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  1. Here is the finished product...nothing is ever finished though is it? Enjoy, Dennis
  2. Thanks. I just added a couple of awnings...tomorrow I will mount it and take some pics. Dennis
  3. Added some details...now I just have to attach some magnets to the back and to the track and it will be set. Here are some pictures. I built a couple of billboards also - just have to make the frame.
  4. Danger...our tracks do look similar...it is fun...sometimes I just wish it were BIGGER, we all know where this is leading...lol Eagleby, thanks...that's a good idea...hometown feel. Not that I'm lazy but these were already sized for me...lol...all the work done just print and cut. I just printed 2 more and glued them all together. I detailed a couple of them like the other article mentioned, but didn't add much to the appearance. I'm going to add some awnings. Laid it on the track just now...looks pretty good. I'll take pics tomorrow. Dennis
  5. I'm going to add some of those "3D" pieces today and try to give it a little depth like he did. We'll see what happens. Printed a couple of extra buildings out too...to fill the street up just a little more. Thanks, Dennis
  6. Here are some I put together tonight...I think they look okay. They're not glued on....just propped up. Let me know what you think... Dennis Your welcome for the site.
  7. http://www.bigindoortrains.com/indoo...ing_fronts.htm I printed the "S" scale (1/64) at 200%...just a little small at 1/32 scale...the door was 2 1/4". Just testing them. Printed an "0" one out at 175%...the door height was 2 1/2"...better I think. I just saw they have them in 1/32 scale...there is a page link on the page above. They would make a neat front street all lined up...I might cover up my "wall" on my rally track with a street...I thought I was done working on it...maybe not. LOL. Some good Building Fronts for a street Dennis
  8. This has been a work in progress, but I think I'm done...I set up my RMS today. I might add some more people but that's it. I really like my New York State Trooper vehicle...1/32 scale from Wallie World...$5.00 Here are some pics... Enjoy, Dennis
  9. I used a rectangular hot spot....go thru fast it counted a lap...slow it refueled but had to stay in motion. I just downloaded zone trigger pro to see a hotspot where you take a pic of the spot would work. I have to try it on the track...I've been testing on my upstairs machine...waving my hands in front of the webcam like a madman. Dennis
  10. Got it to work...Well sort of...I have to remain in motion at the hotspot to refuel...so I'm guessing I would need a rectangular hotspot in zone trigger? Dennis
  11. THANK YOU!!! I greatly appreciate this... Dennis
  12. The container site is no longer available...did anyone copy these and are willing to share them? Are they PDF files? Thanks in advance... Dennis
  13. Yngwie...thanks for the info...do you know if you can do fuel with the webcam? I like the added "realism" Dennis
  14. New guy here...just a question on using fuel management. Can I use a webcam for lap timing and fuel management? If not, I built a game pad photocell sensor unit that works with RC for lap timing, do I need to add another photocell for fuel...pclapcounter will work off of one, is there a setting for RC to work off of one sensor? Very informative site! Thanks in advance... Dennis
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