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  1. Gives us another weeks practice for that ridiculous track!!! :-)
  2. Hi gents, anyone else having trouble signing in to PSN for tonight? Server issues I think as I can't load up the account page on the web either
  3. Thanks for the heads up Caddo.
  4. Hi All, Yep happy with the PP Limit. I'll have to think of a track to add to the list.
  5. Thanks for everything Caddo. Great job!!! I've had a blast!! Looking forward to the new season!!
  6. Love the idea of a single class. I've been crook hence no racing or practice this week. Should be back on deck for the last round on Sunday. Looking forward to the new season already!!
  7. Hi Caddo, That could work also, especially the limited track time as I low I do struggle getting online sometimes. It would be like limited testing in F1 or V8s. In saying that what are the tracks and cars for this week? Cheers,
  8. Hi All, I've really enjoyed the series so far and definitely will be keen to join the next. I'm very new to GT so been a steep but enjoyable learning curve. More than happy with the proposals so far. I do like the idea of longer races. I think a mix would be good too. A bit like the V8 Series. Some shorter sprint style, Longer hour long races and I'd be keen for an Enduro or two also. 2hrs for example and see how many laps we can can do not to mention bathroom breaks! Shame we can't have teammates/co drivers! I'll choose Cortina!!! As for the cars: the idea of owning and tuning your own is appealing. Like all series though there must be regulations for good even racing. I'm pretty open just keen to improve and have some good fun. Rod
  9. Great effort guys. After two top ten finishes i get a 35th!!! The ole Lancer did not like that track! There is always next time!
  10. It was my first online race ever so great learning experience. Only had GT6 a few weeks so more practice needed!!!! I'm spending more time trying to move out of the way of cars lapping me!! Now I know how FPR have been feeling all these years!!
  11. Hi All, I'm keen to enter the comp. New t GT6 though, only had the game and wheel a free weeks. Brought them especially to race the WRP Crew. I hope it's to late to enter!! *pm tonight sound perfect.
  12. Hi All, Just got myself GT6, a wheel and my licence so keen to join!! The later starts for races defiantly suit me as dinner and kids are out of the way! I'll join practice of the first time tonight if that's ok!
  13. Did someone say live results on Facebook!! Where?
  14. Great stuff!! Can't wait. Look forward to the updates.
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