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  1. Bloody awesome, i'll have two when there ready. Is that a Camaro chassis under it? Also are you leaving the windows in or not. Regards, Tony
  2. Hi Jamie, That looks great. In regards to a dust cover, my wife picked me a car cover from Supercheap, it works a treat. ( i just need to teach her how to put it on........LOL) regards Tony
  3. Aposs, the same goes for myself, i would love to have an EK Holden running around my track even if it did cost me heaps. Regards, Tony
  4. Hi BMR, I'll have a couple of each thanks, it's great to see some Holden's coming to life. Regards, Tony
  5. Hi BMR, i would also like 1 of each. Regards, Tony
  6. Hi BMR, The A9X looks awesome, you can count me in for a couple as well. regards, Tony
  7. Hi, If you paid with your credit card, call your cards provider and tell them that you never recieved the goods and you wish to have the item "charged back" to your account as you never recieved them, use the term "charge back" as this is the banks term for refunding your money. Your bank will send you the forms to fill in, once they have recieved them your money will be credited back into your account, but beware the seller may submit your payment details again so you may need to go through the process again. This is what happened to me, the only difference was that I paid via Paypal, but in the end I got my $$$ back. Goodluck Tony
  8. I am a diehard Holden fan, but can't wait to have a couple of these burning around my track. Sir Phil you should start at FX and work your way up, keep up the awesome work. Tony
  9. Awesome, How do I get my hands on a couple of each, they are bloody awesome. Also does anyone have contact details for Sunset bodies as i would also like a Monaro and Charger. Regards, Tony
  10. Come on NSW it's our only chance to beat QLD this year Tony
  11. Hi Jamie, I was heading up but as the weather was quite horrible on Saturday i decided to give it a miss. We spent the long weekend out at Forbes for the FB-EK Holden Nationals, then i had to go to Umina on the Tuesday to check for damage to our caravan following the wild storms, Umina got hit by a mini cyclone ( hope you were ok Tim ). Anyway I'll have to go to the next meet up at Umina as i have a place to stay up there, but after last weekend only just. Regards, Tony ITG
  12. He couldn't get Holden support, so a Ford dealer helped him out & the rest is history And now he's history..... :yellowbounce: :yellowbounce: :yellowbounce: :yellowbounce:
  13. Well said Ontheflipside and i thought Dick Johnson was Tru Blu.......not no more, he will forever be now known as Queen Dick for selling out to the Pom's.....
  14. you ripper, all we need now are the Toll HSV cars. Tony
  15. Thanks Guys, I'll track some down and give it a go. Regards Tony
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