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  1. Always great news Leo when all the cars turn up. I don't think we have lost a car ever . The first year for us was the SCX Rally in 2009. So an excellent record.
  2. Thanks Jacob. Much appreciated. Mel
  3. #1 or #4 if the overpass was a reasonable climb and drop. Something worth doing is making a model cut out of cardboard (from boxes). One of our club members did that some time ago and I did the same prior building my Mount Panorama track with a rally track on the infield. Gives you a 3D vision and help your decision making. I used expanding foam to hold the cardboard in place and help with any elevations. Plus did some quick paintwork.
  4. Hi Leo, Your car was posted on the 12/03/20 Simon (Splitrim) was posted 10/03/20 Alexis (Greece) was posted 24/03/20 Martyn (Snurfen) was posted 25/03/20 Different dates due to delays in some trophies I was advised by the Post Office that long delays were very likely due to less planes flying and local deliveries due to the Coronavis Pandemic I was offered priority postage but some parcels were around $45 AU already. Sadly, postage this year broke the bank. Think it has gone up world wide in the last 8 weeks Cheers All. Hopefully in 4 weeks I will be let out the front door and onto the street
  5. On absorbent surfaces it wont. On smooth surfaces a few light applications it will but over time it will go yellowish and loose its sheen.
  6. All cars and trophies have now been posted. My local post office keeps telling me that anything going by air will take a lot longer due to less planes flying around the world at present. Thank you to those who have let me know that their cars have arrived, Currently working on options and rules for this year. Will the Corona-virus have an impact when we can start? I'm considered a high risk so I'm a bit house bound
  7. Forgot to mention. I have some smaller trophies for some of the minor placings
  8. Returning 2019 WRP Cars I'm currently wrapping cars to return to owners. If anyone has moved since entering the 2019 series would you please PM me your new address. Almost every year we have cars returned with "address unknown" Trophies have arrived for the winners, so they will be returned with cars. Most cars will be posted by mid next week.
  9. Just went out to the track to start wrapping cars and notice the podium had been gate crashed. Bov had snuck up to take a peak ????
  10. 2019 WRP Series Winners Thanks to Tony (Bov) for compiling the points. He must jave been nervous seeing Gazza creeping op on him with just one point ahead.
  11. Great work downtowndeco , now I just need to find some cameras and cameramen. Yes Phil, some marshals can me destructive. Ask Charlie (TSMSOCCER.) Someone took out his overpass and controll tower. Bodies everywhere. Charlie was finding them weeks later .
  12. Winners of round 8 and final round of 2019 Final Results of Round 8. Stages 1 & 2 Series winners will be posted here tomorrow (Sat Au)
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