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  1. I think allowing the Sierra in is a good move. Can I suggest allowing cars from the first year of Group A in the Historics class? A Lancia Delta Integrale wouldn't look out of place. And a Beemer M3 would look pretty good also.
  2. Well blow me down! A double wooden spoon! Surely a first in Oz Rally..... I think I might enter two cars in each class next time so that one of me won't be last! I have actually started work on next year's entries. A couple of cars under development will be a big improvement. The poor old Escort will be retired and the Focus could be better if I really tried. And no - I'm not going down the MSC / Ninco route. Looking forward to Round 1.
  3. As I thought Michael your car is OK on a conventional track. Rolls pretty easily but no problems with corners. Bruce
  4. I think some more weight in the Mini would help quite a lot Michael - look forward to having another go next year. I am sorry about the withdrawal....... I'll give it a drive on my circuit to test my theory about constant radius corners - I think it will be fine on a conventional track. I've built 4 Classic class cars in the last few days - hopefully one of them will be an improvement on my Escort!
  5. And now for the overall placings...... Doesn't get much closer! Congratulations AMCC who bowled over the rest of the competition. I'll get some pics up later....
  6. And here are the results for Heat 2. Callan drove this heat ("Boss302's Son" (on Auslot)) Sorry Shadow Rusty but he just couldn't cope with your car and made a tactical withdrawal.
  7. Just finished Heat 1 for RAIDS. Not much separating the top 8 cars. Callan is going to run Heat 2
  8. RAID qualifying has concluded. Charles X Bowler was very nice and smooth to drive AMCC's Mitsubishi wasn't too far off and also a very well sorted car. Codes Pajero was very easy to drive for such a relatively short wheelbase car. Team Red's car was easy to drive possibly because the motor feels a little tired. Handled well despite being a bit short on grip. Curef could have been quicker except for a bit of rear shuddering - caused by the track being too grippy! Phil's Mitsi was just a little too hot to handle - I think it will be better in the heats with some more laps under my belt. Gas41's Beemer was quite nice - jus need some more laps. Well sorted and I think it will perform well in the heats. Nice and easy to drive. Miveson's Bowler is very lively - just a little too much so - could tone this down a bit with more weight I think, Dylan - hard to be confident with the Mini - or shoudl I say Maxi? Very long guide length and light weight made the car tricky to drive. RUsty Shadow - sorry but your car is borderline un-drivable. Main problem I think is the very long guide length which does not suit tight corners. Am going to try some different driving techniques to try and get some clear laps. I think if it was running on tracks with Scalex type radiuses it would be better. It just does not handle the tight turns on my track. Will do my best!
  9. Some photos of each of the cars......
  10. Before moving on to RAIDS I'll put up some Classic Class photos. First up the podium assembled in front of the former flour mill now day spa...
  11. And here are the overall placings. Poor little Escy languished at the back of the field - it's never going to be competitive. I'm testing next year's car now - I don't want to embarrass myself again! Photos to follow tomorrow.
  12. Heat two of Historics has been run and won. Well done Shadow Rusty - just too good for the rest of the field. Peter - your car was very nice and Gas41T I really enjoyed your car. The top three are just perfect proxy cars. Overall results will follow shortly.
  13. Very right about the RAID entry Shadow_Rusty! Just had a drive......fair to say it is not going to win!!
  14. Historics heat 1 has concluded and no surprises about the winner.Not much separating the cars after second place.
  15. Pretty sad Charles but I'm sure you will have it back to top form next year. Almost looks like the LH rear tyre is our of round - or a bent axle (if that's possible) Can still do pretty good times but could be so much faster......
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