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  1. Thanks Shaynus and Charlie, not the neatest but something different for the track, got a few other buildings to do and some other minor scenic details for 2022, still keeping it as a racing track
  2. Hi Charles, You might find the Track Library at slotracer.online very helpful, I've posted the link specifically for the 1:24 routed tracks as you mentioned you are looking at: https://slotracer.online/track-plans/routed/index.html While the full Track Library link is: https://slotracer.online/track-plans/index.html I went for a full modular MrTrax setup, terrific track design and being modular you can change the design with some extra modules weekly if you desired. mrtrax.com Johnno
  3. Start Gantry & Tower Part One: Modifications, surface preparation, paint station and perspex installation. I've had the Gantry Walkway and Control Tower MDF kit from ProScaleRacing now for a little over two years and couldn't work out if it would fit correctly with my track, I bought it for the Scalextric track, finally got stuck in and worked on it. As I stuffed up previously gluing it before I painted it, I had to do a partial dismantle of the the gantry and tower, wasn't too hard, a couple of dabs of water on the PVA glued tabs, some gentle persuasion with a craft knife and the couple of sections came away fairly easy. The walkway had to be cut in half so I could insert a 65mm section so it would extend across the four lanes of my track, I think it turned out ok. From there I utilised a sheet of perspex I found in the gutter about a year ago, there was no window plastic included with the PSR kits for some silly reason, major oversight, I spent the better part of the day cutting the perspex to fit, the hardest being the control tower race control box as the perspex needed to the cut on a 5 degree angle, I simply used my sliding compound saw to do the cutting, started doing it manually then got the saw setup correctly for the angle cuts, sooo much easier LOL, with some very close finger holding at the saw blade.... some very strong concentration was needed for this dangerous job. I know what it's like to have a digit ripped off, when I was 13 I was helping my uncle get his powerboat out of the river, I was screwing the D-shackle bolt in when the bloke jumped on the tractor with wet feet, no rubber on the pedals, his foot slipped off the clutch, the boat trailer and tractor went forward, the boat stayed put, the D-shackle corkscrewed itself around my right thumb, completely lacerating it off... damn it all to hell and back... I felt nothing when it happened, just grabbed my thumb and ran to mum, then the pain hit.. that was the last year the power boat event was run :( I decided to keep things simple colour wise so I went with an all over gloss white, Sky Blue for the window trims and Machinery Grey for the roof tops. From there I decided to add a Falcon car and the SR lettering to the very top of the Control Tower, I loaned the brand new car to another racer to do some vacuum forming and the forming heat actually destroyed the car body some, so that was reassigned to the Control Tower roof Part Two: LED installation and on track test Some months back I stumbled across some LED lights with the USB-A connector already on, these could be cut down to size also, before this find I found some LED lights online that included the right angle and connector items which came in handy, with both the combinations I was able to run two strips of lights glued to the roof of the walkway and both down and up the Control Tower adding light to the entire structure, the excess LED strip I wound up and placed inside the center support posts to add bit of ambient light to the Control Tower race control area. Next is to add the Start / Finish signage and some track side signage to the Control Tower as well to break things up a little. The entire item is in-situ on the track and looks quite good.
  4. Wood also. Will get better tyres, something has changed as this isn't the only pair or packet of MJK tyres throwing out weird results
  5. Having just replaced tyres with MJK's I have to say I am not at all impressed with the grip provided, worse than the original tyres that came with the car, a Slot.it Maserati. The reason for replacing the tyres was to get wider wheels and tyres over the original skinny wheels and tyres. I've decided to sell all my MJK tyres that are new and unopened. For Sale MJK Tyres ALL NEW in original packaging as supplied. PM please if want. NO Holds Payment Options, details provided at time of sale: PayID, PayPal Family & Friends, PayPal Standard +50cents each *MJK #4213 only TWO tyres half retail price. MJK #4209 $13.50 + Postage Australia ONLY Scalextric F1 Early Model MJK #4213 *two tyres only, $6.75 + Postage Australia ONLY To Suit Slot.it 20x10 MJK #4213 $13.50 + Postage Australia ONLY Two packets available To Suit Slot.it 20x10 MJK #4809 $13.50 + Postage Australia ONLY Two packets available To suit Revoslot Porsche 911, Marcos etc. Air system MJK #4813 $13.50 + Postage Australia ONLY Two packets available To suit Revoslot Viper, Supra, GT1, Ferrari, etc. Air system 11.5mm image for illustration purposes only of MJK product branding
  6. Oh yeah slotters rejoice!!! Full* racing is back!! *Limitations specifically apply to single jabbed racers. Easing restrictions at 80% full vaccination When NSW gets to 80% double vaccination, restrictions will be eased further. Find out about the roadmap to opening up NSW. https://www.nsw.gov.au/covid-19/easing-covid-19-restrictions/80-percent?utm_source=ServiceNSW_Consumer&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2021-10-15_sfmc_576_con_covid_newsletter&utm_content=80_percent_roadmap&utm_term=see_updated_rules_button COVID 80% 1 - When NSW reaches 80% full vacination COVID 80% 2 - Visiting Family and Friends COVID 80% 3 - Travel and Transport
  7. Howdy Ray, Finally found the post I've been looking for, we have spoken on the phone a while back. Now that we are free to mingle, those of us double jabbed at least, you can call in mate when you are next in Taree, I will PM you the address etc. Been a life saver having my own track to tinker on and tune some cars. If you have a few cars, bring them along, if not, no foul mate, I've got plenty including controllers that you can use, I've got you covered. Johnno Shenanigans Raceway
  8. I agree John with what you say about this hobby and industry is filled with terrific, knowledgeable and helpful people. So far this slot car industry has been the only one that I've come across that are so helpful. Not at all good that you have received threats and other crappy comments. I for one have had numerous logging in issues, still do these issues are what have stopped me being active on these forums, having to fight to sign in is a complete PITA so I've moved to other forums that have no issues. I do understand there have been upgrades made to the software used here and just see there are small teething issues, I am sure things will return to normal with the forums software. You take care John and hope to see you back here or elsewhere, you are a considerable part of slot cars that I read and follow even though I don't say much, I still lurk in the backgrounds reading
  9. I stumbled across software named Recollector, essentially a database/spreadsheet that you can customise the fields load photo's and print out a hardcopy when needed, even has a phone app that allows me to take my collection with me. I've got things setup that it works via a home network as well, something the developer didn't know would work, it does. The trial gives you a limited number of entries, from memory 30, the registration was cheap also You can multiple collections setup (registered version) such as coin collection, slot car collection, CD collection can all be created and edited under Recollector Quick screen snip showing entries The edit entry screen
  10. Johnno

    Different Brands

    Every brand has it's good and bad, even higher rated user brands, there will always be something that needs some attention regardless of cost and popularity. Saying that, NSR's, Revoslot, Slot.it, Slotworx can be relied upon to be great cars on the track, out of the box they are steps ahead to get racing. As for learning what's what, how brand A stacks up against brand B, you will see clearly and very fast what is what. Take the Scalextric Trans-Am class we race, these cars simply take more work tuning and tweaking things, Scalextric are just pigs out of the box, not as bad as Pioneer cars are even worse than Scalextric to get racing. I've lucked in with my two Trans-Am cars, they both needed tuning as usual, after doing the basics I've managed to have one great car and the other one currently mediocre performance wise. So get your hands on them and decide for yourself. The main point you need to remember is the track, plastic vs wood, digital vs analog will all present different issues with setups. You have a major head start than most in this hobby, at least you have the skill to scratch build your cars when most don't, so bringing this skiil set to racing will certainly pay well for you. Everyone says tyres are the black art for which this is true, however, brands themselves can fall into this same black arts. Johnno
  11. You have to bring your cars back for tuning. Doors open Warren when this stay at home is removed or relaxed we can get some track time for the cars and yourself Was great putting a face to the name.
  12. Johnno

    Different Brands

    Arvo Warren, I will put the cart before the horse, you have the classes and regs. The main idea behind our racing classes and regs is to keep costs as low as possible for everyone, if you don't have a car that meets the regs, that's ok, don't panic, bring what you want to run, there is a very high probability that you can borrow a class car from myself or some one else, we usually bring two of each car class, main runners and the backup cars, soon as we hear you don't have a class car, someone will offer you their backup car. We like to keep it very informal, relaxed and fun, yes we take the mickey out of each other all in good humour of course, there are times when someone (me with myself) will have the shits due to their cars breaking down, crap grip, or simply just having a bloody bad day Bring along your scratch builds, even if they aren't class cars you can still run them and have fun and learn the different tracks hopefully. You know you have an open door to my track for tuning and testing, all we need now is to get these restrictions lifted so we can get back to group racing. Johnno
  13. Most cars and axles you can use small grub screws. What car so we might be able to offer more things to try
  14. Would the belt be similar to the Tyre Razor? I've got a spare belt here if you want to try it for fit. Armchair sells belts for the Tyre Razor
  15. Hi mate, here are the measurements that you require to buy tyres for your wheels/rims You will be best to use Vernier Calipers
  16. So 11 years on and what is the verdict?
  17. So everything is going great with the .7 release? I've been playing around with it and appears to be all good though I've not yet had a proper race event per say.. Not overly concerned if the reported bug has been cleared more about operability.
  18. Once I provided the debug files Dave was instantly able to see something amiss, bloody fast response times Dave, way to go mate. In testing last night and today the bug appears (for myself at least) even when a race is started with no warmup laps, no items near or under the sensor, I even checked my sensor and gantry alignment with the painted line on the track and they pickup about 5mm into the painted start line so they are aligned very nice. I've even placed the cars 100mm back from the start line and sensors, started the countdown, track power cuts in at which point I waited a full five seconds before moving the car (pushing from behind by hand), still missed the first lap. As for tripping a sensor before race starts, that can't be the issue neither as there is no power to the track, gantry or sensors until the race starts. I've tried to test the .06 beta on a second pc so not to stuff up the racing computer and the .06 beta has failed three times, it installs fine, it loads the database and splines fine, I can select a default installed race profile and the Practice profile, click Start at which point RC errors out and terminates and creates the debug log files, I've even copied the RC configuration from the working RC computer to the test computer following Dave's FAQ on this, which I knows works as I've performed this without issue, same thing, RC errors out, debug files created and terminates. I am going to try installing the full .14 release and then perform the .06 beta install on top to see if that works. Johnno
  19. Doesn't look like it, though would be nice if he came back and updated his post LOL oh well the triage continues on perhaps this thread should be deleted as it is redundant since 2017..
  20. I've reached out to Dave at Race Coordinator, and have provided the debug file, the thing is to continue this triage we have to install the Beta version of RC... don't see why when it is v14 with the issue and when you read the Beta upgrade info you lose all your stats... Another issue when you run the debug mode, you need to create the debug file before you do anything else as apparently the log file is written over by doing other RC operations.. so to get this done requires some very specific steps, the biggest and most detrimental is having to install the Beta version that has nothing to do with the currently installed RC version..... what do I/we do, hmmmm
  21. Hmmm okay, I will see what my system does during the weekend and possibly next weeks racing also Thanks
  22. Wondering if you got this sorted? Apparently it is occurring on a few other tracks as well? Cheers Johnno
  23. Johnno

    Track Number 4

    I was also looking at another manufacturer of tracks in Australia, he just custom makes them and continues on quietly, his tracks are of the permanent type such as yours Terry, so that option to me was not a real winner, though the tracks look amazing. When I found Peter and his fully modular and infinitely expandable by adding on extra modules I was blown away, jumped in head first and dropped $10k!!!! As you mentioned about the practicality of MrTrax tracks they sure are that. Even with a stuffed spine and previous spinal fusions I can easily setup or remove a module by myself, though to move them house to house etc, you will need a second person. As for disposing of your old track, try slot car shops or forums such as this, there are many out there such as slotracer.online, you could also try in your local newspaper (if it exists) or your local online Community Page, perhaps you could donate it to a Men's Shed or local RFS, SES, charity that they could offer it up for the major prize on a fundraiser drive. I can say that once you get a MrTrax track you will never look back other than to ask yourself, why didn't I do this earlier? Peter has the best sales, service and support of any business that I have dealt with in decades... Peter really does stand behind his products. Full disclosure, I don't get paid for talking about his tracks or promoting them nor his business in any way, these tracks are really that awesome. Along with the standard tracks that Peter manufactures, he can also construct your own track design of your choosing!!! WOW indeed hey, reach out to Peter aka MrTrax (mrtrax.com) aka MrSlotcar (mrslotcar.com)
  24. I wouldn't see the others controller no as I am not looking in that direction, but the controller does the flash thing that the Slot.it controllers do. I do notice the braid short on all cars as the flash/spark is easy to see even in peripheral vision. With cars deslotting the car usually shoots across fast and have never seen any flash/spark with these stray cars, yes we have had cars deslot into the other lane and take off under another persons control, these are those WTF!!! moments. As for body screws yes you find them the next lap around for sure, we have had quite a few of these as recently as last weeks race multiple times, this is why you should put a small ball of Blu-Tac in the screw hole after attaching body, simple and effective. Regarding snapping guides, again we have had quite a few recently for one racer, turns out he has been 3d printing his own guides, they appear to be extremely weak for some reason.
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