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  1. Distoria

    Power Issues

    installed a power tap today, fixed up all my problems thanks again everyone for your help
  2. Distoria

    Power Issues

    Thanks heaps for your replies guys, hoping to grab the power booster cables over the weekend, are they easy to fit? Can't seem to find any guides for scalextric, just other brands lol
  3. Distoria

    Hey :)

    thanks for the welcome
  4. Distoria

    Power Issues

    hey guys, have noticed the last couple of weeks after expanding the track a few times that towards the middle of the track there seems to be a bit of a dip in power, and also when there are more than 2 cars on the track at a time, is there any way to give this a boost? i use the 6 car power base with 2 standard scalextric power packs plugged in. I have 2 additional digital standard power bases from track sets that i have bought, can i use them plugged in to boost the power? sorry if this is a noob question, but the slowing down of the cars is getting to me
  5. Distoria

    Wamuran Track

    Hey guys, just getting started with scalextric, got a few sets just before xmas and it has grown and grown and grown, did some more adjustments to it last night, now totalling around 25metres of track :| not bad for a months work lol. Still gotta finish off the scenery, i've seen some chain link fences on tracks around here, gotta work out how to make them and will be laughing, anyhow, heres some pics
  6. Distoria

    Hey :)

    Hey! just thought i'd post and say hi, bit of a newbie with slot cars, got a set up just before xmas been adding over the last few weeks, now have about 20mtrs of track, 10 or so different cars (although some have been stripped for parts for others). Really loving scalextric digital stuff, much better than the AFX stuff my bros had growing up lol. Anyhow, i'm from northside of Brisbane at Wamuran (just out from Caboolture), been lurking around here the last few days, good to see some locals on here Anyhow, i'm new, so say hi
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