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  1. Hey there Vinno, i just purchased a new car (BA Castrol Ford) and tried with and without an extra magnet and the extra mag does heat up the motor quite quickly....no more with the magnets. Yea , i do have heaps of cars to swap about. the problem was that the last time i had the track set up.....Bathurst 2007 our annual race weekend , we raced each of our cars for 120 laps on a 60 ft track and we used all the advantages to get the best lap times so the motor only got a break at the 3 pit stops which took as long as one could drink the manditory schooner at each stop. i guess the 2008 Bathurst format will look at box stock racing, with more pit stops !!
  2. G,day there Yes i do maintain the cars by cleaning and oiling the axles & end bell bearings lightly. The cars tend to run well for a hour or so then start to slow down. what is the longest period that you can run a these cars ??, maybe i am expecting too much from them. Rick..
  3. Hi Rick, I am only running one extra neo button magnet as well as MJKs. with all that amps i might look at cutting back on the V,s to 12 v
  4. Hi there everyone, i am hoping that one of the experts out there might be able to help out with a bit of a problem that i have with my Scalex cars. I run a Scaley setup which is fairly large 3.6 x 2.0 with a 14v 15 amp tranny (Large) Parma economy controllers 45ohm. The problem i have is that some of the motors tend to laydown after some use and get hot , excuse my ignorance but, is this cause simply by over use or is the 14 v power unit too big. Cheers Rick
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