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  1. Always great news Leo when all the cars turn up. I don't think we have lost a car ever . The first year for us was the SCX Rally in 2009. So an excellent record.
  2. Thanks Jacob. Much appreciated. Mel
  3. #1 or #4 if the overpass was a reasonable climb and drop. Something worth doing is making a model cut out of cardboard (from boxes). One of our club members did that some time ago and I did the same prior building my Mount Panorama track with a rally track on the infield. Gives you a 3D vision and help your decision making. I used expanding foam to hold the cardboard in place and help with any elevations. Plus did some quick paintwork.
  4. Hi Leo, Your car was posted on the 12/03/20 Simon (Splitrim) was posted 10/03/20 Alexis (Greece) was posted 24/03/20 Martyn (Snurfen) was posted 25/03/20 Different dates due to delays in some trophies I was advised by the Post Office that long delays were very likely due to less planes flying and local deliveries due to the Coronavis Pandemic I was offered priority postage but some parcels were around $45 AU already. Sadly, postage this year broke the bank. Think it has gone up world wide in the last 8 weeks Cheers All. Hopefully in 4 weeks I will be let out the front door and onto the street
  5. On absorbent surfaces it wont. On smooth surfaces a few light applications it will but over time it will go yellowish and loose its sheen.
  6. All cars and trophies have now been posted. My local post office keeps telling me that anything going by air will take a lot longer due to less planes flying around the world at present. Thank you to those who have let me know that their cars have arrived, Currently working on options and rules for this year. Will the Corona-virus have an impact when we can start? I'm considered a high risk so I'm a bit house bound
  7. Forgot to mention. I have some smaller trophies for some of the minor placings
  8. Returning 2019 WRP Cars I'm currently wrapping cars to return to owners. If anyone has moved since entering the 2019 series would you please PM me your new address. Almost every year we have cars returned with "address unknown" Trophies have arrived for the winners, so they will be returned with cars. Most cars will be posted by mid next week.
  9. Just went out to the track to start wrapping cars and notice the podium had been gate crashed. Bov had snuck up to take a peak ????
  10. 2019 WRP Series Winners Thanks to Tony (Bov) for compiling the points. He must jave been nervous seeing Gazza creeping op on him with just one point ahead.
  11. Great work downtowndeco , now I just need to find some cameras and cameramen. Yes Phil, some marshals can me destructive. Ask Charlie (TSMSOCCER.) Someone took out his overpass and controll tower. Bodies everywhere. Charlie was finding them weeks later .
  12. Winners of round 8 and final round of 2019 Final Results of Round 8. Stages 1 & 2 Series winners will be posted here tomorrow (Sat Au)
  13. A big thanks to Tony for bringing the numbers together. He has offered to send me the spreadsheet later today, I will then post via PB.
  14. Long Stage 2 of round 8 Results Heats were run in random order (by RC) as below. Tried to down load the "Jason" file spreadsheet. yesterday Tried to boot up the pc many times and all the monitor would show . . . Yes I did check all cables and imput options but now luck. There was one screen flashed up saying the XP operation system was no longer supported on the "Old" Dell Tower PC As I have learnt to do since the early SCX proxies I always wrote down the results just incase :(. A computer guy turned up today and was able to get the file on a usb stick. Was a bit scrambled but was able to check on my notes There was no problem with the PC during the actual races. The PC guy is returning to back up the hard drive and also install Windows 10. That might last until I'm in a nursing home :o . Currently in the process of adding both stages together.
  15. Leaders After Nuggets Hill stage The final stage (stage 2)of Round has been run on the Mount Panorama Rally track I'm off to a Bush Fire fund raising show now so will post results tomorrow morning Australia time. I cannot guess the top 3 as I need to add stage one to the final stage.
  16. Thanks Leo, The fires were shocking more than Australia has ever experienced before. We drove about 15 hrs away after Christmas just to get away from constant smoke and clean air. Unfortunately we had large dust storms mixed with it. Last two weeks we had massive rain storms and went from 47degc to floods. I was over in NZ last week. Great weather and very clean air. Some of the snow down south was actually brown due to fires and dust storms form Australia.
  17. .That makes sense Phil. Thank You Will try and fix that during this week.
  18. Talkng on the phone I'm tied up today and for next few days (important family stuff) so will down load other pics later. probably from the long final stage on Mount Salt Panorama. I will also need to replace some braids.
  19. Had trouble with running the reverse direction on Nuggets Hill. The Sloit controller spat the dummy. I built the track 6 or 7 years ago for two of my grand sons using Scaley controllers. WE are lucky to have the tack as it was rescued from the bush fires a few weeks ago. So with the current heat here my brain was in no condition to think on how to rectify the problem. Any advice would be much appreciated. Any way I have decided not to run the reverse stage this round. Here are the results for Stage one of Nuggets Hill. Some pics later (from the wife's phone). Some how my SLR camera doesn't like the heat here at the moment either.
  20. Normally plenty to like here. On a yacht on Sydney harbour would be fabulousNot nice here today . Just went outside to try and fix the reversing on the Nuggets Hill track but too bloody hot. and that is Celsius other than currently hot weather we will survive - I hope. Our air conditioner is working full time, so nice inside. We really feel for people who have lost their homes and possessions with all the fires. Still some fires about so we are not over that yet If we had chained all the tree huggers to the trees years ago we would not have had no where near the fires. .
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