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  1. Happy birthday, Craig. At least you'll be happy with the Bathurst result
  2. I know it's been a couple of years since I was able to attend but even then the group was getting a bit big and too many people wanted to modify the cars too much. People like myself just didn't have the time to keep up. Just seemed like it was losing the hobby status to me
  3. And the best part is you can run anything from an AFX car right through to an open with no changes to the controller
  4. Rick, a small but important correction. You want LCD's (Light Collecting Diodes) not LED's(Light Emitting Diodes). LED's give off light when powered from an electrical source where LCD's collect light to maintain an "on" state and switch "off" when the light source is interrupted causing the counter power to change state thus counting a lap. Not trying to be pedantic but these errors are a prime factor in people having trouble getting things running right.
  5. Stoo, I still have the first controller John built for sale. this is the one that does not have the plug in resistor packs. I did have to replace the trani once and sitting here thinking about it, you could put a plug in socket in place for easy changing on the daughter board. I also have replaced both pots over time. When John originally sourced parts, he wanted to be able to get everything local and readily available. Jaycar was a large source of components. It is good to know that someone still has the leftovers. The main reason John built them was he got sick of Defalco charging an enormous amount of money ($600 ish at the time) so he decided to build something for less than half the price ($250 I think he sold them for) and local for repairs. At least now I know where to go for bits I can't source like circuit boards if I need one. Thanks
  6. Never had to download from PB before. How do I do it by the album? Sorry guys. Just realised how to do it
  7. slots

    Hobby Or Addiction

    Does exiting 1/24's with about 3 grands worth of gear count as addiction?
  8. Could Auslot set up its own photo hosting site but only for members posts?
  9. I haven't had the time to come racing or check the site so was unaware of his troubles. This is such sad news. May the lord smile on you in the afterlife. RIP Devious.
  10. Might drop in to say hello but not race. See how things go
  11. Good to hear, Woofer. Now, do we need to start encouraging you again??
  12. Glad to see the overtaking rules included. Thanks to those that attended
  13. Eno, Happy Birthday mate. Time to start barking again. Munter, the poor boy has had some issues the last few years that needed to be fixed.
  14. slots

    Air Cond Woes

    My ducted was just a case of a loose connection dropped the gas after so many years. Re-gassed and did up the connection and no prob since.
  15. slots

    Season One

    OK, due to personal reasons known to most, I haven't been able to get to most meets. The only things I require is for the meet to be a fun, friendly event with NO sheep stations around. Rules should be such that you don't have to tune the crap out of a car and tyres should be one brand across ALL classes so there is no confusion about what is allowed and what is illegal. Simplicity is always good and saves a lot of trouble. My 2 bits but since I'm not racing much, probably should not be given too much weight.
  16. slots

    Router Bits

    Getting back to the original question, Wombat, if you ask Joez nicely, he might be able to make the right cutter for you and post it up there.
  17. Happy belated mate. % wise is how Viv see's it. That way your catching up
  18. slots

    Season 3

    Can't make the enduro but should be right for most of the rest
  19. slots

    Season 2 Round 8

    Easy Caddo. I wasn't swearing when I left.
  20. slots

    Season 2 Round 8

    Late start meant only one class and crapped out. Never been to Caddo's so not surprised. Still had a great time,though.
  21. slots

    Season 2 Round 7

    Fun night and a good host. Thanks John
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