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  1. Hello all I am having some issues. I sign in and then if I leave my computer when I come back I am signed out. I then can't sign back in again as it says it doesn't recognise my username/password. I then change my password and sign in again. I have changed my password 4 times now in order to sign in. I am now using this different login. This is one I created back in 2011 when I had an issue then. I logged straight into it without needing to change the password. When I change my password I can sign in in on my computer and it works. But I then can't sign in on my iPad it says incorrect password. Anyone else having these issues. Anyone else being signed out if their computer goes to sleep? thanks David (DM)
  2. 599xx

    Plafit Gt3

    If you don't like it then don't play
  3. SCX Nascars are good runners bit of fun and you can't wrong at $20 each
  4. Skyline looks mean is that a Mini-Z Body?
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