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  1. Thanks Mate, All 3D files are available for free, PM me if interested. Cheers NimROD
  2. Alfa Romeo 12c - ERA works type B - Mercedes Benz W 125 - Auto Union C - Maserati 6c - Auto Union Rekordwagen Avus Cheers NimROD
  3. Thanks Pepsi62, I may have a VN floating around too. Cheers NimROD
  4. Thanks Munter, It's great to have them available Your detailed models are worth way more than you offer them for Mate, these printed bodies are good for the 2 feet away rule. Painted up they look cool running around the track. Cheers NimROD
  5. A quick update for Pepsi62 Cheers NimROD
  6. I should have it sorted over this long weekend Two versions, the scale correct and one for the Scaley chassis. there are heaps of printable adjustable chassis available too. PM me and I'll Email you the Commo and other files for Printing. Cheers NiMROD
  7. Hi All, Great to see heaps of members playing with 3D Printers etc, Zegas, your an artist Mate!! Been busy with work and other projects but I've finally cleaned up the Commo I'm going to adjust it to fit a standard Scaley chassis and add body posts too Printed in PLA, Z:0.1mm Bed:60C Tip:198C 40mm/s Also recently finished a Porsche 917/20 Yes the Pink Pig Enjoy the pics Cheers NimROD
  8. Thanks Mate Yes both cars were printed vertically, yep that's the layers showing, one coat of primer will cover it easily. No prob's, about the Nissan, PM me your Email cheers NimROD
  9. Hi Wayne, It does but you get a very nice print in the end, the ridges here are easily covered by primer, plus you get a nice interior to the model. You can barely see any lines on the miniature, the space ship behind her was at 0.1mm The taller one is 25mm and smaller 15mm high No prob's about the Nissan, just give me a week as I have promised other models first. Cheers NimROD
  10. Hi All, @WKM - I use the following: Aururum PLA (Same company that sold me the WomBot Exilis) Hot End 195-200 Deg C Heated Bed (Glass) 60 Deg C Speed 35 Flow 100-102% Fan 100% Z-Layers 0.05mm I think I have the Nissan body somewhere Cheers NimROD
  11. HI All, @Storm68 - you can always model it and 3D print it, it will look much better and probably last much longer. Happy to help you model it, just need the dimensions required. Cheers NimROD
  12. Hi Gentlemen, That is exactly the one I was thinking of buying Alexis, you have helped me seal the deal Cheers Vlad
  13. Hi All, @Stumbley & ZeGas - I'll have it to you over the weekend. @WKM - I've heard a lot of very good feedback regarding Fusion 360, I'll give it a go this weekend, Thank you for sharing the info. Cheers NimROD
  14. Great Find Mate, The more the better Cheers NimROD
  15. Now this is what I'm talking about. There are so many models already available and more every day No limits @ZeGas - will you be using your chassis or design a new one all together for the studebaker? Cheers Nimrod
  16. Hi All, @Garry - Thank you Mate, your gonna make a lot of people very happy. @ZeGas - Please do, It will help inspire others to see what these printers are capable of. Cheers NimROD
  17. Hi All, @GRUNZ - Thanks Mate, It can be done, but it does take time. Also you would get a much better finish using a DLP resin printer, but I'm not sure how strong the print would be. We can give one a go and see the results, if your happy to wait a couple of weeks. Let me know which car you want to start with. Here are more examples of what I'm offering: Oh, and if your into gaming of a different type, 25mm miniatures, etc A lot of people are printing spare parts for their RC cars too, no limits. Girl printed at 0.05mm layers, space ship behind printed in 0.1mm layers Cheers NimROD
  18. @ZeGas - Yep all this 3D Printing stuff is great, a lot of friends have printed people, porta potties, candy stands, etc for their track scenery. There is a great collection of real people scanned in to STL files, really look great. The Corvair was a test to see how much detail we could keep without losing the body thickness, it's very close. Some printers are fine with the thin walls others need them a little thicker, 1.2mm has worked well but external detail will suffer a little. I'm in the process of working out how to keep the high details and thicken the shell from the inside only. I'm still learning, but want to make sure the prints I offer work 100% of the time. @Wobble - Yep, That was exactly what it was for. The Guy already had the Scaley 86' Nascars and wanted something a little different. In the end I think he just printed the front end and did a little surgery. I found this 73' Monty for another guy, I believe it was also a Nascar, excuse my ignorance please. Cheers NimROD
  19. Hi All, @GRUNZ - These cars are a little more intricate then the ones I've been working on, it would mean breaking it down to a number of pieces, just like a model kit. Cleaning up a model from 20 min. to 2 days, these would take much longer cos you will need to edit pieces to add connection areas. I'm just a hack, you need someone with more patience and a higher skill level than me But there are plenty of models out there. @ZeGas - Everything is on the net, just gotta find it. Here is th Gen 2. The following model took an hour to find, then 4 bits of software to convert it to a workable model, I'll be using a couple more software packages to get a higher resolution mesh and better details. Cheers NimROD
  20. Hi All, PM me your Email if interested. Here is the full list available; (Bodies not fully tested show *) The bodies are not exactly to 1/32 scale, you will need to find the correct dimensions and scale the model in your slicer software before printing. Alfa 33-3 Autocoast Ti22 BRM P154 BRM 167 Chevy Corvair * Datsun 510 Ferrari 312P Ferrari 712M Ford P68 * Lola T160 * Lola T163 * Lola T260 Lola T333 * March 707 Maserati Birdcage * McLaren M6GT Pontiac GPrix 2+2 Porsche 917-10 * Shadow DN4 Shadow MKII Bodies by others; Caparral 2J PM me your Email if interested. Cheers NimROD
  21. @DM - Hiya Mate, Yeah it's great stuff, your right, they are already producing much faster resin quality printers already and just recently I saw how dual head printers will print two materials, one can be soluble for supports. It's also nice having access to almost any car you can think of, so many free 3D models out there. I like finding the cars no-one makes then getting it out there for everyone. @Grunz - I can help search for them, but I would expect Scalextric and Carrera would definitely be making these cars in the near future, there pretty committed to the GT3 cars. I'll see what I can find. I have been looking at some LMP cars though, if they are of any interest. As for printing, I could but you'll be waiting for a while, I have 15 projects ahead of you. Cheers NimROD
  22. Thank Vinno, It's good to be back and contribute something instead of just lurking. Almost gave slots away a few years back, then I got the printer, it's taken me while to get it print to it's best. Once I started looking at the free models available, unbelievable, nearly any and every car is available in 3D. Unfortunately, you need to put it through a few processes to a point it can be printed So far I'm enjoying the hunt for cars noone makes or which are too expensive for the budget slotter like me. Vinno in two years time, you'll be printing much quicker and probably at a much higher resolution. My printer is already almost 4 years old and still up with the best sofar, but the new ones are so much cheaper for the same high quality. Maybe next step will be buying a resin printer, but I hear the bodies are too fragile, someone please correct me if I'm wrong. Cheers NimROD
  23. Hi All, @ZeGas & Munter - I did not create any of these original 3D files, just searched the web for all of them. Some have been heavily modified to increase details, others just cleaned up to a shell. You will need to re-scale the model to 1/32, they are close, but I did not have the correct 1/32 dimensions when creating the STL file. Most bodies are approx. 1.2mm thick and they print very well, my printer can do thinner models but some people have been getting failed prints going thinner. I'm now trying to make them like kits, with the engine detail and wings etc. @David - you and anyone else, can have copy of the STL when it's ready. IMHO, I can't and shouldn't profit from other peoples work and i'd hope others wont either if I share the files. I only ask that you share photo's of the prints and of the finished models. If you have a printer and will print the bodies for others, you should charge for the material and electricity, as some take 12hours, but i'll leave that up to you. I just want everyone to be able to get the cars they love and want to see around their tracks. A good example, Alfa 33 periscopica too damn expensive to try and get one nowaday, but I have a nice 3D file of it to be released soon. The great thing is, you can finish the models anyway you want. PM me and i'll send you a full list and a few files over the weekend and feel free to share them too. Cheers NimROD
  24. Hi All, @David - Any Scale you want Mate I printed a two door version but it was actually a 4 door body I have a much better high resolution version now. @Munter - The quality comes from the High resolution Model and the 3D printers Z layers, which FDM printers can do at 0.05mm layers Here are some prints from a Corvair and the Datto It's the same as dealing with a resin body, a little prep, paint, decal & race. The great part is any car is now available. We've done a number of CAN-AM cars already, March 707, Ferrari 712, AutoCoast Ti22, BRM P154 & P167, Lola T260, Shadow DN4 & MKII and others, that are hard to find. They guys are using printed chasis with Slot-it pods, etc If you can find the 3D file, it may take anywhere from 20min. to 2 days to cleanup and make ready to print Pic of Steve's Shadow The cost of a 3D printer is around the $300 or less mark, Rolls of filament approx. $20 (10 to 12 bodies depending on size). The Ender 3 especially has a large following and many are getting great results. If your one to tinker with your cars, expect a little tinkering too but not much. Once setup you can print scenery, people, anything, heaps of stuff on the net. Now you don't have to miss out on the cars you want. Note: I am not affiliated with any 3D printing, Printer or Filament companies (i have a Wombot). There is a F100 waiting for a clean up. Cheers NimROD
  25. Hi All, Not sure if this is the right forum for this, but here goes. Been away for while, almost gave it all up a few years back but now I have renewed love for my Slots. With my 3D printer correctly setup, finally after a year of tinkering, I now search the web for hard to find cars, clean them up and 3D print them. Found a very nice HQ Monaro and SS LX Hatch Torana too. I've done a few Can-Am cars lately but I came across these recently. I'll be cleaning them up over the next week and make the STL files. If anyone is interested in printing them them selves, I'm happy to share. VK Commo Datto 510 (this model was provided by David from RMS Resins, Thanks Mate) Cheers NimROD
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