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  1. All fixed, move along, nothing to see here (moved to the correct thread now) Regards NimROD
  2. Thanks Craig, Wish You and all V32 members, a Safe and Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Best Regards NimROD
  3. Shame some are missing out, but that means more food for me!!! Regards NimROD
  4. I'll second that Clevo, bloody awesome collection!!!! Time for you start collecting the Ferrari's Regards NimROD
  5. I'll be there boy's. Bring your Cash and Cars for the Annual V32 Slotcar trade BONANZA!!!! too much hype? (LOLOLOL) Regards NimROD
  6. I won't miss this one Mate......................................shhhhhhhhhh I don't wan't to mozzzzz myself. Regards NimROD
  7. Sound great but we gotta have the annual V32 swap meet. I'm ripping through all my cars to clear out the less wanted, gonna be hard I know Regards NimROD
  8. This is why I hate missing a round!!!!! Too much fun for too few racers I won't miss the next one..............I hope Regards NimROD
  9. Priorities you say? Those two dried up raisens of mine are sitting on a shelf where I can't get to them......................................EVER!!!!! :( Regards NimROD
  10. Sorry Guy's, but I'm not gonna be able to make it ...........AGAIN!!!! Double booked myself with a wedding ARGHHHH!!!! Have a great time, I know you all will :( Regards NimROD
  11. NimROD444

    One For Vlad!

    OIY where's the pic?????? Regards NimROD
  12. Hi Guy's, I should be there early, I offer my sevices to scrutineer too. Regards NimROD
  13. Thanks Shane, But there must be SOMETHING you don't want anymore.........is'nt there? Or at least to make room for all the NEW ones (LOLOL). Regards NimROD
  14. Hi Guy's, Should have asked Shane first (sorry, but sure he won't mind ) How about a V32 Slotcar Swap meet at our last race? We could trade / sell all our old cars we nolonger want, any broken or old cars could be valuable for parts to someone else. What do you think????? Regards NimROD
  15. Hi Phil, Awesome work guy's, very nice indeed. Please put me down for two Monaro kits. Regards NimROD ps Phil, I'll get the stuff out to you next week, including my list of wants :mallet:
  16. Hi Guy's, If it's still open I'd like to host a round. 3 Lane Ferrador not sure about the lane length but it'a around 6 sec for a fast lap. Startline timing 12 Volts 25ohm controllers (with brakes set to max.) Regards NimROD
  17. Hi Rick, Been reading the other Slotcar Forums and seen Slot-It's Oxygen Digital system. Have you been working with Slot-It (you have mentioned things in the pipeline) or have they taken your ideas and made their own similar system? I ask this as their system sounds very, very close to Scorpius but they seem to be pushing it towards the home market. Regards NimROD
  18. Hi Guy's, Just checked my Ninco Pro-Race Lexus Body, and it doesn't have a second seat in the vacformed interior, is this a problem? Regards NimROD
  19. Hi Guy's, Just confirmed wih Ged, 12:30pm Start (no earlier) I'll be there too. Regards NimROD
  20. NimROD444

    'sup V32

    Hiya Bry, The doors always open Mate. Hope to catch up some time soon. Best Regards NimROD
  21. Put me down for a Carrera 575GTC and TBA.........still testing. Regards NimROD
  22. Hi Andy, I used a dremmel tool with cut off disks, be shure to round off the jaggy bits Regards NimROD
  23. Hi Guy's, Thanks for the kind words. BTW I used a two part epoxy to stick all the pieces together. I aligned all the parts face down on some industrial clear plastic the wouldn't allow the epoxy to stick to it. I used nails around the edges of the pieces to hold them in the correct alignment, then covered all the joints with epoxy and weighed it down with an old phone book, then left it for 24 hours. I look forward to seeing your results and final track layout. Regards NimROD
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