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  1. Hi ember, can you check the results as the results posted by alexis had me 7th whereas you have me down as 18th Matt
  2. That's better, cheque is in the post. Thought my car had hit and gone over the cliff, but maybe it was just teasing you all!
  3. Thanks guys, 2nd by 0.5 second, not too shabby! Well done snurf, Cymru am byth
  4. A great race, I was at silver stone and enjoyed every minute even if it was blowing a gale. The spa round was nip and tuck as well. Audi and Porsche have the edge over Toyota but you never can discount them. Should be a great championship
  5. Great reporting ben, glad you enjoyed my Opel. I find it a very forgiving car to drive which allow you to push it and make pretty good times on all surfaces. In the slot rally UK it's been outclassed by the Teamslot alpine (the avant version is a tad overpowered) and scaleauto de tomaso pantera. The MsCs run in a 80s class so we don't have to compete with them, although the osc Peug and fly porsche are the ones to beat in that class. Lesson learnt for me - go with the excellent mjk tyres for these rally proxies! Matt
  6. I call it plain slacking! Blooming Ozzies, come over to Pom land and win our apprentice and then have some excuse of having to have booze and bbq at Christmas - just not on! Have a great Chrimbo. Matt
  7. My car and trophy arrived home today. Slight address error but my postman knows me so got it here safely. Many thanks Matt
  8. Very splendid trophies, thank you. Matt
  9. mtucker666


    I will be back to defend pommy honour. I will retire the 2014 winner to my hall of fame and resurrect another car from the stable. I can't commit to holding a round as I will be writing a dissertation over the spring /summar of 2015, so I can't afford to spend a good 3 days running a round. Matt
  10. My narrow Opel has 3 year old nsr ultragrips on the back, other than that it is completely stock. I ran the car in the Slot Rally GB series 2 yrs ago, nice smooth and can cope with scenery bumping. I just cleaned and sent it off, did not clock the min rear diameter so my rears are a tad under sized. Tyre cleaning a must for mine, which should make it an enjoyable car to drive. Matt
  11. I am well chuffed, enormous thanks to the series organisers, all the round hosts and sponsors. The mjk tyres gave great grip and were really consistent. I used them also on my OSC Peugeot in the slot rally GB championship and they performed really well (4th in class over the year). The scorpius wireless system took a bit of getting used to but it functioned well and the ability to wander round with controller in hand adds a great dimension to racing. My citroen will have to be retired to my proxy hall of fame and a new car prepped for 2015. Thanks again. Matt
  12. Thanks guys, do love the Oz tracks, I am always impressed and envious. Matt
  13. My apologies guys, thought my car had hits it's peak and was going in to decline. Miveson, can you check Greece round 10 points. They were amended because of a dodgy way too fast time of mine, I ended up 7th with 15 points and Ember took the podium Matt
  14. Thanks for noticing and fixing it OTFS. Had the wheel come loose to cause that issue? Hope you enjoy running the rounds in Oz. Matt
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