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  1. Oh yeah slotters rejoice!!! Full* racing is back!! *Limitations specifically apply to single jabbed racers.

    Easing restrictions at 80% full vaccination
    When NSW gets to 80% double vaccination, restrictions will be eased further. Find out about the roadmap to opening up NSW.




    COVID 80% 1 - When NSW reaches 80% full vacination


    COVID 80% 2 - Visiting Family and Friends


    COVID 80% 3 - Travel and Transport



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  2. On 7/7/2021 at 9:46 PM, trubs said:

    hi im from tuncurry and intrested in having a go as its been yrs since raced slot cars,,could i have sum info on available times and address thanks in advance Ray

    Howdy Ray, 

    Finally found the post I've been looking for, we have spoken on the phone a while back. Now that we are free to mingle, those of us double jabbed at least, you can call in mate when you are next in Taree, I will PM you the address etc.

    Been a life saver having my own track to tinker on and tune some cars. If you have a few cars, bring them along, if not, no foul mate, I've got plenty including controllers that you can use, I've got you covered.


    Shenanigans Raceway


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  3. I agree John with what you say about this hobby and industry is filled with terrific, knowledgeable and helpful people. So far this slot car industry has been the only one that I've come across that are so helpful.

    Not at all good that you have received threats and other crappy comments. I for one have had numerous logging in issues, still do these issues are what have stopped me being active on these forums, having to fight to sign in is a complete PITA so I've moved to other forums that have no issues.

    I do understand there have been upgrades made to the software used here and just see there are small teething issues, I am sure things will return to normal with the forums software.

    You take care John and hope to see you back here or elsewhere, you are a considerable part of slot cars that I read and follow even though I don't say much, I still lurk in the backgrounds reading ;) 

  4. I stumbled across software named Recollector, essentially a database/spreadsheet that you can customise the fields load photo's and print out a hardcopy when needed, even has a phone app that allows me to take my collection with me.

    I've got things setup that it works via a home network as well, something the developer didn't know would work, it does. The trial gives you a limited number of entries, from memory 30, the registration was cheap also


    You can multiple collections setup (registered version) such as coin collection, slot car collection, CD collection can all be created and edited under Recollector

    Quick screen snip showing entries



    The edit entry screen


  5. 1 hour ago, Oldskool62 said:

    @johnno appreciate it big time. 

    I guess a big part of starting this thread was to get a handle of what brands have their strengths in certain categories as well as what strengths some of those "other brands" have. A bit  of a learning 101 exercise into each of the brands. As mentioned I was impressed no end when My friend gave me a Scaleauto to play with and pull down. He rated them highly to the point he put them up there with Thunderslot which he considers just behind NSR and above Slot.it 

    My head spins :)

    Every brand has it's good and bad, even higher rated user brands, there will always be something that needs some attention regardless of cost and popularity.

    Saying that, NSR's, Revoslot, Slot.it, Slotworx can be relied upon to be great cars on the track, out of the box they are steps ahead to get racing. As for learning what's what, how brand A stacks up against brand B, you will see clearly and very fast what is what.

    Take the Scalextric Trans-Am class we race, these cars simply take more work tuning and tweaking things, Scalextric are just pigs out of the box, not as bad as Pioneer cars are even worse than Scalextric to get racing. I've lucked in with my two Trans-Am cars, they both needed tuning as usual, after doing the basics I've managed to have one great car and the other one currently mediocre performance wise. So get your hands on them and decide for yourself.

    The main point you need to remember is the track, plastic vs wood, digital vs analog will all present different issues with setups. You have a major head start than most in this hobby, at least you have the skill to scratch build your cars when most don't, so bringing this skiil set to racing will certainly pay well for you.

    Everyone says tyres are the black art for which this is true, however, brands themselves can fall into this same black arts.



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  6. 6 hours ago, Oldskool62 said:

    @VinnoThanks mate It's a bit like opening a can of worms topic. Thanks for you thoughts as well. Most of the time I get a buzz out of playing with what I put together but now I'd like to go down the rabbit hole a little further. The plan will be join the club and will do as you suggest. I'd like to arm myself with a couple before I get there. 

    Arvo Warren, 

    I will put the cart before the horse, you have the classes and regs. The main idea behind our racing classes and regs is to keep costs as low as possible for everyone, if you don't have a car that meets the regs, that's ok, don't panic, bring what you want to run, there is a very high probability that you can borrow a class car from myself or some one else, we usually bring two of each car class, main runners and the backup cars, soon as we hear you don't have a class car, someone will offer you their backup car.

    We like to keep it very informal, relaxed and fun, yes we take the mickey out of each other all in good humour of course, there are times when someone (me with myself) will have the shits due to their cars breaking down, crap grip, or simply just having a bloody bad day ;)

    Bring along your scratch builds, even if they aren't class cars you can still run them and have fun and learn the different tracks hopefully. You know you have an open door to my track for tuning and testing, all we need now is to get these restrictions lifted so we can get back to group racing.




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  7. On 8/20/2021 at 4:27 PM, tsmsoccer said:

    I have a RSM Tyre Truer and recently broke the rubber belt between the motor and pulley.

    Does anyone know where they can be purchased. I have seen them on the Overdrive site in Germany and while the belt is only a few Euros they want 20 euros for postage.

    Does anyone know of any other supplier 




    Would the belt be similar to the Tyre Razor? I've got a spare belt here if you want to try it for fit. Armchair sells belts for the Tyre Razor


  8. Once I provided the debug files Dave was instantly able to see something amiss, bloody fast response times Dave, way to go mate.

    In testing last night and today the bug appears (for myself at least) even when a race is started with no warmup laps, no items near or under the sensor, I even checked my sensor and gantry alignment with the painted line on the track and they pickup about 5mm into the painted start line so they are aligned very nice.

    I've even placed the cars 100mm back from the start line and sensors, started the countdown, track power cuts in at which point I waited a full five seconds before moving the car (pushing from behind by hand), still missed the first lap.

    As for tripping a sensor before race starts, that can't be the issue neither as there is no power to the track, gantry or sensors until the race starts.

    I've tried to test the .06 beta on a second pc so not to stuff up the racing computer and the .06 beta has failed three times, it installs fine, it loads the database and splines fine, I can select a default installed race profile and the Practice profile, click Start at which point RC errors out and terminates and creates the debug log files, I've even copied the RC configuration from the working RC computer to the test computer following Dave's FAQ on this, which I knows works as I've performed this without issue, same thing, RC errors out, debug files created and terminates.

    I am going to try installing the full .14 release and then perform the .06 beta install on top to see if that works.



  9. On 5/6/2021 at 11:05 PM, kalbfellp said:

    I don’t think Chris frequents this forum now days.

    Doesn't look like it, though would be nice if he came back and updated his post LOL oh well the triage continues on perhaps this thread should be deleted as it is redundant since 2017..


  10. I've reached out to Dave at Race Coordinator, and have provided the debug file, the thing is to continue this triage we have to install the Beta version of RC... don't see why when it is v14 with the issue and when you read the Beta upgrade info you lose all your stats...

    Another issue when you run the debug mode, you need to create the debug file before you do anything else as apparently the log file is written over by doing other RC operations.. so to get this done requires some very specific steps, the biggest and most detrimental is having to install the Beta version that has nothing to do with the currently installed RC version..... what do I/we do, hmmmm


  11. On 5/22/2021 at 12:23 PM, G34 said:

    Our club is using V14.0 of RC.

    We've a strange issue with the first heat of a race failing to register all starters. This ONLY happens on the first lap of any race irrespective of the

    number of heats in the race. I've taken a couple of short videos of the problem and uploaded them to dropbox for download. I don't seem to be able to embed video here.




    The lanes involved are random. Whilst we can manually add laps for the lane(s) effected we'd rather cure the problem.

    As a second query - how can we add latecomers into an existing race?

    Thanks in advance for your collective wisdom. I'll also post on Slotforum just in case.

    Wondering if you got this sorted? Apparently it is occurring on a few other tracks as well?




  12. 20 minutes ago, terry said:

    For me the MrTrax setup is very appealing, I presently have my 3 lane MDF CNC routed track and I love it, but, as the years have gone by I'm finding it more and more difficult to justify the space which my track occupies, mob track is 4.7 x 1.8 and although its a little on the smallish size it has done me well for over10 years or so,


    like others I have seen the MrTrax product on line and did not really appreciate the practicality of the product till now, Seeing Charlies comments and seeing the way he tucks it away when not in use really appeals to me.


    I will be seriously considering jumping on board with Mrtrax, problem is how do I dispose of my present track?

    I was also looking at another manufacturer of tracks in Australia, he just custom makes them and continues on quietly, his tracks are of the permanent type such as yours Terry, so that option to me was not a real winner, though the tracks look amazing.

    When I found Peter and his fully modular and infinitely expandable by adding on extra modules I was blown away, jumped in head first and dropped $10k!!!! As you mentioned about the practicality of MrTrax tracks they sure are that. Even with a stuffed spine and previous spinal fusions I can easily setup or remove a module by myself, though to move them house to house etc, you will need a second person.

    As for disposing of your old track, try slot car shops or forums such as this, there are many out there such as slotracer.online, you could also try in your local newspaper (if it exists) or your local online Community Page, perhaps you could donate it to a Men's Shed or local RFS, SES, charity that they could offer it up for the major prize on a fundraiser drive.

    I can say that once you get a MrTrax track you will never look back other than to ask yourself, why didn't I do this earlier? Peter has the best sales, service and support of any business that I have dealt with in decades... Peter really does stand behind his products. Full disclosure, I don't get paid for talking about his tracks or promoting them nor his business in any way, these tracks are really that awesome. 

    Along with the standard tracks that Peter manufactures, he can also construct your own track design of your choosing!!! WOW indeed hey, reach out to Peter aka MrTrax (mrtrax.com) aka MrSlotcar (mrslotcar.com)

  13. On 3/29/2021 at 3:14 PM, SlotsNZ said:

    You probably wouldn't even see it Johnno - it is quite common to get a stray wire on top when the guide is rotating. Been guilty myself enough times....

    And if it is your braids below the guide plate, shorting across the track braid as you deslot, it's going to be under the car

    If it is someone else's car deslotting, and tracking across your lane - you wouldn't see that either, as you'll be focused on your own.

    If it's someones body screw fallen out and dropped into your slot, and the head shorted your track - you'll find that okay  . . . .  when your car stops dead a part lap later... and YEEEEEP,  had that a couple of times. Snapped a guide holder or two in years gone by.

    I wouldn't see the others controller no as I am not looking in that direction, but the controller does the flash thing that the Slot.it controllers do.

    I do notice the braid short on all cars as the flash/spark is easy to see even in peripheral vision.

    With cars deslotting the car usually shoots across fast and have never seen any flash/spark with these stray cars, yes we have had cars deslot into the other lane and take off under another persons control, these are those WTF!!! moments.

    As for body screws yes you find them the next lap around for sure, we have had quite a few of these as recently as last weeks race multiple times, this is why you should put a small ball of Blu-Tac in the screw hole after attaching body, simple and effective.

    Regarding snapping guides, again we have had quite a few recently for one racer, turns out he has been 3d printing his own guides, they appear to be extremely weak for some reason.

  14. 21 hours ago, G34 said:

    Our club is using V14.0 of RC.

    We've a strange issue with the first heat of a race failing to register all starters. This ONLY happens on the first lap of any race irrespective of the

    number of heats in the race. I've taken a couple of short videos of the problem and uploaded them to dropbox for download. I don't seem to be able to embed video here.




    The lanes involved are random. Whilst we can manually add laps for the lane(s) effected we'd rather cure the problem.

    As a second query - how can we add latecomers into an existing race?

    Thanks in advance for your collective wisdom. I'll also post on Slotforum just in case.

    re your first query, strange, are you jumping the start at all? Try moving the cars back one car length and start a race, you could always do the same on the other side of the start gantry and start a race there.

    RC Contact for Dave: contact@racecoordinator.net

    Tutorials Table of Contents: https://www.racecoordinator.net/raceformats.html

    FAQ's: https://www.racecoordinator.net/faq.html

    When I run laps every other lap (or every third lap) is missed. What is wrong?
    There can be many causes of RC missing laps. The simplest is that the race min lap time is set too high for the track size and type of cars you are running. By default the min lap time is set to 3 seconds. If your lap times are faster than that, they won't be counted and an audio queue will be played instead.
    The min lap time is configurable in the "Expert Race Setup". The ideal value for the setting is at least half your fastest lap time possible, but no more than your fastest possible lap time. So if your fastest possible lap time is 8 seconds, then the min lap time should be set to at least 4, but really should be set to something closer to 7 or 7.5 seconds.

    The next likely cause of missed laps is a sensor/interface issue. Converter cables like parallel to USB can often lead to missed laps. DIY sensor setups may have issues if they're not probably grounded or susceptible to interference or noise on the track. RC provides a debug mode to help troubleshoot such issues. You'll need to go into the Race Day Setup Screen options/preferences menu and enable it. Once enabled you'll need to run laps until the problem occurs then send the logs for my review. Almost without fail, the logs show exactly what you're seeing on the track though, which generally means there's an issue outside the software. For more information and help please visit the Contact page for how to reach me for help.


    Regarding your second query: 

    Race Coordinator Add a late arrival racer to events

    Ok folks. Looking for some guidance on using the Race Coordinator software...
    Is there a way to drop in (add) a new racer to an already in-progress race? 
    We had a situation tonight with an unexpected drop in, but while we could add the user to the race, and he showed up in the list of racers, it never expanded the race or added him to subsequent heats. 
    I'm sure I'm missing something (Hopefully) simple.
    I know track mate let's you do it very intuitively, but I really love trackmate, stats, screens, etc. 
    Any help is appreciated! Pic shows poor Jeff with zero laps.

    We've had to for this a few Times, its not too bad. Here's a summarized procedure:
    A racer arriving after the start of the race can be added IF there is still at least one racer who has not run in a heat yet. If the last racer’s fist heat has started, that heat can be restarted, and a racer can then be added.
    1. Allow existing heat to complete, or restart heat
    2. From “Race Director” menu, select “Modify Heat”
    3. Add late arriving driver (one at a time) to bottom of list of “Drivers Racing” list.
    4. Click “Automate”. Repeat step 3 and 4 for each driver added.
    5. Click “Validate”. Fix errors if they appear on screen otherwise…
    6. Click “Accept”. You will return to the “Race Day” screen from where you started.
    This presumes you're using round robin or friendly round robin.

    the method of adding the driver to the bottom of the list only works if you are using a straight rotation and have very specific settings. If you use anything other than a straight rotation the driver list draws from the bottom first, and will likely completely reorganize your heats

  15. 16 minutes ago, charlesx said:


    Sorry if you have posted before but can you give me basic dimensions of your earlier rectangular track and now size of "L" shaped one. Also if not being to rude a rough order of costs for both. We have been investigating some of these impressive offerings in NZ but unfortunately transport costs are very high. Some have already been sold to NZ though.

    While we Kiwis are a bunch of DIYers I see these tracks as a good starting point for attracting new slotties. While they may seem expensive a plastic track of same size would set you back a few pennies.

    Regards Chas Le Breton (charlesx)

    Howdy Chas, 

    For pricing you need to contact Peter Van Horssen at Mrtrax (mrtrax.com) just a vague memory of a conversation with Peter. I think sent a track to NZ 

    Online Contact Form: https://www.mrslotcar.com/contact

    Video: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1980612378848941

    track details which include the footprint and lane lengths: https://www.mrslotcar.com/mr-trax

    As for plastic track being cheaper, it actually isn't, not here in Australia at least. And as for the tracks by Peter beng a startng point, they are much, much more than that, they can be utilised in a commercial environment also, the lane centers are 100mm therefor 1:24 scale cars can be utilised as well as 1:32 scale.




    I am a part of a small group of guys that race every Wednesday around the Taree, Old Bar and Forster area. I would like to get some evenings or weekend racing happening, if you are interested, please reach out for a chat.

    Location: Taree, NSW, 2430 on the Mid North Coast, my private home 4-Lane MrTrax track is named 'Shenanigans Raceway'

    Shenanigans Raceway
    1:24 and 1:32 Scale Commercial Slot Car track

      - silly or high-spirited behaviour; mischief.
      - secret or mischievious activity or manoeuvring
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Australian Slot Car Group (ASCG) - all things Slot Cars
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/australianslotcars
    MeWe: https://mewe.com/group/602df47a35036302d92ad592
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    NSW Slot Car Group (NSWSCG)
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/nswslotcargroup
    MeWe: https://mewe.com/group/602df55d123eb774f9b52594
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    slotracer.online Library

    slotracer.online Index of tracks and track plans

    The Complete Slot Racing Handbook

    The Scalextric Digital ARC PRO Guide
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

    Peter Van Horssen

  16. 11 hours ago, Nonfractal said:

    Something no one has mentioned.

    Has the plug on the offending controller been checked?

    There could be debris or flyaway wire fragments causing problems inside the plug.


    I did mention at the time the controller might need some cleaning in a broad sense of the word. I can't see the controller having any broken/shorting wires as the owners look after their gear exceptionally well, will mention this next week.

    Thanks Alan

  17. 3 hours ago, Oldskool62 said:

    @JohnnoI'll see how I go but this one will be a mercy dash. Dropping off a load and back to Sydney. I got my latest slot car arrivals a Bob Jane Camaro, javelin, NASCAR charger and dick Johnson falcon to bring to their new home and meet the rest of the bunch. :)

    Mate I am over the moving but the finish line is close and the journey is almost over. 

    That's all good heads up it is raining up this way. What comes next is the unpacking, at least with that you can do a few beers and pizza on the first night :)

    Those cars are very nice, if Scalextric they will take quite some tuning to get to stay on the track, probably you know already. Bet you are hanging to get your track going, just got to get that shed hey

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  18. 4 hours ago, Oldskool62 said:

    @johnno coming up this weekend with another load. We should be on on the 29th June. Cannot wait and thanks for reaching out.


    Great to see, like I mentioned if you have five and want to call in to check things just say so, I'm not going anywhere, my back won't let me :mellow:

    sounds like you are making a bit of a mess like all moving entails, bet you are getting over the move fast :D


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