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  1. Thanks Vinno, Really looking forward to seeing pics of the cars and tracks you guys race on. Regards NimROD
  2. Hey Bo, Any more progress pics on the BAR F1's. I'm in th process of doing one up myself using the Scaley Renault aswell. Regards NimROD
  3. Hi Oldtamiyaphile, I hate to say it because it suns so well, but Yep the paint job is really crappy. Lots of colour bleed, dust , dirt and one of the mirrors were crooked. 20VOLTS!!!!! I must be getting old as I've moved toward 12volts with 25ohm & 45ohm controllers. You must have some straight for that voltage. Regards NimROD
  4. Hi Guys, Dave, you have a nice selection there. I'm very interested in the Auto Art Lambo's, how well do they run and which car would you compare them to. My apologies, but I would be the wrong guy to ask about the early Ninco Touring cars. I have had no experience with them at all in stock form. Perro certainly has the right advice with those cars. What I can do is offer you a White Ninco Opel Calibra. The chassis has been butchered to accept an Ozrace motor and an SCX rear mag housing and all the wheels have been replaced with those from a Fly Viper. When I had 2 mags in it, it was THE Viper killer, as back then the Viper was the one to beat. Send me your details and I'll get it off to you on Friday. Best Regards NimROD
  5. Hi Was, I remember there was a guy who wrote his own software to work with the Scaley RMS hardware. Try this link to SCi for more info (you may need to copy/paste it into your web browser). "http://p075.ezboard.com/fpockitfrm9.showMessage?topicID=111.topic" Regards NimROD
  6. Heya Davenic, Been busy with work. Since I posted the track pics I've only raced on it twice and both times by myself (lol). Will you be going plastic or wood for your permanent track and if you do go plastic, which brand? Will you also be considering the option for the new Digital enhancements? Sounds like you've already picked up quite a few cars, what classes are you most interested in? I've only been into 1/32 slot cars for the past few years but have over the 200 mark. I've gotten very selective over the last year but will always buy 2 of every car I like with differing liveries. I enjoy all classes and usually run all cars box stock. I am now appreciating no-mag racing too. I'll be setting up a new circuite over the weekend so I'll post a few pics next week. I'm looking forward to seeing your tracks progress. Best Regards NimROD
  7. Hi Old Skool, It's a shame you came in guns blazing. The knowledge you've gained at a young age would be a great thing to share with all of us here. Enjoy what you have, mag, no mag, wood or plastic it doesn't matter. I for one enjoy the cars as much as the racing, just my 2 cents. Regards NimROD
  8. Hi Was, I've been thinking of the same thing, the Scaley Mustang was my choice. I picked up a second Challenger from Scalexworld just for that reason. I hope to get started in the next few weeks. Regards NimROD
  9. NimROD444

    More Ferrari's

    Thanks Bo & Vinno, A Buddy is selling a red Ferrari 355 (I think), I'll tell him it's SOLD Regards NimROD
  10. Hi All, The Gulf Team cars are at the top of most racer's lists, but what other teams do you like to Race and Collect? If possible please post some pics. (Big Thanks to Jamie for helping me get the Porsche 917k, Thanks Buddy) Regards NimROD
  11. NimROD444

    New To The Garage

    Hi All, The new additions to Team NimROD. Regards NimROD
  12. Hi Davenic, No cars lost yet, only wings, mirrors, wheels, drivers, etc (LOL) Regards NimROD
  13. Hi Charlie, I'll add once more during my Lunch break. Regards NimROD
  14. NimROD444

    More Ferrari's

    Hi Bo, The Pro Slot looks very nice, how does it run? What would be a good running mate? Regards NimROD
  15. Thanks Bo and Steve. The software looks really good and I like the pit stop/refuel feature. I'll Email Matt direct with a few more questions. Thanks again guys Kind Regards Vlad
  16. NimROD444

    More Ferrari's

    Hi Glenn, The Classics from Spirit, Ninco & Fly are very much my favourites (and everyone else LOL). As far as i know they are all that Spirit has released of the Ferrari 512M's. I would say on SCX or Ninco track, they are faster due to the better mag setup. The mag is very similar to the Fly rectangular one and sits close to the rear. IMO, No mags all around would make them eqaul running mates. Only problems I've had were the Wiper blades needed to be glued in again and the tyres trued, that's it. Regards Vlad
  17. Hi Guy's, Has anyone purchased or is using the Dingo Timer? Looked at the sight today and the Software looks real good, even catering for Pit stops with Virtual fuel on additional sensors. I thought I'd ask here first, before making any inquires directly. Any info or feedback on the Software and Hardware would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Kind Regards NimROD
  18. Hi Bo, If you need a running mate for the red Volvo, send me your mailing details and I'll send you the Blu/White "Rydell" Volvo. Regards Vlad
  19. Hi All, This is 1/32 Artin track some Buddies and I put together last week. I found it very smooth to run on which means some great tailout action. We used Slotman to plan the circuit, lane lengths are approx 21m. Each table is approx 3.4m x 1.3m. Just want to send a big THANKYOU to both Roland and Jamie, two great guys that have helped me with the track and cars. Kind Regards Vlad ps Sorry for the poor quality pics, I hope to a good Digicam soon.
  20. Could try mounting the Camera on the Scaley Challenger Merc with a remote servo controlleed RC style by your buddy and you race the Merc. Regards NimROD
  21. NimROD444

    Fly Classics

    Hi Blta9, I've found all the Fly classics need to at least have the rear axle shimmed and the tyres trued, but my personal best would be 1. the GBTrack Chevron and 2. the Fly Lola T70's. As for recent Classics, the BMW CSI and Ferrari Daytona's have not needed any work at all. Regards NimROD
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