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  1. I too am excited that Slot-it are doing tha Skaife Richards Nissan from 1992. Has anyone noticed that in the Slot-it photos the driver is wearing a helmet that looks close to what Skaife wore at Bathurst in 2010? It looks nothing like the helmets Skaife or Richards wore in 1992. Minor detail. The car looks great and no doubt will go well.
  2. I'm very slow on the uptake but I love these minis with the second one my favourite. How did the racing on wood go?
  3. What they all said! Excellent build. What putty do you use to fill after the JB weld?
  4. WoodSlot

    Emerald Raceway

    An excellent build. It was extremely interesting to follow your progress. Where are you up to now? I assume everything is cleaned up and you've done quite a few laps, races etc. How's it holding up? Any video available. Regards, WoodSlot.
  5. Great to see the most recent ones. Well done.
  6. Excellent boxes Matt and the painting looks superb. I'm eagerly awaiting the promised photos of inside the Ford box, and the outside of the JPS box. Very well done.
  7. The track is looking good Peter. Did you use the Dulux Seude paint? Will you eventually add scenery or mostly just fences/barriers? Well done so far.
  8. Would the Jaycee one suit a routed small 4-lane track? (The track will fit on three 2400x1200 boards.)
  9. It looks wonderful! A most professional looking job. Now just the braid, wiring etc. and we can hear what it's like to drive!!!
  10. An excellent looking track. It looks like it will be fast and flowing, with some more technical sections so it won't become too easy to drive! I read that you used 12mm MDF. What did you use for the track edging? Is that thinner MDF or ply & how thick? I'm looking forward to seeing more progress. WoodSlot.
  11. Thanks miveson, great photos and wonderful to have the whole collection in one spot.
  12. Alan, A great looking car. The web pages for last years race were also fascinating especially the concourse, what excellent cars. What happened in this years event?
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