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  1. I think I posted something ages ago about it, but cannot find it on this site. Generally it is just a math thing, take the radius you want and the bank slope and use trigonometry to calculate the actual radius you need. To make it easier download my spreadsheet from https://www.dropbox.com/s/qfgtnq39blutnnl/Banked Curve calcs.xlsx?dl=0 fill in the highlighted sections. "r" is radius in mm "y" is slope in degrees "a" is arc angle Do not make bank too steep as the cars will get stuck or the guide will not sit well in the slot, also you will need to route slots a bit wider than usual. Also shallow lateral cuts in the back will help with the bending. When bending into shape do it slowly, like bend and support a small amount and leave for a few days, higher humidity helps speed up the process. Then bend a bit more and repeat until you get the shape you want. **** Sorry original post had "a" as length, it is angle in degrees ****
  2. That came out really well, now to rubber up. Enjoy.
  3. ZeGas

    SMS paint

    From memory I think it was merged in with your lathe thread Rosco
  4. Hope you got a few friends, I can see 4 marshals needed for something that long, and binoculars. Looks very impressive, love following new builds, thought there would have been a lot more during the southern states lockdowns.
  5. John, This has happened to me with a physical threat from a member of this forum ... two weeks after an altercation. I had the nerve to tell said member to pull their head in. I took solace that said member stewed on it for two weeks before having the "guts", to PM me a "threat". I haven't been very active lately not due this this "threat", but due to relocating and waiting forever for our house to be built. Once up and running again I will still support you and your work, so if you do leave, or am asked to, please make sure to leave your contact details if they have changed. Apologise for the quote marks.
  6. Hola buenas tardes mi nombre es Dario soy de Argentina vi que hiciste un chasis en 3d ajustable vendes el archivo stl?

  7. How about the Jägermeister cars?
  8. Hi ZeGas:  I sent a PM regarding cad files, if you have an opportunity to review it, I'd be grateful, regards, Terry


  9. Hi!!! I'm from Spain and saw you 3d printed chassis one fits most...It's possible to buy one? Or it's possible to buy the stl files? 

  10. With the amount of info there you could steal Roberts identity. Nice story.
  11. I'll take the Dan gurney Lola if it is still available.
  12. Personally I only every use floor polish, I know others don't agree, but I have never had an issue with reacting with decals, or discolouration, or cracking. Also you get a very smooth finish if you dip the body into a bath, just need to dab up the drips without touching the body itself, I angle the body so all drips congregate in one place.
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