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  1. He will be missed another good one moved on to greener pastures
  2. Hi and welcome quite a few Canadians around here. Those pictures are unbelievable I particularly luv the Castrol Jag
  3. Just in case someone else reports this problem I did solve the issue by replacing the relay. Not sure why but when I installed a new relay everything works as it should Charlie
  4. This topic of Silicones removing grip (built up rubber) from the track has been raised may times people seem to be firmly in one of the two camps. I do not have a chemical degree so I can only comment on my personal experience on the number of tracks I have had over the years. Our group currently allows rubber, urethanes and silicones. The only thing we allow to clean tyres is water with a drop of dishwashing soap. My personal experience is that I have not noticed any difference in the grip level of rubber or urethane tyres after having run silicone tyres on the track. As has been mentioned if the track is dusty the silicone tyres will quickly loose grip until they have collected the dust from the track. You need to clean the silicone tyres with water to remove the dust. A dusty track does not affect rubber tyres to the same degree as it affects silicones. Silicones defiantly need a dust free track to work. Even within our race group there is division and some races do not like silicone tyres running on the track when they are running rubber tyres. My option is simple whoever is the track owner makes the decision whether to allow a particular tyre type. What I can confirm is that normally I remove the dust off the track with a cloth and when the cloth is dry there is no impact on track grip if however I dampen the cloth in water and clean the track I have less grip with rubber tyres until a bit of build up is returned to the track. Obviously silicone tyres have excellent grip when I have cleaned the track with a damp cloth. The biggest thing I have found with track grip is not if you are running a mixture of tyre compounds but the actual track surface temperature and humidity. How hot or cold it is on the day seems to affect grip more than anything else other than dust and cleaning a track with a wet cloth. As I said this is my opinion but it does seem that new racers looking for advice on what tyres to run are being influenced maybe incorrectly by experienced racers long held opinions and beliefs. Maybe when some racers find they loose grip on rubber tyres after running silicones it might be what was done to the track rather than the old silicone debate. Just for the record I mostly run rubber tyres however the odd car is running silicone Just my 2 cents worth
  5. Well done Gaz they look great
  6. Happy birthday mate may the slot car gods shine on you a little
  7. Probably enough said on this topic so it has been closed
  8. I finally decided that I should record my slot cars on my House and Contents insurance as a seperate item. Insurance company recommended I take pictures of the cars and record the details to make any potential future claim more likely to be approved. i have now started a spreadsheet and commenced the laborious task of entering all the information. This started me thinking are members insuring their slot cars and what are they using to record slot car information ie spreadsheet or database. if someone has created a particularly good spreadsheet or database they may be happy to share it with others.
  9. Yep Gaz I like the old 25 pin port unfortunately modern computers no longer include the port. I will send a message to John see if he remembers anything
  10. I have a Relay, and Track Call button connected to a Arduino Board in Race Coordinator The Relay works fine turning power on and off at the start and end of heats and correctly cuts the power at the end of the race. I am running version of the software in Race Coordinator. The problem occurs when I pause a race either through the Call Button or through the space bar on the computer. When I pause the race the power is cut to the track all good so far but when I resume the race the countdown commences and race starts but the relay is not tripped back on. There is no power to the track. The only way I can get the power back on is while the race is paused go to Race Coordinator on the computer and click Turn Power on. Power is returned to the track. I then click on either hit the Track Call button or the space bar computer the countdown resumes and race continues normally. The Master Relay is connected to the Arduino on the digital side of the board but I have also tried connecting the pins on the analogue side of the board but with the same effect. I have tried the Invert Relay option but that does not work if fixing the problem. The main issue with having to turn the power back on manually after a Track Call is that power is activated to the track prior to the countdown for the restart and drivers can move their car forward prior to the countdown for the time remaining recommencing Tks Charlie
  11. Thanks everyone for your replies
  12. I have a RSM Tyre Truer and recently broke the rubber belt between the motor and pulley. Does anyone know where they can be purchased. I have seen them on the Overdrive site in Germany and while the belt is only a few Euros they want 20 euros for postage. Does anyone know of any other supplier Thanks Charlie
  13. Good to hear Pete I luv my Mr Trax track with Magabraid. While we do not run magnets the option to have some downforce when my grandkids are here is great. Glad you were able to source it as it was looking like we may have to experience life without magnetic braid for a while there.
  14. Welcome Phil a lot of knowledgeable people here so ask away if you have questions
  15. Welcome Mark i lot of knowledgeable people here so ask away we always like to see pics of members tracks so don’t be shy post away
  16. Sad to see Gaz unfortunately it is the way of things anyway move forward new state, new house and new track
  17. John I would have thought that you do actually have power to both the track and the sensors prior to race start. When cars are lined up during the countdown for the start of the race you have power to the lanes and power to the sensors.
  18. Dave from Race Co-Ordinator has posted on Slotforum re the problem with the first lap not recording all racers.Below is his quote from Slotforum. “The issue seems to center around trigger a lap after the race screen is entered, but before the race starts. Like if you allow warmup laps or if your finger trips the sensor... You can tell it happens if after the "go" when you cross the S/F line the lap count stays at "--" instead of going to 0. The transition to 0 signifies the reaction time has been registered...For now the easiest workaround is to simply stay clear of the sensors once the race screen is entered. This is only for the very first heat and before the heat starts. After that everything should be fine. If you do trip the sensor after the race screen is entered and before the race starts, you can either restart the heat after the "go" which will fix the problem, or add a lap to the lanes that missed the lap. If you export the race to xls, these missed laps will likely be easy to spot because the driver will end up with a very high reaction time.Unfortunately I don't know when the issue was introduced. I know the bug is in 1.14 but I assume it's been around a lot longer than that because I have not touched the TM interface in about 2 years.We're testing a new beta now that should fix the problem and will release it as soon as possible. Obviously missing a lap is a very big deal so I wanted to make sure TM users were aware of the potential problem.-Dave” Hope this helps those with the problem charlie
  19. You have got to love the Ninco classics great work
  20. tsmsoccer

    Track Number 4

    Hi Chas The latest version of track which is 4 pieces of Mr Trax track is 4.8 meters by 2.4 meters so it fits in one side of my double garage. You cannot really compare a purchased track against a track which is a do it yourself where your costs are only the raw materials your labour is a labour of love so to speak I have built a MDF track in the past but for me at least the biggest advantage of the Mr Trax track is the ability to assemble and fold away in minutes. If you do not have the space to have a track permanently assembled this is really an excellent option. Yes it is not cheap but like everything you get what you pay for and this is a commercial offering. i agree postage can be a killer when it is added to the cost of the track. I know it can be difficult to organise but the last piece of track i ordered a fellow racer who happens to live in the same suburb as me also wanted a track so we ordered together and that reduced the postage costs. If you can organise for a number of deliveries it does help with the postage. Without wanting to make this post an advertising campaign I can tell you the track is very well made and the method Peter uses to connect various pieces is amazing yet so simple. Another advantage to the track is its flexibility the way you can add or remove track sections brilliant. as mentioned the track is heavy and that does not help with postage. “ Regards Charlie
  21. Seems to be a problem with your pics Peter
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