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  1. Good to know the thicker bits go of quicker, I'm getting there though, got a goodish one last night which I am going to work with. Weird though mixed 40gms slopped a little bit out, mixed another 12gms and threw it in before it all went off, but the cast, untrimmed, only came out at 20gms. Think my mind must have been elsewhere. Certainly didn't spill over half of it out.
  2. Aw geez Munter, why'd ya have to go and say a thing like that, now I might have to make some kinda effort, and it started of such a lovely day too. Oh well. Now where'd I put me Jackson Pollock paint brush kit.
  3. Yeah sorry, was meant to be a tongue in cheek comment. Almost all entrants have some form of wheel arch, as if that makes a vehicle ugly.
  4. It is cool not sure about fugly though And where did you get the arches
  5. Cool bananas, look forward to seeing the finished product.
  6. Been quietly following this as I don't (didn't) really have time to put into it with trying my hand at resin casting. Then low and behold, enter a zombie apocalypse failure. Was thinking rusted body with a dremel saw blade through the roof section which is strangely straight, and a body hanging through the windscreen. If I get to it that is.
  7. Thanks Matt & Phil, I see what you mean Matt about it just going off, it caught me out on my second attempt. I've tried twice more from the first one and both failed for different reasons, the second was way to thick and came in at 38 gms and the third, which was right on the money at 28gms totally failed as I lay it down too early and everything slopped down to the bonnet and roof. You learn from your failures I guess and at least 500gms of resin goes a long way.
  8. Well I'm going to say not a total failure. Mould is awesome, pays to test clay before use My very first cast, it is a bit thin in places but as a first attempt I am not complaining. 25gms not trimmed 18gms trimmed, hence why it is a bit thin in places. Question though, can I add another layer of resin after the first has gone off?
  9. I posted a package from Oz to Wobble on 7th April and its still not there But then I have been getting stuff from the US in reasonable time
  10. Do not use Crayola Clay, that is the problem, got some other clay from a discount store, both red and white. Did a test with all three, the crayola reacts with the silicon (Pinkysil this time) the other two are fine. I have fixed up the original and now we're are all go. will clay fill and first mould coming up.
  11. I'm looking forward to it, I'll be doing a different car with the pinkysil I think as I need to repair the original for this one if this mould doesn't work out before trying again. Strange thing though, the parts of the silicon that were up against the wet clay are not setting at all, all other parts have set fine. I'm starting to think that the hardener was hydroscopic.
  12. Not seeing any brakes on front right Munter.
  13. Thanks Chris, Shame the attention to detail in wheel construction is not available today, all inserts as far as I can find. Were they ali cast and turned do you know?
  14. Chris, 2xQ's if you don't mind, Do you prefer runners or posts, I liked your idea in another post that uses 2x posts & damping each side to set body sway? Second question, where the hell did you get those wheels, they look absolutely awesome, I like the idea of the threaded front wheels, just need threaded axle. Edit Third question, are they 3mm axle size?
  15. Lessons learned. 1. Don't make walls too thick. 2. Check dimensions of walls first. 3. Don't use "wet" air dry clay, the silicon does not cure where touching wet clay. Will use an oven dry / kiln dry clay next time. 4. GP silicon does not adhere to Vario, glad for that actually as it went all wonky, even though I heated it up, air gaps everywhere. All in all I am pretty happy with first attempt, the roof is way thin and may be a problem, but there are no air bubbles where is set against the original. The original printed car did break up on removal but they were bits I expected to break. The mirrors stayed on though, I was not expecting that. !!!!! Happy Days !!!!! I've ordered some Pinkysil to try for next mould.
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