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  1. Hi all, I have a Slotter Lola t280 blue Gitanes the cigarette of france livery I purchased only about three years ago. How does that work? Regards John
  2. thank you all for the birthday wishes. I have been very quite for the last year prepared a car for the proxy then both my wifes parents got really sick within a week of each other. This has meant nearly all my spare time has been going to two different hospitals about 28k from home. They have both come home a couple of months ago and seem to be recovering well. I am rewiring my track at the moment and hope to get back into slots with gusto in the near future. Err I have still had a little spare time just enough to purchase a few desirable car much to the financial controllers disgust. Thanks again guys especially Gazza that foursome has cheered me up no end. John
  3. That is only in the southern hemisphere north of the equator they spin tother way. John
  4. Hi Rick Just to clarify Bunnings has three digital calipers starting at $14, $29 and $70. the later being a high quality kincrome set. Regards John
  5. Charlie Cox is annoying. John
  6. Im Gob smacked Lovely Regards John
  7. Hi all, This is my fathers day prezzy just finished today. Obviously started life as as white Slotit 962 kit. All paint primer, gloss and clear is Tamiya rattle can. Decals are by DMC. Regards John ps The Bob Jane Porche driven by Brock and Perkins has Been started will post pics when finished.
  8. I think McGregror168 did and you could almost see the ribs on the rims through them they were that worn! Yes I just recieved my car back yeterday and on inspection the tyres are stuffed. My car scored a few podium finishes at the start of the proxy but got worse as the comp continued. Two problems that I could see were that the car was way too overpowered the scale auto 30k motor was just too much for very soft compound tyres over many races. The choice of nsr ultra tyres which performed well during testing, are just too soft for a proxy series. I think they would be great over shorter races. Lessons ave been learnt onwards and upwards for next year. Regards John
  9. mine has 10grams of weight added to the front stock Nsr tyres sanded and goes like a scalded cat, holds lap record on my track which is painted with semi gloss paint. Slotit nissin and Mclaren are only a poompteenth behind it though. Regards John
  10. A big thank you to all involved lots of lessons learned look out next year. Regards John
  11. Hi guys, Scored the Warsteiner 962 and a 962 white kit which was primed yesterday. Regards John
  12. In my defence , sometimes during the cold winter months I have to make a choice, wether to spend the odd hour here and there in the cold garage with the track which I really enjoy or sit in the 37 degree spa with a couple of coldies and turn into a prune . I rest my case, convict with care. John
  13. Having read up on some craft and woodworking forums I too opted for the value for money Ozito. I must have bought the one made on Monday. It has a lot of slop in the shaft and vibrates to such an extent that last time I used it through out the bit. Tomorrow about to head off and find out how good the warranty is. The warranty is 3 year replacement just walk in to Bunnings Go to the Service desk tell them the problem they will do a quick check if problem exists will hand you a new one on the spot. Regards John
  14. If I havent used my track for a few weeks I send an old car around each lane aprox 10laps with WD forty on braids you notice the speed increase each lap. Regards John
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