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  1. Im sure it would run great after that. But when i buy a car i dont expect to have to pay another $70 just to get it running. Next time im looking for a classic ill save up and buy a Racer Silverline GTO. Same price without all the hassle
  2. Thanks BMR Putting super glue in the drive shaft and the center bush made a big difference. Though it was quite stressfull when the glue started to set before i could get the wheels moving. Thought i had stuffed it. Also did the same thing to the axle bushes. Car slides smothly without hoping all over the place.
  3. What i have done so far. Removed all 4 wheels and sanded. All 4 tires sanded and glued on rims Frount tires coated with nail polish Glued in motor pod, glued in axle bearings Oiled axle and bearings Cut body off of the axle and glue it to the top half of the body to help the body rock. Lead moved around everywhere to find optimum grip. Best place is right under the chassis dirrectly underneath the rear axle The car is running better but it still hops around a fair bit. So the BRM wheels will fit the ninco axle
  4. Thanks for the help. Did everything you said and seems to be driving better. Pretty sure i have found the problem though. The right tire must be out of shape as it wont seat on the rim properly and is somewhat oval. Would like to get some good quality wheels. Are there any wheels that are wide but can be pushed in the axle a long way. This would mean i could fit widder tyres without them rubbing
  5. This is my first ninco car I was looking forward to getting a nice collection of the classic. And thought id start with the Jag as its such a nice looking car . But now not too sure if ill be purchasing another ninco. I cant understand why you release a car that drives so bad. Sure its nice to have a car that looks nice. But if i wanted a car to look at and not drive Id just purchace a model
  6. Always loved the look of the e-type Jag so couldn't wait to get my hands on one. I got the new green roadster from ninco. Although it is stunning to look at i am very disapointed with it to say the least. This car is almost undriveable. The car is too top heavy and often comes flying out the slot. But the main problem is the rear wheels bunny hopping once the tail starts sliding out. I have cut the body from the chasis as i saw done in another thread and glued it to the rest of the body. I have added some lead around the middle of the car. This has helped somewhat but it is still no fun to drive. Would widder rear tyres help at all ?
  7. After finally finishing my track. The wife somehow convinced me that a car park theme is very borring. So i have started to make some scenery. Mangaed to make some cool looking cliffs along with some wire trees that im super proud of. What im really struggling with though is the transition from the track run off (edge of track) to the green pastures. I just cant seem to make it look natural. Here is a pic of what im trying to replicate. I cant work out if i need to do the grass first then add the run off sand or do the run off and put the grass over the top. Any tip would be awsome. Ill post some pics of my track once i have it looking half respectable
  8. Madeye

    Fav Daily Driver

    So many slot cars out there and so little money. So i was wondering what is your fav car to drive. Im not after the fastest car, just somthing that is nice and smooth. Preferably suited to tighter tracks rather than fast flowy tracks. Mine is definatly my Slot It GT 40 Pic borrowed as my crad reader isnt working Nice and low with a wide wheel base makes it stick to the track like glue. Also seems to be very reponsive. Such a nice car that i bought 2 I also like the old fiat that Silver rocket has. Not sure of the model but i think its a SCX. Not the fastest slot but so easy to drive
  9. Sorry to bring up an old thread. But i was woundering how long the guide is compared to a scaletrix. My track need cars with longer guides like the "slot it" cars due to me using a 4ml router bit
  10. I too picked up a Slot it GT 40. Was so impressed with how it drove i went and got another one. Spewing they didnt have the black one though. I have the blue and the maroon Highly recomend this car for anyone with a tight rally style track.
  11. Bought a Scaletrix lap counter for my wood routered track as i was told the can be pulled appart and wired to a wood routerd track. I have done a search and cant find a wirring diagram anywhere though.
  12. How does the Ferrari f40 go. Always been one of my dream cars, so if its good on the track ill have to get myself one
  13. The vette look awsome. How does it handle on the track. I have a technical track more suited to nimble cars that can handle tighter corners and wondering how the vette would go.
  14. Wow looks awsome. Seems like im not the only car maniac in rockingham What did you uses for the contacts. Looks like copper tape but silver
  15. Hey guys. I did a search but couldnt find anything. Just wondering how to wire the cross overs on my track. The braid has to stop and then start so i am wondering how you get the power to flow though ? Thanks
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