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  1. jab

    Yellingbo Raceway

    Cheers for the suggestions Grant, The track was just a quick set up to see if it all still works. I do like the way it runs so far. I'll start making some changers while starting to build some landscape.
  2. jab

    Yellingbo Raceway

    Ahhh Cheers for that mate I think I have to bring the lower rail on the fence a bit lower but I'm fairly happy with the height of the fence and the scale of the rest of it
  3. jab

    Yellingbo Raceway

    The start of the new track. Nothing set yet but I think this will be the basic layout until I have time to make landscape and run another straight down the back over the top of whats there already. Atm I've been playing around with fencing ideas and getting the scale right fence posts mesh wire that type of thing. I'll post more pics as I build it. Cheers John
  4. jab

    Back Again

    Hi All I have decided to drag out the slotcar stuff thats been packed away for about 6 years or so I think and get back into it. I just moved house about 8 months ago and I've built a new workshop for my airbrushing business with a mezzanine so I can set it up and have some fun on the quiet days. Some of you might remember me I had a scx digital set up. http://www.auslot.com/forums/index.php?/topic/3054-my-home-track/ Anyway I'm starting to build the table soon and then take it from there. I'll Probably start a fresh thread for it and post plenty of pics because we all like pics right Cheers John
  5. jab

    Jab's Home Track

    I wish I could use the whole shed for one big slotcar track. but I cant so Im thinking about hanging a large table from the ceiling with cables in the middle of the shed that gives me 7.5 x 7.5mtrs to play with I couldnt help myself its been a long time coming
  6. jab

    Jab's Home Track

    Well its finally started after about 8 month of trying to get a permit for my shed. work has started and the slab was done last weekend I still have a lot of work to do but here are some pics of it so far, I cant wait to get it done,it will have 3 rollerdoors and a glass sliding door on the front
  7. That's some nice work and skills you got, well done :nice:
  8. jab


    Thx Knoath, I get a lot of comments on my flame work, I only use a shield for the tight inside curves and the rest is free hand Thx Mate, being a ford fan I wont say anything about bathurst Thx Ember, I did try doing a pic on the tailgate and the flames in full colour but it just didn't look any good it took too much away from the shape of the car. Cheers Mate Thx Count, I have done a couple of slotcars for myself and others they're not really liveries as such just resprays. I would give race car liveries a go though. Cheers Mate
  9. jab


    I did this on the shed wall for something to do this one is on a canvas
  10. jab


    Just thought I would show some of my latest work. The xm wagon is my own car I get around in and did the airbrush work on it to advertise I did the pocket bike for a display and a 32 ford was a job I did a while ago
  11. jab

    Jab's Home Track

    Just tell them that the trees need to cleared due to fire hazard. They'll be changing their tune on tree clearing very very soon. Even the fun councils like Sherbrook and Yarra Valley. Man, that's a decent sized shed. You planning on fitting in a gokart track as well as slotcars? Cheers Embs Yarra Valley is who I am dealing with there known to be the worst counsil around. (and it's true) The shed is so big because I have 3 cars and a motorbike I also need to set up my airbrushing workshop the slotcars are inside
  12. jab

    Jab's Home Track

    I wish to was that easy, I need a permit to do that aswell and if it's a native forget it Bloody tree huggers :bday: what happened to the good old days when you could do what ever you wanted on your own property?
  13. jab

    Jab's Home Track

    Hi Mate, I will be doing the scenery and buildings again only this time I'm going to put alot more detail in to it. I don't have any designs yet but I am looking forward to building it. At the moment I've got the head ache of dealing with the counsil trying to get a permit for my nice new shed As soon as its a little close to some trees all hell breaks lose . I guess it doesn't help that its 16 mtrsx7.5mtrs (now I'm just bragging) :D
  14. I had a lot of people ask about my pit building, I never had any plans but I did a quick drawing and some pics of it in sections I am starting a new one soon so I will take pics of it and do a step by step if anyone is interested? anyway here are the pics I have of the old building. I hope it helps someone
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