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  1. Thanks Tony and MtP, Appreciate the replies MtP, I've let too much get in the way of this great hobby for far too long. Slowly getting back into it and in doing so, thought I'd take stock of what I had, too many it seems. That's what She said, honest she did! I'll give the Train Swap Meet a go and see where it leads. Sent you a message too. Best Regards NimROD
  2. Hi All, Are there are any SC swap meets in Vic? Personally, I have never heard of any. I have lots of cars I'm ready to swap / sell and a great opportunity to meet more slotters. Kind Regards Nimrod
  3. NimROD444

    3D Printers

    Hi Tj_Tas, Anything from Classic to modern F1's, same for GT's and a few muscle cars too. PM me your Email and I'll send you a few to play with. I'm still planning to send Bruce a model to print for me just so I can see the quality first hand. Regards NimROD
  4. NimROD444

    3D Printers

    Tj_Tas, I've been in contact with the Aussi distributor and was going to send them a model to print but never got around to it. I have a few 3D models but haven't converted them to STL's yet or scaled them down. Was considering printing 1/32 and 1/43 car bodies and chassis. If you like I can send you a few 3D files, let me know what cars models your after. Regards NimROD
  5. NimROD444

    3D Printers

    Hi Guy's, I've been looking at 3D printers for years and watched the prices drop over the last 5 years. There is an inexpensive model for around the $3k mark being sold here and in NZ does 0.2mm layers. 3D Printer Link For around the $15k mark you can get one that produces very smooth and highly detailed models. Both produce the model in ABS plastic too Regards NimROD
  6. Sorry Boy's was in the process of changing the Email and forgot to finalise the process. Hope your all well. Mobiles kept dying on me but it's good now. New house New Job been keeping way tooo busy Best Regards Vlad
  7. Hiya Phil, C'mon Mate the shipping container isn't full yet......is it? Ok it can wait till the next shipment Best Regards Vlad
  8. Fantastic work Phil, Put me down for one as well. Best Regards Vlad
  9. Hi Guy's, Mine arrived today, looking good Pete. Makes me wanna true some tyres RIGHT NOW!!!!! Great work Mate Best Regards NimROD
  10. Hi Guy's, Gazza, those "COMPACT" Porsche's are from SCX 1/43 COMPACT range, I have both and the two Ferrari 360 modena's they all look great. Regards NimROD
  11. Hi Guy's, Got mine yesterday and all I can say is MMK, Protoslot, etc "EAT YOUR HEARTS OUT" they look GREAT!!!!!! FANTASTIC work David, detail is amazing and very little clean up at all. Best Regards Vlad
  12. Hiya David, Great work as usual Mate, getting my order in now. Best Regards Vlad
  13. HI Guy's, I could list all the things that Brett has helped me with for the past couple of years but there would be no space left on the web. An all around great guy and happy to say, a good friend too. Regards NimROD ps Brett, I've got that 1/43 chassis for you to put together too
  14. Hi Guy's, I host a World Championship race nearly every Saturday night, My Son always wins closely followed by Carlton Bear, Penguin (from Madagascar) and finally me. Maybe I should advertise the race more :nice: Regards NimROD
  15. Put me down for two of each Thanks Nice work Rick! Regards NimROD
  16. Any new 2009 Scaley F1's should look great, they have been using the old molds for years Regards NimROD
  17. Great Racing Mosler takes out Lambo!!!! Gref was it a Porsche or a Lotus? Regards NimROD
  18. Hi Guy's, Moe, why bring this up now, wasn't it all put forward, judged and defined at the start? I don't know mate, I didn't (help) make the rules this time around but you all agreed to race by them....didn't we? I believe ( correct me if I'm wrong here Guy's ) the ONLY reason the Ninco 997 was kept out of the Ninco GT class ( 2008 season ) was it was faster than most of the previous Ninco GT cars and we were worried it would become a Ninco 997 class anyway. I agree it's a bit strange excluding the car as this year ( 2009 season ) we're allowing other brands of cars, BUT the rules have been made and we have to obide by them. The rules are clear, it's not allowed but if the Committee change the rules, then things may change. I'll race anything as long as it's within the rules Regards NimROD
  19. Hi Guy's, C'mon Moe, we have never raced the Ninco Porsche 997 in the Ninco Gt class. The class lists have been up for ages and clearly show the Ninco Porsche 997 missing from the GT Class as there is a Ninco Porsche 997 Class on it's own. Unless the rules are changing, have changed and not updated for all to see or changes are going on at race meets ( I have missed a couple), I believe you are NOT allowed to run a Ninco Porache 997 in the GT Class, but as Rob stated, the following cars from other manufacturers are allowed; Scalextric: Porsche 997 SCX: Porsche 911 GT3 Carrera: Porsche GT3 RSR Proslot/Policar: Porsche 911 GT2 Porsche 911 GT3 Auto Art: Porsche 911 GT3 Also for clarification, must the cars have an interior or can they be the super resistant ones?? Regards NimROD
  20. Hi Guy's, I thought this issue was resolved (eg 997 NOT in Ninco GT Class) has this changed? I couldn't find it in the 2009 Rules, they seem to be in differing Classes as more mods are allowed to the GT's and than the 997's. I'll keep quiet as it will probably be my first and last this year couldn't miss Grefhurst!!!!!! Regards NimROD
  21. I'll be there Mate. It may be the only round but I'll be there Got a TomTom so should be easier to find you Regards NimROD ps If anyone owes please bring it along
  22. Hi Guy's, Very sorry to hear your situation Rob, but I'm in the same boat. I'm out for this year boy's, gonna miss too many rounds due to work commiments. Have a great year, I'll be checking to see how you all go. Regards NimROD
  23. Hi Guy's, Sorry gotta miss this one, not allowed out Family First stuff. Have a blast and take plenty of pics. Regards NimROD
  24. Hi Guy's, Now I'm in the right thread. A couple of New cars arrived, enjoy the pics. Below, the drivers EYE's say it all!! :mosh: Regards NimROD
  25. Hi Guy's, OOPS!!!! My apologies Shane, Jacking was unintentional, only just realised by reading the posts. First time in ages I've had time to take a pic or two, just got too excited. Will be more careful in the future :mosh: Regards NimROD (aka VladJackr)
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