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  1. K1W1

    Oakland Raceway V2

    Looks awesome Mark - good kiwi sounds in that video too - luv it!!
  2. I couldn't believe that one. It came up on T/me but was brand new from a model shop. Wasn't cheap but I just couldn't believe a store had it available at all. I was on the buy now button real fast!!
  3. Thought I would share some pic's of a few of my more 'special' collectibles (well, hopefully - if I can remember how to post them) Couldn't resist this when it popped up on NZ's favourite auction site..... Then this one came up. Another must have.......... ....and last but not least..... This one has to be my favourite...... I'm not really even into Grand Prix or F1 but just love these.
  4. K1W1

    Slots On Youtube

    This is pretty cool. Not "helpful" but awesome track......... (not posted a link before so hopefully works)
  5. Morning he who isnt really the walrus. I'm pretty new to this but have some comments that I hope will benefit you in your build. Like many on here, it all started when I got a Scalextric loop track for Xmas when I was about five. It had vintage F1 cars with little pin at the front that you could pull out to get 'real' car engine noise. That track got added to and modified for several years until I discovered other wonders of the world such as homework and females. Anyway, couple of years ago, I discovered this forum and realised some other adults still craved to play slotcars!! Having a young girl meant I had the perfect excuse to spend a little bit of money and put a track together..... family time I tried a plastic offering to start with but it didnt really do what I wanted and there was alot of talk on here around routing a track so I decided to give that a go. As the others like Munter have mentioned, I think the first stage will always be draw 50 tracks on paper and try to see what you want in a design. I did this and eventually, ended up pinning my favourite one on the wall and now have something with cars running on it that resembles the sketch quite closely. Number of lanes is a major as it is so related to the amount of space you have, the type or size of table you want and the number of friends called Marshal you can round up. I saw my track as a father-daughter project and wanted as much driving lane in small space as I could get plus I have no mates called Marshal so I opted for only two lanes. In hindsight, I would probably go with at least three next time. The style of track can also be a difficult decision. I like all sorts of car styles and motor sport so I struggled with how to do this. Rally cars mixed with racing trucks and F1??? Dawned on me at some stage that I could do what I consider a targa/hillclimb style track and thereby realistically run all sorts of vehicle in a sort of "Historic Day" type race scenario. This might not be important to you but allowed me to have a track with elevation, lots of different turns, squeezed lanes and a long back straight, etc. What I hope might be helpful to you are the things I got 'wrong': I didnt worry at all about the length of each lane. I'm not aiming at team or club racing so I figure that the levels of driving, differences between cars, marshalling lack of skill and other variables will all even things out. If it was an issue, we could race x number of laps on lane 1 then swap and race x laps on the other lane or something. I used copper tape to save money - I wish I had paid the extra for braid. I didnt allow enough room on the outside of my corners. In my old Scalextric days, it was normal for the cars on outside lane to fly around the corners with the tail dragging along the barriers. I left a normal lane width on outside of my lanes and now my prized NSR and Pioneer cars drag their butts around my simulated concrete walls which is horrible. I'm now faced with trying to add a border style strip around some of my corners to widen the lanes so the cars need to drive around the turn. Rather hard to do - make sure there is room when you are planning and building!! Last but not least - dont underestimate how much you will love the track and how much you will spend on cars you just have to have!!!!!! Hope what I have added here will benefit you in your build. Look forward to seeing what you ddecide on and how it goes. Cheers Wayne
  6. K1W1


    This is brilliant..........light the blue touch paper and walk away........ Good luck, while you're furthering your naked mole rat modelling career, I'm just gunna buy the cars I like. Soooo much easier lol
  7. K1W1


    Notchback conversion!! Cool. you guys scare me with the things you want to take on! Look forward to the pics!
  8. K1W1


    I bought the Jerry Titus Mussie yesterday. I think it's beautiful in that 60's pale yellow with matt black and I prefer the notchback look so very happy. Doubt it will get it's wheels dirty - staying nice and safe on the shelf I hold the honour of making the first purchase ever from NZ's newest (and possibly only??) dedicated slot car shop which is located in Whakatane. Hope I'm not out of line with a slight plug to help Damien on the way and wish him all the best!! Awesome to have someone willing to put his round bits on the line and open a retail business for our hobby. The shop looks great and will get even better as they sort things out over the next week or two. He has heaps of stock to drool over and is setting up a Carrera digital track for playing or testing your purchases. Hope it works well and the locals get behind him with it. Not sure of the actual shop name but it's Slotcars Ltd I think. Has been online for some time and now you can go visit and have a chat with them. Excellent!!
  9. I'm not totally into Chargers but would it be for 4 speed manual? (Please dont shoot me if they aren't even 4 spd lol)
  10. Hi Mac - dont mean to derail the thread as I know nothing about rear wheels/ tyres but are you selling the cars after the club event? If so, I might be keen on a couple of them if available. cheers Wayne (Tauranga)
  11. Hi - not sure whether there would be anything suitable but maybe a fish tank background would work?? Nice long patterned pic and reasonably cheap? (Maybe not one with plants on it though!!)
  12. Cheers peeps. Have one of those lights already Embs - sort of where it started. I'll prob try and set up some welding on a bench with the light hidden amongst things somewhere. All good fun - every slot track needs a workshop!
  13. Had too many paperclips and pens so..... Bit of kiwi no. 8 wire mentality.... bent a paperclip or two and stole some wheels off a parked Polypocket scooter.... Some sanding and another piece of Poly's scooter for the valve.... Cut some of the pen innards up and added some of that horrible epoxy putty stuff to make a couple of gauges and the welding handle. Its probably too big but never mind Bit of wire from an old phone charger for the oxy acetelene hoses. Would like to find something a bit more pliable so it sits or hangs more like a hose would but this will do for now... Need a coat of paint and some tidying up but that's something to do over Christmas when I'm sick of the in-laws. Finally, into the workshop.
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