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  1. Guys, unfortunately I broke the chassis on my SCX Nascar when I was doing a few adjustments. Despite my attempts I haven't been able to locate a replacement online. Does anyone have a spare chassis I can buy from them?
  2. Slot porn... Replaced the braid on the Ninco GT with SCX Pro braid. Will be ordering some NSR gears. Everything else is stock.
  3. What tyres do we use for historic nascar? I got the mjk wheels from syd but im not sure which tyres to put on them.
  4. I'm far more focused on my hangover now
  5. Well it was when the freeway transitioned from 100 to 80 kmph. I was going 100 so 20km over. I still have 12 points so i'm ok for points but the fine will hurt.
  6. Had a good night lads. Got done by a speed camera on the way home though
  7. Got my Ninco GT car. Have a few questions about general set up. You say that it's ok to use any gear/axle combo. What are most people running? Also, what tyres? What MJK tyres do you guys run for the SCX Pro Nascar? Just want to get the last few bits I need to get my cars ready for racing. Maybe Syd can supply the MJK stuff for me?
  8. Sorry I couldn't make it last night. Best mate just got back from overseas and we had a night out on the turps. Hope you guys had fun. Have a great xmas. Looking forward to getting into some racing in the new year. EDIT still have one more package to come with my Ninco GT, SCX Pro Nascar, NSR Le Mans cars and some other cool stuff in it. Can't wait.
  9. Got a few bits in the mail today. I had another look at the classes and mods performed on the cars. I noticed you guys run the standard plastic gears in the V8 Supercars. How do the gears hold up? Would it be worth getting some spares or do they last a while?
  10. Hey Syd, thanks for the invite. I'll have to let you know as I might be catching up with a mate who just got back from living overseas.
  11. Cheers Dave. Improving my driving is my number one priority at this point. I just can't help my urge to modify everything I buy lol.
  12. Yeah i'm looking forward to learning how to tune cars etc. Not my Sandman but my first car was a HZ sandman. I miss it every day. I will need to get hold of the MJK chassis and slot.it gears we run, also some tyres for all my cars.
  13. Haha didn't take long at all. Got a few cars and some spares and tools.
  14. That's good to know. Thanks for the help guys. I might do some experimenting.
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