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  1. tsmsoccer

    Track Number 4

    HI Sim as Johnno said I am in Old Bar About 5 of us race every Wednesday get in contact with me and I will call you Charlie
  2. Great looking track thanks for sharing
  3. I was just having a look at the stats for new membership on the forum Last month we had 6 new members join and this month so far we have had 9 new members. Looks like things are picking up with regards new membership Good news Charlie
  4. Welcome to the forum
  5. I have had a NSR Mosler for a while and I recently removed the hot glue all around the motor and chassis and went with the motor screw from the chassis into the long can motor It now runs better than ever
  6. All the best mate tick another one off Stay safe and enjoy the day as best you can under the circumstances Charlie
  7. tsmsoccer

    The Virus

    This topic has been locked due to some inappropriate comments which have been removed
  8. Thanks Lenny I did and the closest seems to be the one for the Fly GTO part 4236
  9. Can anyone advise which is the correct MJK tyre to fit the rear Flyslot Ferrari 250LM as per the pic Having trouble matching one up. They are wider and taller than the standard classic car Thanks Charlie
  10. Your details have been updated Charlie I
  11. Welcome aboard Zack plenty knowledgeable people here so ask away if you need help or conversely post away if you have something to contribute Charlie
  12. Just wondering what everyone is planning to do with their regular slot car gatherings now that we have Social distancing in place. I was having a few regulars around every Wednesday afternoon for a few hours of casual racing, We are all locals in the area and obviously retired hence the Wednesday afternoon. Unfortunately in light of the latest Government announcements and general concern about groups in a confined space we have decided that at least for now we should postpone get togethers Charlie
  13. Welcome Good to see new members enter the forum Plenty of good information and experienced members are always here to offer their knowledge all you need do is ask Charlie
  14. Great work downtowndeco , now I just need to find some cameras and cameramen. Yes Phil, some marshals can me destructive. Ask Charlie (TSMSOCCER.) Someone took out his overpass and controll tower. Bodies everywhere. Charlie was finding them weeks later . I cannot believe you remember that Mel I never did find everything
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