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  1. Yep, that pretty much sums up the situation here ! Government is saying here is "Freedom Day" and the more informed populace is saying "We don't want it". Illegal immigration is becoming routine. The press sensationalise everything so fake news has become the norm. The super-wealthy are planning their exit to other planets. I guess this is what happened to the Aztec society. I'm glad I have a slot-car room as a sanctuary. Leo
  2. Hello Kevan, Yes those 60s Mercedes are lovely cars. The one above is by Reprotech. My favourite slot-car version is by Fleischmann although only available as top-down convertible. Leo
  3. Hello Curef99, The situation in the UK is that lockdown easing is now being phased out but there is a strong concern that it is too early and that a third wave of infections might occur. So we are basicaly still in the scenario of not having a clear roadmap to "freedom". However, as above the UK slot car proxy scene is thriving with several events based on https://slotracer.online/community/forumdisplay.php?fid=42 The Brighton to John O'Groats road race finished recently. Leo
  4. Hello Brumos RSR, apologies for slow response here. Check http://slotracer.online for proxy events (especially the EV Triathlon ) Leo
  5. Hello Curef99, The UK proxy event scene has picked up a lot and we are getting spoilt for choice. Event format is cars running one ata time so hosts can run the event with minimal assistance. I launched a new style of event aimed at getting the attention of the Electric Vehicle community but despite slot-cars having been electric vehicles for decades, there has been suprisingly little interest. I called it the "EV Triathlon" as there are three aspects in the event - Rally Stage, Sprint Circuit and Drag Strip - thought that might have grabbed peeps attention as well but seems not. The Covid mutations seem to outrunning our vaccination roll-out. Personally I am not going to rush into any large people gatherings any time soon. Hope you and your family have not been seriously affected. Leo #STAYSAFE
  6. Hello curef99, Sadly many Brits are still treating the pandemic too lightly and so as P-G says we are likely to be living lockdown-style for much of 2021. The reality is that sensible people are capable of deciding for themselves what are unnecessary journeys and socialising and make the appropriate sacrifices but there are many who ignore the advice and then complain about the lockdown continuing. Those of us with a hobby of some sort are taking to what used to be called the virtual world and managing to enjoy some socialising via the established forums and Zoom. On the slot-car front, the on-line retailers seem to be selling lots so hopefully there has been some resurgence in the hobby. Leo #STAYSAFE
  7. I think that a World Series is not realistic in the foreseeable future, but a Single Venue which can access a few layouts could be appealing similar to the current Wales(UK) based event. Scotland is a bit difficult right now so not feasible. Leo
  8. Hello Alexis, Your proposal "Therefore my proposal stands as it is ,run as many rounds as possible localy in, lets say , a couple of months so that entrants can have an idea of where their cars stand and send the cars back. " seems like the most practical. BTW - If the parcel to Scotland was for me, I messaged you on SlotRacer to say that the chassis had arrived. Leo
  9. Hello Kevan, the full text would have been "I mean - " 4 races locally for the whole proxy to decide a proxy winner then send all the cars back to their owners" " My premise is that International shipping is still very slow so trying to get event continuity across borders will be difficult and the entrants will lose interest. Loss of continuity is frustrating for all entrants and the hosts who may have a narrow time-frame in which to run their round. WRP 2009 suffered from a long delay when the cars were shipped from Canada to Australia by boat - My revised suggestion - 4 races in Greece then transfer the cars to the IoM and for a few races and return the cars directly to owners from IoM (Alexis could include the individual boxes). Leo Linky:-
  10. Hello Kevan, I mean 4 races locally. Rather than simply return the cars without any running time. Leo
  11. If Alexis could arrange for 4 races in his local community that would be enough for me. Proxy events die if they are not run timeously. Leo
  12. Hello all, WRP and OZ Rally are separate events aren't they? I am mainly interested in WRP but might do Oz Rally Proxy if WRP is not running. Leo
  13. Hooray!! My Delta arrived back home just now. I don't know how Royal Mail work in the UK but I guess that mail coming to Scotland comes directly rather than via England. Perhaps this is in preparation for independence (LOL). Couldn't resist opening the box so it was on with the disposable gloves and cutting the box open. Pleasantly surprised to find my first ever slot-car trophy !! I don't mind repeating: huge thanks to Mel and the team for running the series and to all the hosts for giving up their time. #StaySafe Leo
  14. Cheers Mel, Nothing (at all) today but have not lost hope yet. Leo
  15. Well my tactic didn't work, Delta has not arrived today. Other Brit cars arrived two or three weeks ago so I'm starting to worry. All part of Proxy Racing though so not overly concerned if it never appears - although having now been run in, it would definitely win the next series (LOL!) Leo
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