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  1. Yes those measurements are what mine is sitting at as well (close to anyway), I have a MrTrax routed system which can run 1/24 and 1/32 and I have a few tight corners which is why I am going to have a try and create my own obviously with failures and success (I hope)
  2. The laminate/trim routers are better controlled from my use with them in the past, the full on plunge routers are bulky to some extent. I too am just unsure if the trim/laminate router, I guess I will find out when the bits arrive and have a go hey
  3. yes I have seen many people say you need to do multiple passes on the slot. The trim and laminate routers can be speed controlled, well my Makita one is. As for 1/32 and 1/24 cars you just make the lane spacing wider (again from what I have read, could be wrong)
  4. Chas, what router did you use? I have seen some use those smaller laminate trimmers while others have used a full plunge router setup
  5. Another reason to purchase a proper made bit, less hassles and the right tool for the right job. I certainly would not trust that bit to be accurate now that it has fallen apart, I hope you have a way of making sure it is perfectly straight otherwise it will wobble all over the place
  6. Howdy Grant, yeah I am, I will start with the simplest of things and that will be straights to insert into my MrTrax system. That link you posted is the exact one I bought I managed to grab a routing kit from Greg Gaub, the kit contents are: Track Building Master Kit by Greg Gaub This kit includes the: - Routing Kit (Routing Strip, Routing Guide, Router Base Plate), - Taping Tool (colour may vary) I will use braid rather than copper tape, and - How-To DVD, 2 hours plus. All you need is a router, copper tape, and some nails! Price - $80 Save more than $20! For the next five orders, INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING IS FREE! (this special limit could be sold or ended, please check the site link) The Track Building Master Kit will have you building the race course of your dreams in no time! Each kit includes tip sheets to help with your project. https://www.ggaub.com/slots/wood.shtml I see Greg has one left still at special discounted price, this is what it looks like:
  7. This all comes down to the braid (magnabraid or copper tape) that you have chosen to lay down, if you are using braid, I have worked out the standard is 1/4", you can purchase the slot bit and the braid recess bit from: https://slotcarcorner.com/track-braiding/braid-products-1-4-c209/ as you can see they offer both sizes you mentioned, I measured the braid on my current track and it is 1/4". This from slotcarcorner: Note: We offer braid in two (2) widths - 1/4" and 3/16". The wider 1/4" braid is much more commonplace (commercial tracks have been using it for almost 50 years). Therefore, we recommend the 1/4" braid and related braiding products unless you prefer to use the narrower 3/16" braid. here are further links for 1/4" items: braid roller: https://slotcarcorner.com/Track-Braiding/Braid-Products-1-4-/Deluxe-Braid-Roller-for-1-4-Braid-p38.html slot router bit: https://slotcarcorner.com/Track-Braiding/Braid-Products-1-4-/Straight-Router-Bit-p36.html braid recess bit: https://slotcarcorner.com/Track-Braiding/Braid-Products-1-4-/Special-Router-Bit-for-1-4-Braid-p35.html
  8. Johnno

    Nonno Slot Cars

    Hi Peter I have ordered my club package from Nonnoslot and am still waiting for them to arrive. Strange they are taking so long as they should have been here by now, anyway, this is on my to do list today as I just got out of hospital today. Soon as they arrive I will give them a run and see what is what and report back here.
  9. Johnno

    Nonno Slot Cars

    I have spoken with Syd from WASCRG and they have added the F1 Lexan's to their 2020 line up. Syd is very happy with how they run, reason he chose these cars is they are more robust than normal F1 cars that break easily. Plus when you check out Nonnoslot site they are listed as club cars, even having a Club Car pack of five available. Marco is great to communicate with as well. When I return in few weeks my F1 Lexan's will be waiting for me.
  10. Johnno

    Racing At Old Bar

    Curve section looks nice Charlie. Adds a little more something to the track. How do you like the extension and added length?
  11. Johnno

    Nonno Slot Cars

    Evening Charlie, yeah too much hassle to have to use third party etc. Is all good, people can look up the reference details if they want to. I added that Converter piece onto the track, running two cars on all four lanes makes huge driving difference as you run both directions, clockwise and anti-clockwise, interesting. I will catch up when I return from Sydney around middle of December.
  12. Johnno

    Nonno Slot Cars

    Well after many weeks of procrastination (price point) I have bitten the bullet and purchased some Nonno Slot.It F1 Lexan cars to introduce a new genre of racing to my track rather than racing the Scalextric branded cars that are too fickle and delicate petals that break soon as you breath on them (not Scalextric fault) just these F1's are designed to be raced competition style. Nonno Slot.it The cars are constructed by Marco Guerrieri, aka NonnoSlot. Handcrafted manufacturer of SCL 1:32 racing cars compatible with all types of slots. My models are entirely handmade in Italy. On the Nonnoslot.it site Marco has a Club Solution at reasonable price for five Lexan F1 cars making it easy and cheap to get up and running with your club and cars of choice. All cars contain standard build items: RTR with soft compound tires, Slot it Flat 6R engine from 22,000 rpm, light metal frame, and painted lexan body The cars I have chosen are: (so direct image upload and attachment is still disabled, when will this be enabled? There is no reason to use another third party hosting site. Come on Admins.) Brabham BT50 1982 Riccardio Patrese - top view - Reference: Lexan02 Alfa Romeo 179 Andrea De Cesaris - Reference: Lexan22 Williams 1982 Keke Rosberg - Reference: Lexan06 Renault 1982 Alain Prost - top - Reference: Lexan15 Tyrrell 011 Michele Alboreto - Reference: Lexan13 McLaren MP4/1 Niki Lauda - top - Reference: Lexan08 edit: After nothing but failing to properly run and with zero axle adjustment on these F1 Lexans, I am done with Nonnoslot products. I've reached out to get these sorted including sending them back to get Marco to setup but got a reply to replace one out of five... useless and complete waste of good metal and money. Will be offloading all five Nonnoslot F1 Lexan's, very disappointed
  13. Hi Charlie, here are some that I googled, at least a starting point to get some quotes. Might be helpful if Peter can give weights and dimensions, you also need to advise the courier that the board can not sit flat, nothing stacked on top and must sit on its edge board. https://www.fastway.com.au/ and https://www.fastway.com.au/tools/quick-quote/ https://www.freightseek.com.au/freight-quotes/courier/VIC-to-NSW https://www.transdirect.com.au/ https://www.smartsend.com.au/ https://startrack.com.au/logistics-and-freight/same-day-metro-interstate-courier https://www.packsend.com.au/couriers-freight/courier-services/same-day-delivery/ and https://online.packsend.com.au/PersonalisedQuote/Nos https://www.couriersplease.com.au/service-domestic and https://www.couriersplease.com.au/ship-domestic Here are some Backloaders https://backloadingremovals.com.au/ https://www.airtasker.com/removals/backloading/ https://www.thebackloadingcompany.com.au/ https://discountbackloading.com.au/ Hope this and one of them above can help you.
  14. Johnno

    Racing At Old Bar

    Nice little two lane track Charlie, looks like a hoot to drive. Shall have to get my butt in gear and get over there and have some fun. I enjoyed today's little practice session and car tweaking. That little red Porsche runs great. Another topic, do you know how hard it is to find hex keys this small... there are a few single items, still rare in the size needed let alone trying to find a half decent set.
  15. I see there hasn't been much action for several months, anyway, I read with interest that some people have or had issues with the Trackmate Racing system. Wondering how you got these issues sorted or if you are still working on them. I ask as I am awaiting the arrival of my routed modular track to arrive from Peter at MrTrax.com. I have opted for a full turn-key system as I am new and I simply love the idea of simple and easy expansion of the modular system that Peter produces. As you can see from the short 40 second video by Peter showing the four-lane gantry and PC working currently without issues (also currently).
  16. I'd recommend consideration be given to relocating your threads over to SlotRacer Online, it can be found at: SlotRacer Online
  17. Should be an interesting end of year for you then with the field tests not to forget the busy peak period for everyone.
  18. I would say small steps but that is wrong, the progress you have accomplished in such a short time is simply amazing... you have to be excited with your progress as well.
  19. it loads for me though broken links, everything else simply fails to locate pages, FAQ, Login, Register etc all failing, so it would appear having problems once again. Not sure but I have a feeling I read last week via facebook they are relocating to new server
  20. Simply very impressive work. Following with interest. Great job to get so much to fit on such small area.
  21. I am buying the tyre truer as well which is expected to retail around $300, that is the part that really hurts but hey, it is all turn key
  22. I agree $35 + S&H for something so small is very steep, why it is this much astounded me when I saw that. I can only see near to $5 for the pulley. Yes your reply certainly does help me and has completed my decision to go ahead with the purchase, though $550+ it is a very expensive bit of kit, and only analog to boot for the PS, personal preference would be digital display.
  23. Hi Chas, thanks for that. Would be nice to be able to do this all on forums though, just another step to do. Not hard just annoying. Wonder if it might be advisable for this to be pinned in its own locked thread, Posting Images in Forum Thread/s perhaps an admin might look into this or enable / allow image posting in the forum software. Thanks once again Chas
  24. Check out Armchair Racer in Sydney, here is the url for the Razor Tyre Truer and other related items: https://www.armchair...-box/tyre-truer Here is the suggested/recommended power supply also from Armchair Racer, anyone got one of these and if so how is it? http://www.armchairr...-25amp-0-16-vdc Compact size, high current, variable output and fan cooling make these the ideal power supply to run your slot car track or for your bench. They are protected against thermal overload and short circuit and will display a warning LED in the event of a fault condition. Current and voltage are displayed on separate backlit analogue meters. We recommend this Power Supply for Digital Systems as the voltage is limited to 16v - digital chips cannot take high voltage. Specifications: Input Voltage: AC 90 to 125v or AC 200 to 240v inside selectable (Supplied for Australian Use) Power Output: 360 Watts Voltage output: 0 - 16VDC Variable Maximum Current Output: MP3802 DC 16V 25A - DC 13.8 30A - DC 12V 30A - DC 10.0V 30A - DC 5V 32A - DC 3V 35A DC 2.0V30A - DC 1V 5A Ripple: less than 9mVp-p at rated load Output voltage regulation: Less than 1% Dimensions: 147(W) x 165(D) x 55(H)mm Protection: 1- short protection: it will reduce the output voltage down to 0.1v Amps down to 0.4Amps and the warning led will light up when short condition remove it will automatic restartthe power supply to normal condition. 2- overload protection: same as above 3- over temperature protection: MP3802 has two stage over temperature protection. Output current: MP3802 Max Dc24v 6A DC16V 12 A DC12V 15A DC5V 17.0A DC3V 17.4A DC2V10.0A Model: MP3802 Shipping Weight: 1.5kgs Manufactured by: ELECTUS stupid forums... won't let me insert images nor can I find the information how to do this... oh well. Try the url to go to Armchair Racer direct.
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