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  1. ZeGas

    Innes Park Raceway

    Love the track Gref, wish my bloody house would get finished, I am getting itchy and watching your progress only makes it worse. Well done. Don't suppose your mate would like to build a few lane changes for me would he. I have had a crack and failed miserably. Was just going to insert a Scaley panel if all else failed.
  2. ZeGas

    NSW Floods

    Thanks Mark, To help you imagine its been like Bola 4x over two years, except no rounding cattle on jetskis.
  3. Hey Bov, thanks for that, I have never been on HWR, signed up but never really got into it. Looks like I'll have to pop over and have a read, loved that proxy more than any, cause of the class of car. Haven't had a chance to get back into things for a couple of years due to building a house, everything has been in storage. All coming to an end in the next month or two so prepping a new track and will be able to get the toys out again, I'll look next year.
  4. IPS ... This Year ... Boy have I been out of the loop for a couple of years. Who's running it now?
  5. ZeGas

    Pine Grove Circuit

    OK, being electrically challenged I'm going for a rout and drop option. Design has altered slightly to tweak a few corners and add an additional pit lane so that splash & dash customers get opportunity to overtake. Might be able to get it onto CNC next week if I find some time.
  6. ZeGas

    Pine Grove Circuit

    ...and bad eyes to see them. Thanks Mr.F I did connect it up to the PB and ran a car over with no reaction, I will look again when I get a chance. And get a microscope.
  7. ZeGas

    Pine Grove Circuit

    Will try darndest to make it happen, just got to brush up on electrical skills, tried putting pit lane SSD electronics into a sample routed section in the weekend, somehow stuffed it up, a fine wire came loose, soldered it back but still not working, gave up thinking probably another one come off. Is there any way of testing the circuit without connecting up to PB? I did try a 9v battery but how to trigger sensor? Or could I have fried it with 9v, I thought they only drew 9v. Thinking for ease (and minimise stuff-ups like this) I may just embed SSD lane change & pit lane into routed track and have a bit of a squeeze at those points.
  8. ZeGas

    Pine Grove Circuit

    Hi all, Been two years but finally the house build is about 3 months from completion, itching to get a new track up and running as soon as we are settled. So been thinking on design styles and types of racing, as usual I don't want a usual racetrack, always like something a little unusual or rally like with natural obstacles. See previous build to see what I mean So for this one I am thinking digital but with a few different sections. A straight with pit lane followed by a technical section and then a one lane rally track & back to the straight. My eyes following it thinks it will flow nice, not sure if the rally section will become a problem in hardcore racing (not that there will be much of that) but will add intrigue I think, and a different aspect of racing where good rally drivers will be able to make time on poorer ones. Has anyone raced on, or seen something like this, is it fun or annoying. In my head I think fun, but I have never been a serious racer, more enjoyment in the designing & building side of it all. Anyhoooo this is what I am thinking. Comments, thoughts?
  9. ZeGas

    Sideways Escort

    open location, right click on image, select copy image address. In post click on insert image from URL (bottom right) CTRL+V or right click and paste into text field. And yes they do make a nice pair, very nice pair indeed.
  10. It does indeed, thanks for taking the time to look. I did a similar thing with cad using an image off the net but it came out at 15 degrees, which I did think was a bit wide.
  11. Hi all, Can someone tell me what the lead in angle of the scaley flipper is? If someone has all the dims that would be great but just the flipper angle would help immensely. Mine are all in storage while our house is getting finished. Thanks in advance.
  12. Personally the J.B. A.M. V8 is on my list, hoping the "skis" are not flexible and act like an outrigger on corners, or a flipper upperer for neighbouring competing cars Yes I know it was supposed to be 2021, but delayed to 2022 so hope it counts.
  13. Yes that is exactly right, drivers generally have an alert reaction time of around 2.4 seconds, it takes the brain that long to register a change in driving conditions, so a slight bend does not register as quickly as a hairpin, as the hairpin is a substantial turn. This is assuming a small radius.
  14. As a guy that designs roads for a living I can tell all that the length of the curve is more important than the radius, short curves are hard to read and adjust too and then readjust, its where most motorcyclists come a cropper. And even knowing this I made that mistake on the very first track I built.
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