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  1. Frost

    My First Carrera Cars.

    Appreciate the feedback guys. At our little club in Launceston we frequently run a Flyslot Le man Gp5 class and I have been thinking about getting the carrera VW beetle gp 5 that they just came out with; maybe swapping in a fly motor to ensure parity. I might have to take the plunge. Thanks!
  2. Frost

    My First Carrera Cars.

    Can I ask people what the general consensus is on Carrera, now? Trawling around the net you find people who bag carrera, others that say they're ok... This is probably one of those 'go round in circles, everyone has an opinion' type questions so apologies if that's the case... it would be good to know that given their massive range, the cars they are bringing out these days, hold up well without a bachelor's degree in slot car tuning. I was hoping that modern carrera cars might run against scaley or fly on routed tracks.
  3. I appreciate everyone's input here, thanks heaps. People often say to cut the mask directly on the model and I've never tried, I guess it's worth a try. I have both the standard type blade as well as curved; would curve work better I wonder? I did have a go at the brush painting but I didn't mark the line first,I think I was just getting bloody angry and desperate at that point, I could try to do it again properly. I'm learning that you can't try to do any of this stuff when you're uptight or in a rush. The fact is, I'd say that on at least 2 occasions it was done to standard that would pass inspection from 2-3 feet away, but I couldn't accept it. With my modelling ability I should learn to accept anything that looks passable from 2-3 metres away. Oh well, I suppose this is how people get good at this sort of thing. Needless to say, if it doesn't come up all that well, it won't be because of Stubbo's decals... as crisp as a packet of unopened chips, they are. Cheers and thanks again
  4. Thanks everyone for the tips, I appreciate it. I was thinking of just doing all the other details and forgetting the wheel arches but looking at the real car again (thanks Ember) I can tell I'd be disappointed. I need to improve my ability with masking. Thanks again
  5. How would you mask those wheel arches Ember, tell me pleaaassee!! I think I may need to go back to the frisket tape (actually not proper frisket but more like a less thick and less tacky version of 'contact' book covering vinyl... relevant?). Geez it's a damn beautiful car eh?
  6. Hi everyone, I have a scaley XB falcon and bougt some debals from Auslot member Stubbo to do the car up ast the 1975 John Goss Bathurst. I'm a bit ordinary when it comes to computes so I don't know how to insert a picture of the original here! It's a magnificent beast, a base of white with 'Goss' blue on the bonnet and boot, and a strip of blue along the length of each side, down low. The problem for me is that the strip of blue also runs neatly around each wheel arch. Oh man, have I been through hell with this part. Seriously it has been months and as I write this I am again sanding it back and starting all over again... I've tried several techniques over and over a few times now: putting clear frisket tape over the how section, marking it out with a pen, carefully cutting then appying then airbrushing... the dimensions are out, I must keep marking it slightly wrong. Once I took the mask off I decided to try and kind of shape it and remove excess with gentle sanding/ scraping just too harsh on the paint and leaves the white damaged (and re-painting the white can take forever...). Today in frustration I kind of just attempted to paint it freehand and that didn't get the job done either. I was stupid though; didn't mark it with a pencil first. That's gonna be the next strategy, the last before total abandonment I reckon. Is there a way, that anyone knows of? Cheers
  7. Loos excellent in the photo; I guess that blue shines up even better to the naked eye. I got some decals from Stubbo last week and have started work on my John Goss 1974 Bathurst XB.
  8. Frost

    Scaleauto 2014 Catalog

    The BMW with the Japanese manga stuff on it looks a bit like one they had proposed to release in 2013 (but never did, from memory)... I like it, I hope it actually comes out. We have a new bloke at our club in Launceston who bought a scaleauto bnw z4 to run in our modern nsr class - its improving from week to week as he tunes it (he conmes from a 1/24 background so he's picking it up fast) and seems to have enough toe to race against the nsr's. I was wondering if other clubs find that scaleauto is about parity with nsr's (those with the smaller motors obviously)? Cheers
  9. Excellent! ThanksPhil, I'll be looking into inkscape very soon.
  10. Phil can you recommend a program for printing decals? I am interested in learning to do this and I've been meaning to look into getting an older (ie cheaper) Photoshop version but I'll take any advice I can get. Cheers; Wayne Frost
  11. I was wondering how those full siding-type arrangements look; I haven't done a lot of modelling and my experience with decals has been limited to smaller sponsor logos being cut out and applied to a body you have to pre-paint yourself. That's a quality finish I reckon; especially given it was done in a day. Thanks for showing it. Phil - thanks for mentioning Stubbo, I've since had email contact with him and will hopefully be driving around in a 1975 Goss XB in the near future. I think Brad is taking a bit of a hiatus from slot cars; we haven't seen him for a while. Cheers
  12. Hi Phil, thanks for the info, I'll try him out. do I just do a google search on 'Stubbo's decals?' PS you won't remember this but a long time ago I went on this forum and asked if there were any slot car clubs in Launceston. You pointed me to Brian and the other guys and I've been enjoying/hopelessly addicted to the hobby since. So thank you, I'm grateful! Wayne Frost
  13. Hi everyone, I haven't posted much and not for a long time so... hello! I've got a very basic, possibly stupid question: are the XB decals that Pattos decals makes for the XB, the right size for the scalextric XB? I was only wondering as I think he had those decals available before scaley released their XB so maybe the decals are made to fit a reson body or something. Any responses appreciated; thought I'd at least dig up an old relevant thread than start something new; I haven't been in here for ages and I still have an ambition to some day answer a question here rather than just ask them! . Apologies if the XB discussions have already been done to death.
  14. Frost

    Body Parts For Msc

    Thanks very much Mike, I'lll give it a try.
  15. Frost

    Body Parts For Msc

    Hi everyone, I did a very quick search for this topic so apologies if this has been covered. I have tried just about every kind of search possible but can't find any spare body parts that sell for the msc subaru (reference msc - 6009) white kit. I've lost the rear spoiler and one of the side mirrors and it kills me becauses this was going to be the first modelling job that I ever finished. I can't seem to find any way of contacting the company directly to ask about parts, let alone a retailer who carries the bits I'm looking for. I hardly turn up here on Auslots and am not really worthy of any assistance but if anyone can help me out with this I would be extremely grateful! Cheers, Frost
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