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  1. Thanks to BMR and Phoeno for sorting my car, or offering to! I really appreciate it guys! Doesn't really matter why it failed at Triggy's, blown motor or just loose wire, but glad to hear the motor seems to have come back to life. And it seems to have done OK at this rally too, depending on which criteria are used to score? Triggy, the car is very quick on my Scaley Sport track which is similar to your layout. The amazing thing is the car is almost stock out of the box, just rear tires and a brass hub Slot it gear (for durability). I'm sure it could be set up better for rallys too, but I'm a bit of a novice in that area.
  2. Wow, great job Triggy! I just experienced the "Thrill of (near) Victory" and the "Agony of Defeat" all within a few minutes while reading the thread! Thanks to all for the cheers while my car was going well, but I had serious misgivings about entering an SCX powered car. They are some of the only motors I've had go bad, but this was their "Pro Rally" version, so it must be good?! Oh well, easy come, easy go. It would be great if someone could snap in an old RX81 motor so I can finish the rally, Phoeno said he had a spare. Thanks in advance.
  3. Great job, Holty and JR, thanks for adjusting the guide and sorry about the touchy powerband. I know Nincos and SCXs have quite different power curves, it must have been tough to adjust with mostly Nincos in the rally.
  4. Hi Martin, No, they are Ortmans, maybe not a good choice? Great job running the rally!
  5. From Wikipedia: "The Mazda RX-7 (also called the Ẽfini RX-7) is a sports car " Bloody Yanks always stirring things up...
  6. This is the car Scaley are making, 70 1/2 Chaparral Camaro:
  7. PeteN95

    68-ed Box Set

    Caddy, just keep all those blister packages that all kinds of products come in. These can be easily cut into the shape of an aero screen if you pick the right curved shape. FYI
  8. Nice work guys. I knew sending an SCX motor into a proxy was a gamble, but it was in the top 5 in every round but #1. DFL, oh well.
  9. 911s dominated the US Trans Am series (under 2L) for many years, seemed wrong to me?
  10. Interesting discussion guys and I'm game for any series, but in the US, sedans have 4 doors. When you say sedan, we think of something like the WTCC. I have a hard time relating the Lancia 037 or Alpine 110 to the word sedan?! But this is just my view, and again, I'll be happy with what ever is chosen. I would also vote to allow swapping of RTR plastic chassis' among cars of different makes, no Slot it or race versions, but this would open up a lot of cars which have unusable chassis.
  11. Great job, guys, and it's nice to be out of the basement! I'm a bit surprised that mine is the most powerful car with an SCX motor?! The Nincos seem faster on my track, but its no rally track. Keep up the great work, I'm enjoying it and learning lots.
  12. Great job, Gazza, but I've never heard of a 1:1 rally where the cars had too much grip?!?
  13. Wow, I sure hope that some of the tracks are dirty! I guess I should have added a bunch of lead or left the stock tires on?
  14. Why did you go and clean the track?! :(
  15. I think the touring cars (sedans) would be cool because I've never seen a proxy for these, but I would also enjoy either of these: Sports gt cars from 1972 to 1982 group c sports cars from 1982 to 1992
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