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  1. Well a bit late for posting Racing Results for 9th September 2020, better late than never I guess. Well what an afternoon of racing we had at Paul's Undara Circuit. Sadly Geoff couldn't make the race meet so we persevered on with five of us for the afternoon. Day progressed well with several guides being snapped once again by Paul. Johnno managed to write off a chassis with the guide mount completely breaking on his Slot.it Lola LMP, after checking online new chassis is $11 + postage, so I decided to part the car out for spares and complete the setup of another car. Ninco 1 Leaderboard Ninco 1 Podium 1st: Charlie 2nd: Paul 3rd: Lindsay Trans-Am Leaderboard Trans-Am Podium 1st: Paul 2nd: Charlie 3rd: Lindsay GT International Leaderboard GT International Podium 1st: Paul 2nd: Charlie 3rd: Lindsay Slot.it Group C Leaderboard Slot.it Group C Podium 1st: Johnno 2nd: Lindsay 3rd: Joe LMP Leaderboard LMP Podium 1st: Paul 2nd: Charlie 3rd: Lindsay Revo Leaderboard Revo Podium 1st: Charlie 2nd: Paul 3rd: Lindsay
  2. September 2, 2020 Well the afternoon didn't start at all well, had some issues with track call not cutting power to track when used, worked out that the power was not actually connected for some reason duh and doh!!, we could hear the solinoid working, that sorted then the cars were stuttering and carrying on, like what the hell now... worked out that when four cars and four Slot.it controllers active and four cars, there was not enough Amps, turning up the Amps fixed this and finally away racing we went. Practice entailed allowing racers to sort out what cars they wanted to run in the five classes. With racing eventually kicking off a little behind schedule starting with: Ninco 1's, As usual with a long straight most of the Ninco's were at maximum power straight out of the corner so the racing was going to be won on the cornering and chicane. Ninco 1 Leaderboard Ninco 1 Podium 1st: Paul 2nd: Charlie 3rd: Lindsay LMP's, Photo's weren't taken for this due to being in too much of a rush to start next race. Oh well. GT3 International's These beauties presented and raced well. Deslotting happening fairly constant. GT International Leaderboard GT International Podium 1st: Paul 2nd: Charlie 3rd: Lindsay Slot.it's, Photo's weren't taken for this due to being in too much of a rush to start next race. Oh well. Revo stock standard, Being the first time for racing on Johnno's track they traded well and were very well suited to the entire track from the long straight to the hard corners and overpass they ran great. Paul for some reason was some what out if sorts having more deslots than I've ever seen him have, he said he was trying too hard... yeah ok, try hard Johnno (me) saw a remarkable improvement in car control and fewer than normal deslots, racing my own race (as Paul keeps telling me to do) taking out several podium positions, third place, but still I got to see the podium. Charlie started great but had some grip issues early on with one car. Which was sorted. Jeff and Joe drove great throughout all the classes with both having that "laid back, hands crossed, one handed controller pose" I think Joe had his maiden race with his Revo (nice Malboro livery) and really hadn't done much tuning, I suggested he install his wood guide and true both front and rear tyres Car damage was none, though there were two guides broken during the day, the first door Johnno's track. It is great having a variety of experienced racers in the group with Charlie and Paul the most competitive between themselves Revo Leaderboard Revo International Podium 1st: Paul 2nd: Charlie 3rd: Johnno Trans-Am Trans-Am Leaderboard Trans-Am International Podium 1st: Charlie 2nd: Paul 3rd: Johnno
  3. New MJK Catalogue 1:24 and 1:32 June 2020 available for download from http://www.mjkeng.com/cat20.htm Available for purchase from MrSlotcar https://www.mrslotcar.com/mjk
  4. PM'd you mate and also edited the original post. Well with three hours of using the controller omg.... what a huge difference, such a pleasure to use and race with, don't even know I am holding the unit besides being connected to one spot... if only they were wireless... food for thought perhaps Steve? regardless once I started playing around with the brake setting and removing magnets from cars that I thought were already magnet free they track was a pleasure to run. Thanks to Paul who turned up and got things moving along and suggestions, appreciate them all and your time and experience.
  5. Well, I jumped in and managed to locate a TruSpeed MTII Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) controller in Australia from Atomic Slotcars, pricing as of July 9th 2020 was $299 + Plug + P&H contact Johnny at Atomic Slotcars directly on +61 416 095 583 Simple intuitive controls on the MT II make it easy to use and quick to adapt to your racing style, car, and track conditions. Features Dual Polarity Power Option (Current rating of 8A peak and 3A running), Plug-in Replaceable Power Drive Board, Supplied with the V.10 Contact Board with multiple mode options, 36 step wiper element and 9 point contact Stainless Steel Wipers, PWM Drive and Brake Control, Switchable Power Coasting Feature allowing simulated Braking for cars that stop quickly even with no brakes applied, Brake adjustment, Acceleration Control, Sensitivity adjustment, Trigger return spring tension adjustment, User-Changeable Single and Double Finger Trigger, Fuse for over-current protection, LED (Power ON and goes off to show full power delivered to your car), High Current Positive (positive wired tracks), Launch Button,
  6. Howdy there PR. Thanks mate, got to love the MrTrax system. If you are in Taree anytime and want to place a few laps feel free to reach out (PM sent). I am trying to get some racing happening. I've not been able to make it out Charlie at Old Bar as yet which is driving me crazy... The track is positive wired so feel free to bring along your controller and any cars.
  7. Well, surprise, surprise.. my parcel from Carrera arrived 40 minutes ago. Got to say that is damn fast and so much better than what happened with the Slotcar Corner parcel, which eventually arrived (that was not Slotcar Corner's fault, it was the USPS at fault there) So June 22 posted to completed delivery July 07 a total of ten days, absolutely wow Well done USPS about time you got your act together, I wonder if that would have anything to do with Insurance Claims lodged against them for non-delivery and not supplying the services to which they have charged for, I know I claimed against them and got my freight charges reimbursed 100%, hopefully lessons learnt at the USPS
  8. As Charlesx mentioned about a hole in the middle could be handy and can be utilised as a marshalling point on your track, sort like a man hole similar to that in your house ceiling, once you are in there you stay there, you can also utilise this as a drivers station. I've seen those grabbers in use and they do slow the racing down quite considerably and can be finicky to utilise, each to their own though. Again, as Charlesx mentioned comes down to your height, which is very important with children if they will be utilising your track. I have seen some decent tracks with triple levels running along and around the walls which could be another possibility if you are after track length and something different. When implementing cross-overs, bridges they do offer up in turn blind spots so keep this in mind when implementing these. As I mentioned, lay down the track loosely (don't connect together) then get an idea of what you have got, both track wise and space wise, kind of works.
  9. Hi Mick, The only real things you need to consider is reachability (access) for deslotted cars to grab them and put them back in the slot. I suggest you start with the suggested track designs in the manual and go from there, this is really the only way to do it. Once you lay out and connect the track you get some sense of the real size and room requirements. You might find the corners will be limited and extremely tight as well with that available space that you have, regarding those measurements, are they 2700 (L) x 1800 (W)? You might also wish to visit: https://slotracer.online/category/track-plans/ and check out possible track plans for more inspiration Johnno
  10. I've made tentative arrangements for tomorrow afternoon to get it back up stairs as it might be another two or more months before it gets replaced so might as well get into having some fun. Your all welcome I've also recently ordered a TruSpeed MTII controller so will be good to get that and really get into things. Hope are well out there. edit July 3: the track modules are all back upstairs with many appreciated thanks to Noel. Even changed things around to get another track design.
  11. Shenanigans Raceway (SR) dictionary definition: mischievousness or high-spirited behaviour / secret manoeuvring Well I think I have decided on a name for my track, this is a full Four Lane 1:24 scale modular MrTrax system with full timing system. Love the idea of infinitely expandable track by buying extra modules, unclip, move around, install and clip in new module. I can also take these modules to another track, e.g. yours, and combine all our modules into a mega track.. awesome idea I think. MrTrax website and MrSlotcar website. Highly recommend Peter Van Horssen and both his businesses Mrtrax.com and MrSlotcar.com. 200% professional business operator that provides exceptional products, service and after sales support. You can not go wrong. Shenanigans Raceway (SR) Logo These last two images showing the special converter module that converts the Super Four Lane track into a Mega Two Lane track...
  12. As Matt suggested, go and grab some Inox oil, on top of wiping the entire length of rails down I place a small drop on each braid of a car and run that around the track several times, I usually repeat this process with all the cars I am running which will collect any small amount of Inox oil off the rails then repeat wiping the rails with clean lint free cloth, I have found this works great. As you said also about doing some general maintenance on the car, braids, greasing gears and pinions, tiny drop of Inox on the motor shaft on each end of the can and axles. Adding a drop of Inox to the car braid is an easy way to oil up and clean the rails as well as the braids of the cars. I've actually found doing the maintenance on the cars in complete silence is rather therapeutic
  13. Well it would appear the USPS are actively working on moving packages about, below is the history for one package from Carrera, with the earliest at the bottom and the latest update at the top. Tracking History June 27, 2020, 12:22 pm Departed CHICAGO, UNITED STATES Your item departed a transfer airport in O'HARE INTERNATIONAL, CHICAGO, UNITED STATES on June 27, 2020 at 12:22 pm. The item is currently in transit to the destination. June 27, 2020, 4:52 am Arrived CHICAGO, UNITED STATES June 26, 2020, 7:29 pm Processed Through Regional Facility CHICAGO IL INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION CENTER June 26, 2020 In Transit to Next Facility June 25, 2020, 5:17 pm Arrived at USPS Regional Facility CHICAGO IL INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION CENTER June 25, 2020, 5:17 pm Arrived at Regional Facility CHICAGO IL INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION CENTER June 23, 2020, 9:06 pm Departed USPS Facility SAINT PAUL, MN 55131 June 23, 2020, 9:00 pm Arrived at USPS Facility SAINT PAUL, MN 55131 June 23, 2020, 5:02 pm Departed Post Office BUFFALO, MN 55313 June 23, 2020, 2:16 pm USPS picked up item BUFFALO, MN 55313 June 22, 2020, 8:40 pm Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item BUFFALO, MN 55313
  14. Interesting this topic has come up, I've recently had a new Scalextric pre-order arrive, so the product was not at all old, what I noticed were the tyres were all flat spotted from the car being over tightened down inside the case. I checked the other three different models and they were the exact same, all tyres were flat spotted. I can understand why the cars are screwed down so hard for shipping but heck, hard enough to cause flat spotting is bit too far I think. Since this, I have gone through the entire boxed collection and backed off this retaining screw underneath, hopefully in avoiding any further flat spotting.
  15. I would advise Armchair Racer immediately of this situation so they can raise a complaint with their courier. Interesting you say that AusPost sent your parcel to another suburb and completely different address. Mine last week was dropped off to the local computer store across the road... I was like WTF.. I was home expecting the delivery as per AusPost text about coming parcel. If I and the shop were not so honest, I could have made a claim against Australia Post for non delivery of parcel which was insured for substantial amount. Lazy bastards still have the balls to price gouge on shipping costs then they can't even deliver it to the correctly addressed address. I have lodged a formal complaint against Australia Post with the ACCC and Australia Post complaints department, basically this is considered fraudulent behaviour by the ACCC, charging for a service that is not being provided. I suggest and recommend that everyone that has had similar occur also report this.
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