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  1. I lost 98% of my interest in the V8's when Foxtel, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation and Telstra decided to move to pay per view. Unfortunately not every person has the disposable income to afford pay TV but idiots like Rupert Murdoch and Telstra just don't get it and just don't give a rat's ass about this. As long as they make their millions in advertising gouging and subscriptions. Then we add all this other BS because one brand has more wins than the other and someone doesn't like being the loser they go running of to daddy with dummy spits. GTFU Holden, face facts, you just are not that good as you 'think and believe' you are. We also need to consider that it just isn't about the hardware (cars, tyres, fuel etc) we also need to consider the talent driving the hardware, some drivers just have the knack and are just so simply much better at driving than the losing team. When will everyone be given a trophy just because they competed but still lost, to make them happy feel good and not feel left out they must all be given a trophy like schools, someone and more than one has to be the loser, that is how competition and races work, 1st, 2nd, 3rd the rest are losers with their own placements. I really do not know how much longer the V8 Supercar series has left if they continue down this misguided path that they are on. Simply reading this thread we can see there is discontent amongst fans of this event, it will only continue and grow worse.
  2. Hi Charlie, I also am in Taree and am new to slot cars, mucking around at home with the Scalextric C1374 Digital Platinum set. If you want to catch up sometime for chat, help, tips whatever PM me anytime. fyi, you are the first that I have seen or heard of in Taree. I have spoken to Mal some time back now and he said there are a few who collect and even smaller group who race. Cheers Johnno
  3. The Tekpower PS is variable 30V 10A so thinking this should be variable enough?
  4. Any further updates on peoples Razor truer? I have realised that I do need on. As I have found you can not just attach new tyres and run on RTR cars, you need to round the tyres off. Armchair Racer is retailing the Razor Tyre Truer close to $300 without a power supply. Researching power supplies I have looked at a youtube video for the Tekpower TP3010E Switching Power Supply. Looks like an ok PS. I guessing if I am going to spend $130 AUD on a PS I should really make sure it can have multiple uses rather than just power the truer, again any suggestions?
  5. I was thinking of PVA glue itself just like what I found below. I quickly googled: how can i make thin cardboard stiff and hard and found many results, here is one for PVA glue which sounds cheap option to test on a building. The source url for the PVA glue is: https://www.ehow.com/how_5729545_harden-cardboard.html There is a YouTube video that says she uses Super Glue, I did note there was a change in colour of the cardboard so this would need to be done before painting which brings up the topic of painting once super glue has been applied, will the super glue affect the paint application? There are two things you can try to stiffen cardboard. How to Harden Cardboard By Faith Chandler eHow Cardboard craft furniture, decorations, and even "pepakura" -- or cardboard armor for cosplay events --can be preserved by hardening your cardboard projects. There are a few methods available to accomplish this: Create a shiny surface thorough the application of PVA glue -- basically white "school" glue used in craft projects. Or you can go all out with a coating of fiberglass resin to harden and waterproof cardboard. Things You'll Need PVA glue Brush Plastic cups Newspaper Rubber gloves Safety mask Safety goggles Silicone mat Polyester resin Resin catalyst Apply a PVA Glue Coat 1. Mix one part PVA glue with one part water. Spread out newspaper for your work area. Apply the mixture to the cardboard surface. Allow it to dry to the touch -- about two hours. Apply a second coat of the PVA mixture. Take the time to apply a coat to the underside or inside of your cardboard project too. Allow it to dry to the touch. 2. Mix up two parts PVA glue and one part water. Apply a third coat using the more concentrated PVA glue mixture. Allow the surface to dry to the touch. You should notice the cardboard is also taking on a shiny, plastic-like appearance. 3. Create another mixture of one part PVA glue and one part water. Apply it to the bottom or the interior of the cardboard project. Allow it to completely dry. 4. Mix up a final coat of two parts PVA glue and one part water. Apply it to all surfaces of the project. Allow it to completely dry. You should have a shiny, hard cardboard project.
  6. Thankfully I haven't used PhotoBucket in 15 years that I can recall and from reading these posts about their behaviour and charging decisions I would not recommend PB to anyone today, it just isn't worth the hassle of having to go through the same possibility again of being blackmailed into accessing your photos. PhotoBucket = another tech. company to never do business with.
  7. Can't see photo, photobucket says photo does not exist. Might need to edit posts and insert photo's directly into the posts
  8. Hi, sorry about that, I will be using plastic track Scalextric ARC ONE Pro Platinum C1374. Any suggestions for ply thickness ad timber framing support thickness. Not a routed track system. Thanks for quick reply
  9. Completely new to slot cars and table design and construction and materials recommended. This plastic track (Scalextric ARC ONE Pro Platinum C1374) will be setup and left setup as permanent, as for scenery well I thought so but for now I want to concentrate on the track and the table. Trying to work out what timber and materials I should use to construct the table. MDF or Ply? Thickness? I have uploaded some images of the Ply which I think would be better than MDF as it doesn't fall apart. Just unsure about the thickness of the base board, e.g. 9mm, 12mm, 19mm etc. Not all ply is the same, as you can see in the images provided there is one that has large knots which I don't think will be sufficient for use, I could be wrong on this though. I also am looking at the saw horse/s to mount the table on. Hopefully someone can provide me some direction with this. Thanks Johnno P.S. A quick check on Bunnings.com.au for these items locates the following (included are the url's for the items): Project Panel 900 x 600 x 9mm Premium Grade Radiata Plywood https://www.bunnings...lywood_p0390147 Project Panel 1200 x 600 x 9mm Premium Grade Radiata Plywood https://www.bunnings...lywood_p0390148 Project Panel 1200 x 900 x 7mm Premium Grade Radiata Plywood https://www.bunnings...lywood_p0390149 And the sawhorse to sit the table on: Craftright Folding Bench n' Vice https://www.bunnings...n-vice_p5860871 Craftright Folding Metal Leg Saw Horse https://www.bunnings...-horse_p5710162 Craftright Folding Saw Horse - 2 Pack https://www.bunnings...2-pack_p5828526
  10. New to the slotcar scene, never had one as a kid nor played with one until last weekend, an AFX analog set. Anyhow, I saw a post that contained info. I am interested in also Since i discovered digital slot car racing but now that ive done some in depth research i cant make my mind up on which brand to go with. Im asking for other peoples opinions on what they own and what they like . . . What i want in digital is - Digital - Space, settings: AFX sizing which I think is 1/32 correct? - lane changing - possibility to expand (at a later date) to have some 3 lane sections. - lap counting - race position - pit lane/refueling - fuel meters - ease of conversion (car wise) i can use a soldering iron well - expanded track lanes - PC controlled connectivity - Digital - wireless control Budget, more so need information to make a decision then I will hunt down pricing and work on my budget, I am looking possibly around the $400-$600 any help, advice, opinions are greatly appreciated. Thanks Johnno
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