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    Premier Raceway

    That looks terriffic Dave. Did you mask off the slot and shoulders for the braid before painitng? Cheers, Steve
  2. Like you mate I have not come close. I almost had my brother in law buy a car to bring around to race, but his wife (my sister) pulled him up. So once I get the track re-built in it's new home then I reckon I'll just have the odd visitor rather than a collection of racers dropping in to visit.
  3. Good stuff Eno, Like the others, this post reminds me to get back down the garage and finish my track. Maybe it will help my pry the boy away from the Nintendo Wii. Steve
  4. Hi mate, not in the new one yet. We have just signed contracts with a new builder and are waiting on the finance stuff and council approval so we can get a start date. The remaining 2 pieces have been finished and timber purchased to build the table. It will be an open table (unlike last time) and will have a small workbench space at one end. I mean small as in 155cm across and 30cm deep. Big enough to work on a car or two, but too small for other projects that may be on the go. I'll get another pic with the table mocked up on the floor with the track roughly in position once the wood all gets cut to length. Does anyone have any pics of risers they have used to join their track to an open style table? Any ideas would be great as that is the next stage that has me a bit un-sure. Thanks for looking, Steve
  5. With some guidance from Jono's pics (thanks mate) I set about re-taping the track segments over the weekend. After a day of faffing about with paint, I got 1 piece taped up and have smoothed out the inevitable bumps in the corners with the trusty teaspoon. I'll do the same to the remaining 2 pieces this week before starting work on the new table. Once the pieces are all ready I'll be keen to get them off the garage floor asap. I managed only 1 tape break for this piece which is a vast improvement on my last (first) try. Cheers, Steve
  6. Hi Jono, Got any pics? Steve
  7. So after months of sitting in the garage in pieces (my track, not me) I have finally started to re-furbish the Diamond Ring track. It's a 12mm mdf track in 3 pieces, measuring approx 10.4 mtrs, 2 lanes in a space of 1.55m x 2.77m. I have sanded the track back and re-primed. Then painted using some grey primer spray cans. I am trying to resist hurrying through the project for 2 main reasons. 1. I think trying to do too much in too little time was behind the problems I had when the track was 'finished' last time around and 2. Hopefully we will be on the move soon so no need to have it finished until the new house is ready. So I can take my time and apply the lessons learned from last time. The track will again run copper tape. Should I leave the tape until the track is assembled and run it in a continuous strip or tape each of the 3 pieces seperately. I am thinking seperate so I can connect power to the track in a couple of spots without drilling holes in the track surface. It would also allow me to pull the track apart if needed without needing to re-join the breaks in the tape. Would having the surface of the tape touching between track pieces cause a noticibale power drop. Pics soon........ Steve
  8. Not so long ago I bought a Scaley starter set as I wanted the cars. After taking them out, I put the track etc on e-bay and the winning bidder paid me more than what the entire set cost me in the first place. A cheap way to buy cars, but it can go either way
  9. Hey Terry, The track is looking really good. As Phil mentioned earlier it also looks like a commercial track I used to race at in Shepparton in the 80's. What depth did you have the shoulders cut to for the braid to sit flush with the surface? Well done, Steve
  10. Hi Dick, Hope your Dad has a speedy recovery mate. The new room looks the goods, hope to see a new track developing soon. Cheers mate, Steve
  11. I dropped into MR with my son on Wed as I had the day off work. Seeing these guys race the things that stood out were how quiet, smooth and FAST these cars were. Great to see the track time paid off in the lower lap times - hopefully you guys will give the other teams a run for their money. Like you Re-pete I am now thinking about acquiring a couple of these Plafits - but I really need a bigger home track to get some fun out of it. Good luck! Steve
  12. As Knoath said, those driver stations look great. Very neat. Now it's powered up there'll be no stopping your boys. Will you be adding timing down the track (pun intended)? Good stuff, a build well done. Steve
  13. Arrrggghhhh - that be International Talk Like a Pirate Day ya speakin of.......
  14. Hi Steve, Glad to hear the track had a good trip from Chaddy. No fences huh, sounds like you've got some 3mm MDF in your future...... As Gref said - Pics. Any ideas on the landscaping yet? Good stuff, Steve
  15. Hi Glenn, Did you do anything in particular to get your slot colours stand out so much. Like a coat or 2 of white primer or something? They are much more noticible that other copper taped tracks buildt recently. Maybe it's the Ferrodor colour that brings out the slot colour. Looking good. Steve
  16. Hi all, Lately I have been spending some quiet time reflecting on what I would do the same / different in building a new track. But one of the things that I am not sure about is the type of table. Looking through many of your builds, I seen tables that have a solid table top of MDF or similar and tables that are more like an open frame where the track has been secured directly to a piece of the frame grid. This got me to wondering, what wouls send you towards one style over the other? So off the cuff I would say a solid top table would be more expensive to build assuming the track is seperate from the top itself. The solid top would weigh more and be more expensive to build (I think a 3600 x 1800 x 16mm sheet of MDF would be about $60??? Maybe it is more stable, particularly for novice or beginner carpenters (I have not even reached beginner stage, I am still pottering around with no idea). Maybe the style of landscaping has an influence - e.g flyscreen or checken wire = open table where styrene sheet or balled up newspaper = solid table? For those of you that have experience in these things, it would be really helpful to hear about your experience and thoughts on the pros and cons of both types to help me get an idea of what might suit me next time. Would you build your table differently if you had the chance? Thanks! Steve
  17. Gref I remember from a previous post of yours that you gave up the ciggies about 5 years ago. Now if you work out what that has saved you, less $ spent on cars, you are prob still in front financially as well as health wise. And if not, then just put a BIG $$$ tage on the health part. Nice cars - I am always jealous looking at the new purchases on this thread (but can't stop looking). Cheers, Steve
  18. Happy Birthday mate. Cheers, Steve
  19. Thanks guys, I'm a bit slow on the uptake at the moment. Had a good day, some pressies and breakfast, then more house hunting......... Got some time to myself that I put to good use recovering the track - getting ready to re-paint. Cheers! Steve
  20. Happy Fathers Day everyone. Hey Vinno which UFC DVD did you get? I got to watch 86 and 87 last night as my final 'gift'. Can send a copy to you if interested. Cheers, Steve
  21. Glenn, The track looks to be coming along well (and quickly). Amazing how much can get done when you have those little helpers around! Good stuff, Steve
  22. Stevo41

    Diamond Ring

    The table is definately up for a re-think as that proved to be the weak link in the move. The config will stay the same, but with a slight hump in the straight and slightly different descent into the gully / underpass. Still haven't decided to go for a darker bitumen colour or dirt fo some heads up rally action. To go from copper to braid, is it as simple as following the 3mm groove with the route and new bit? How wide a bit do I need to use? Cheers, Steve
  23. Happy Birthday Mate. Cheers, Steve
  24. Stevo41

    Diamond Ring

    Sadly the track and table took some damage during my house move a fortnight ago. I spent a fair amount of time in repair mode, but on the weekend decided to bite the bullet and pulled the whole thing apart. The track is in 3 pieces, I've almost finished sanding back the first (smallest) piece. The table is completely apart and will allow us to move the remaining stuff we have in storage into our garage. Hopefully the rent on the storage site can be converted into more cars???????? I guess now is the time if I was to convert to braid. So things will be put on hold until we are in the new place in approx 8 months. Guess I might become a regular at Mobile Raceways for my 'fix'. Cheers, Steve
  25. Whoever it was has picked up a ripper (but most of you guys know that already). A new beginning, new opportunities. Steve
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