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  1. CHIPS


    .............not in a Falcon
  2. CHIPS

    Slot.it Addiction

    700 cars! I have 120ish slots and I can't imagine what that would even look like or how you would store/present 700 slots!! Cheers Manic ....Holy Toledo.........that sure is a slot-addiction......crikey....where's the doctor!!
  3. CHIPS


    .......fair point too Rob. Its a matter of numbers..... we build around 70,000 engines a year, this new engine plant in New Jersy (might be wrong on location) is geared up to build 1,000,000 units a year of an engine that is already set to pass Euro IV emmision tests. it saves a lot of re-engineering to just use an engine off-the-shelf. I agree, times are tough for us, but I also think the decision to use the US V6 was not made on our shores. I believe the US were looking for someone to use some of its engines since they shut-down around 15 plants in America. The other benefit in using the V6 is there is a Diesel version "physically " the same, so it makes it a lot easier to engineer future Falcons + derivitives for petrol or diesel. ..........rest assured there will most likely be a twin-turbo V6 Falcon coming.
  4. YES....YES! I have had exactly the same thing happen to my Bob Jane Camaro, tried tyres, motor, brush's in the end I thought... maybe it never went as well as I thought. I am glad someone else has had the same thing. Will be watching this thread with interest!
  5. CHIPS


    ...is that so??.....where are they assembling thier 6lite Chevrolet engines nowadays? .......you know, the one that our so-called "same old inline 6" blows away in turbo form
  6. My pet hate car is the scalextric GT40's i have 4 and i can't do a thing with any of them, yet my cousin has 1 and it's a freak I've got a Scaley GT40 Gulf colours, it might be a freak too, but it's the fastest car I have.
  7. CHIPS


    :mallet: Thats looking fantastic steve, I especially love the centre loop section, including the esses. How much diference does Magnabraid make?? Like, i mean can you "feel" the magnetism as you place a car down?...like you can with Sport/Cassic track?....or is it not quite as strong? Appologies if this question has been answered before. You've done a fantastic job :minigun: ...keep up with the updates.
  8. Thanks for that Blue, but I'm going to follow Sidecar's lead and make up my own......I was in the process of upgrading my powersupply anyway.
  9. I don't suppose you made a copy of your wiring diagrame Steve?? ..........if so could you please post it up?
  10. I've had the same thing happen to me, just after I had made a large change to my circuit.......took me hours to find , I assumed it was something I had done, as every joint in my track is soldered underneath :angry2: . luckilly I had a spare powerbase, problem solved :angry2: .
  11. CHIPS

    New 3 Laner Routed

    . ........Keep us all up to date......I promise I'll be paying attention this time!
  12. CHIPS

    New 3 Laner Routed

    :haha: OOpps.....Sorry for not keeping abreast with the curent news. ........fantastic looking track
  13. CHIPS

    New 3 Laner Routed

    Hey Dave, any more updates on this fantastic track? :nice:
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