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  1. how long before the lights get painted over do you reckon. Bloody nice job though.
  2. ZeGas

    Sorell Creek Track

    Nice start, lovely building and viaduct, look forward to watching the progress.
  3. Try Pattos place http://members.optushome.com.au/pattosplace/home.html go to --> Decals --> F then search "bartlett" using you browser search function. should look like this or this depending on the livery you are after He does 1:64 for you and will cost $14 +PP
  4. ZeGas

    DG Raceway

    nice rolling hills Dick, looks lovely, needs cows
  5. I tried printing body post but they kept delaminating on me, ended up making a mold and casting resin ones then drilling a screw hole, similar to what you have done with the base. Are yours holding up OK?
  6. What about swapping cars around drivers, if they are not too precious to the owner, then take the combined time/laps to determine the winner.
  7. Only just noticed, not sure if a new issue or not. What has happened to everyone's signatures?
  8. Enjoy family Alexis, your priorities are right mate.
  9. Mate, awesome. Tamiya putty applied with finger works for me, you can push into the grooves and finger smooth, sand underwater with 400grit, repeat. Final it off with 1200 grit, then a thin coat of resin on the inside for strength, some like to use bog roll and supaglue. This one looks like it needs a chop top to give it some street cred.
  10. I have thought about this before, personally I do not like call buttons, as per Mark's comment, as it does not give advantage to those that do not deslot. Also if you are small club or home racing with friends there is generally not enough marshalls so live firing is not an option either. One thing I have been meaning to look at is if Race Co-ordinator can reduce voltage on track call rather than cut it off. Almost like a real yellow flag where the voltage is reduced to say 30% and the offender has to put there own car on. Button on button off scenario. Has anyone tried it or know if it is available, would look myself but everything is in storage atm.
  11. yes and no, I was but everything is in storage while we build our new house.
  12. My car was returned uncollected from Greek postal service, I'm sure I'm not alone. How many cars do you have Alexis?
  13. ZeGas

    Help with DTM Decals

    Keith on the forum here put me onto Colin contactme@candc-designs.co.uk who do one off's & graphics work he may be able to help out.
  14. Mac, how do you think I feel, my unstarted project didn't even rate a mention. Well done C & C both excellent, but I would, only just mind you, have picked the Capricorns Camaro, Dave's is way cool and awesome work, but Cappers has that ugly look to it, I hate the guns and the trap door on the roof, that makes the ugly factor for me, along with the oversized wheels at the rear making it look like a whacky races car.
  15. Give the guy a break it was probably his first attempt. I remember the famous last words of a South Aucklander years ago, "Hey Bro, Watch this" Maybe a Florida Man mention is in order, not sure of that kind of forestation in that state though.
  16. ...and then posts his moronasysm on youtube. ID-10-T What ever happened to the Darwin awards, we need them back.
  17. My spidey senses are tingling. They seem to be saying "I Quit, that is too good"
  18. That is looking awesome
  19. So thorough Rosco It is great to follow the process, gives a better understanding of what the robots in the factories have to do, wonder if they are programmed to get frustrated too.
  20. You know, it used to be said "That man has far too much time on his hands", unfortunately that seems to be the trend lately so that statement has lost its oomph. Well done that man.
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