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  1. I think I posted something ages ago about it, but cannot find it on this site. Generally it is just a math thing, take the radius you want and the bank slope and use trigonometry to calculate the actual radius you need. To make it easier download my spreadsheet from https://www.dropbox.com/s/qfgtnq39blutnnl/Banked Curve calcs.xlsx?dl=0 fill in the highlighted sections. "r" is radius in mm "y" is slope in degrees "a" is arc angle Do not make bank too steep as the cars will get stuck or the guide will not sit well in the slot, also you will need to route slots a bit wider than usual. Also shallow lateral cuts in the back will help with the bending. When bending into shape do it slowly, like bend and support a small amount and leave for a few days, higher humidity helps speed up the process. Then bend a bit more and repeat until you get the shape you want. **** Sorry original post had "a" as length, it is angle in degrees ****
  2. That came out really well, now to rubber up. Enjoy.
  3. ZeGas

    SMS paint

    From memory I think it was merged in with your lathe thread Rosco
  4. Hope you got a few friends, I can see 4 marshals needed for something that long, and binoculars. Looks very impressive, love following new builds, thought there would have been a lot more during the southern states lockdowns.
  5. John, This has happened to me with a physical threat from a member of this forum ... two weeks after an altercation. I had the nerve to tell said member to pull their head in. I took solace that said member stewed on it for two weeks before having the "guts", to PM me a "threat". I haven't been very active lately not due this this "threat", but due to relocating and waiting forever for our house to be built. Once up and running again I will still support you and your work, so if you do leave, or am asked to, please make sure to leave your contact details if they have changed. Apologise for the quote marks.
  6. How about the J├Ągermeister cars?
  7. With the amount of info there you could steal Roberts identity. Nice story.
  8. I'll take the Dan gurney Lola if it is still available.
  9. Personally I only every use floor polish, I know others don't agree, but I have never had an issue with reacting with decals, or discolouration, or cracking. Also you get a very smooth finish if you dip the body into a bath, just need to dab up the drips without touching the body itself, I angle the body so all drips congregate in one place.
  10. Order from Black Arrow (Spain) Shipped 20/01/21 Received 27/01/21
  11. ZeGas

    Molds and Castings

    I ended up making a tiny bowl with the clay and poured a little Pinkysil in to test, actually made three bowls from three different clays.
  12. Welcome Druc, I am an Aston fan too and my son is into Lambo's. The NSR Astons are very good, also have a look at the Spanish Black Arrow cars (https://www.blackarrow.es/en/), they have Lambos & currently a rerelease of their DB9 range from a few years back in JPS livery (gold, silver, bronze options). Picking up the Gold & silver for myself. You will need a star driver though, they don't use hex. Don't worry about not knowing anything or buying with passion, I've been playing with these toys for 10 years, as a hobby, not full on into it, and I still know sweet stuff all, the beauty is that there are plenty of heads to ask. Enjoy.
  13. Hey Rosco, Following this with so much envy, skill level is up there. two questions, what happened to the wheels in the end or did I miss those posts in my upheaval? and two, why brass for the grill and not an old credit card?
  14. Duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh na, BATMAN.
  15. ZeGas

    Track #5

    Don't be sorry John, happy to help out, but in the end it is what you want that counts, glad to see some movement. Hope the build goes well.
  16. how long before the lights get painted over do you reckon. Bloody nice job though.
  17. ZeGas

    Sorell Creek Track

    Nice start, lovely building and viaduct, look forward to watching the progress.
  18. Try Pattos place http://members.optushome.com.au/pattosplace/home.html go to --> Decals --> F then search "bartlett" using you browser search function. should look like this or this depending on the livery you are after He does 1:64 for you and will cost $14 +PP
  19. ZeGas

    DG Raceway

    nice rolling hills Dick, looks lovely, needs cows
  20. I tried printing body post but they kept delaminating on me, ended up making a mold and casting resin ones then drilling a screw hole, similar to what you have done with the base. Are yours holding up OK?
  21. What about swapping cars around drivers, if they are not too precious to the owner, then take the combined time/laps to determine the winner.
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