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  1. NimROD444

    Nissan Bluebird

    Hey Oldskool62, Found this real nice model, can be modified too. CHeers NimROD
  2. NimROD444

    Nissan Bluebird

    Hey All, Yes I have a bluebird 3d model, I post a pic to make sure it's the car your thinking of. If you have a printer, your welcome to it, if not, I can print it but, it will be a couple of weeks. Cheers NimROD
  3. Hiya All, @Oldschool62 - I recently looked into doing this for the models I've been making, even more so on scratch built models. My biggest issue with modelling the lines was working out the width and height of the trench so that it wouldn't be filled in when thickening the body to 0.8mm. Also not disappear after a little sanding and a few coats of paint There is a number of ways to do the lines, depending which software you are using and if the model is a Solid object or a 3D Mesh. After a little trial and error I found that working with a full 1:1 size model, the gap = 40mm and the depth = 30mm A couple of examples below. Note the March 717 has the gap and depth at 50mm (too harsh), while the Sting GW1 has the gap and depth as above. March: Sting Cheers NimROD My apologies Gents, I read it as you had the 3d files, as well as the bodies. If the bodies don't work out, pm me, I'm sure I could find the models, fix them and print them for you. Cheers NimROD
  4. Hiya All, Example for the next series of cars. Fixing a couple of areas, but should be ready very soon. (Engine and Mirrors can be printed separate, all Engine detail will be a little more reinforced) Paul (FC47 at HRW) is working on a 1/24 scale version, looking great so far. (I'll see if I can grab a few of his pics too) 1960's Formula 5000 Eagle (1/32, ZS layer height = 0.1mm Test print) Cheers NimROD
  5. Hi All, @Mattcrackers - Not yet but I will be building up 3 from the 1950's set, eventually. I get free time in bursts and sometimes don't know what to jump at first, LOL. @Shaynus - Thanks mate, please drop me an Email mate, I seem to have deleted a few moving to outlook Cheers NimROD
  6. Hi All, @Vinno - Example of the quality - all found on the net. I'll get them ready for printing over the next couple of weeks. Do you have preferences, eg separate bumpers, grill, mirrors? @Farrout - HAHA I Like your list Mate, Happy to get all the models ready over the next few weeks, just be patient. Happy to share all the STL model files for free I'll print a body first to see how good the quality is in the next week or so. Cheers NimROD
  7. Hi Farrout, If it helps, I have 3D models for the following cars; 1985-1987 - ALfa 75, Alfa GTV, BMW 635, Bmw M3, Toyota Corolla Coupe, Ford Mustang, Holden VL, Holden VK, Maserati Biturbo, Mercedes 190E, Nissan DR30, Rover SDi, Sierra RS500, Toyota Supra, Volvo 240T, Jaguar XJS, Mitsubishi Starion, Toyota Celica. PM me if your interested Cheers NimROD
  8. Hi All, Mercedes W196 Bugatti T251 Lancia D50 Ferrari 555 Gordini T32 Cooper T23 The Set All STL files are free, PM me if interested Cheers NimROD
  9. Thanks Mate, All 3D files are available for free, PM me if interested. Cheers NimROD
  10. Alfa Romeo 12c - ERA works type B - Mercedes Benz W 125 - Auto Union C - Maserati 6c - Auto Union Rekordwagen Avus Cheers NimROD
  11. Thanks Pepsi62, I may have a VN floating around too. Cheers NimROD
  12. Thanks Munter, It's great to have them available Your detailed models are worth way more than you offer them for Mate, these printed bodies are good for the 2 feet away rule. Painted up they look cool running around the track. Cheers NimROD
  13. A quick update for Pepsi62 Cheers NimROD
  14. I should have it sorted over this long weekend Two versions, the scale correct and one for the Scaley chassis. there are heaps of printable adjustable chassis available too. PM me and I'll Email you the Commo and other files for Printing. Cheers NiMROD
  15. Hi All, Great to see heaps of members playing with 3D Printers etc, Zegas, your an artist Mate!! Been busy with work and other projects but I've finally cleaned up the Commo I'm going to adjust it to fit a standard Scaley chassis and add body posts too Printed in PLA, Z:0.1mm Bed:60C Tip:198C 40mm/s Also recently finished a Porsche 917/20 Yes the Pink Pig Enjoy the pics Cheers NimROD
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