4GHz wireless comms. 4. All 3 employ firmware. (of course). 5. All 3 employ software. (of course). Two companies have the LED (for ID) in the car and the photo transistor (photo sensor) in the track. Scorpius uses the opposite, the LED (for IDs) in the track and the photo sensor in the car. Different manufacturers choose different ways to utilise the various hard/firm/software to achieve their end goals. Scorpius simply utilised the above in a very different wat to give a vastly different result..... that's simply cost effective INNOVATION. Each lane changer has the LED pointing upwards just before every lane changer. Every lane changer has 2 way wireless communications. The track can talk to the car or PC, the car can talk to the PC or track. Note there is no LIMITATION or INCONVENIENCE here, I think you and others will agree. Now lets look at the advantages of using the Scorpius architecture and why it is only good for enthusiasts and the industry as a whole once firmware and software is tweaked: 1: Sector timing as standard. 2. Car location as standard. This includes not only sector but also which lane. 3. A tool to recalibrate ghost and pace cars at EVERY lane changer. 4. Pit lane identification. 5. Pit bay identification. 6. Pace car location when parked. 7. Safety car location when parked. 8. Ability to operate a slot car with Artificial Intelligence (ala Scorpius Smart Car). 9. Anti collision. 10. Very cool autonomous Pace and Safety cars currently under development by Team Scorpius. 11. Other developments currently under wrap. I bet you could have all this tomorrow? Am I right. Who wouldn't? Everyone does. Of course you need the firmware skills and the best slot car software engineers. Do you still maintain this technology simply using LEDs and photo transistors is limiting or inconvenient Greg? I'm pretty sure you're by yourself on this one. Seeing the larger competitions all use pits and fuel the above feature list fits like a glove. Le Mans has sector timing, why wouldn't you want it on a big race...... a clever team can identify their weak sectors and change gearing, tyres, race lines etc to optimise their times just like 1:1. Rick
  10. Scaleauto chassis looks like NSR/Thunderslot engineering styling.
  11. BIG WEEK FOR TEAM SCORPIUS Wow its been a huge week for the team: Hardware: Boards being manufactured. Unloaded boards completed by 28/09/2021 ready for loading. Firmware: Bootloader being added for Wireless Colour Touchscreen Light Gantry. Software: Huge new feature for safety cars started. Appware: Work starts on converting Android to iOS. 3D design: Flipper assembly tweaked. 3D printing: 3D printing prototypes begin. Website: Being tweaked for UK distribution. The team is spread out across the globe. A truly international talented team, all top of their field. One very proud Aussie Rick
  12. IN CAR FUNCTIONS HERE WE COME Hi Guys. How to make a slot car do advanced functions? Currently race management systems take care of special functions like record/playback, Scorpius’ artificial intelligence used in our Smart Car function, simulations and more. The exception is Carreras safety car function which is done in car. With Maximus just about to hit the market with its powerful nRF52840_CKAA chip with 1MB memory we can start planning in car functionality. Ive just asked John to comment on recording/playback in car. Yes of course possible he answered as long as we employ Wear Levelling. (Google it). This will open up a whole new world of exciting possibilities. Wow very cool. I’m excited. What functionality or features can people think of? I can think of quite a few straight off the bat. But what about you? What would you like to see added in to enhance an already great experience? Rick
  13. Hi Shift, Thanks for your input. I guess every type of racing can have different rules. In V8 Supercars here in Oz pit entry is never closed. Everyone tries to pit fit fuel straight away, if required of course. Laps are still counted. It will all be configurable anyway. Rick
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