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  1. 32nd models, UK https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/155084319993
  2. Couple of releases over the last month or so
  3. I don't think you can delete the car image easily, i think it's a package deal .... avatar and car, just put a manufacturers logo there if it annoys you ie ford / holden etc
  4. Go to race set up/expert race set up, click on the UI section (8th one down) .... click the box in the top left hand corner ...... show images, that'll do it If you want to put actual photos of racers in you may need to re adjust the size
  5. gazza

    NSW Floods

    Anything is possible
  6. gazza

    NSW Floods

    It was, laundry basket fell over and we lost 3 pegs
  7. gazza

    NSW Floods

    8mm of rain here in Perth yesterday, need more for the garden, can you send some over please
  8. They had the 1-1 car which looked great
  9. New Green POD Plastic Injected RT4 Engine Bench Update, tougher and more resilient with a 12a engine angle and new accessories SC-6529A Motor Support RT4 AW Offset -1mm. GT/LMP for Bearings SC-6529B Motor Support AW RT4 Offset -1mm. GT/LMP with Spherical Bearings SC-6530A Motor Support AW RT4 Offset -1mm. for Bearings SC-6530B Motor Support AW RT-4 Offset -1mm. with Spherical Bearings SC-6531 AW RT4 Offset Adjustable GT/LMP Bearings and Bearings SC-6532 AW RT4 Offset Motor Mount Adjustable Spherical Bearings and Bearings SC-6533 RT4 Steel Spacers for Height Rear Axis (0.1mm and 0.5mm) SC-6539A RT4 Motor Support Extensions - Short SC-6539B RT4 Motor Support Extensions - Long We also announce the new range of 3DP chassis with SLS synthesized printing technology. Specials for the new Scaleauto RT4 engine mount to 12o SC-9123A01 Chassis 3DP Slot. it LMP Lola Aston Martin for RT4 Motor Support. SC-9123A02 Chassis 3DP Slot. it LMP Lola B12/80 for RT4 Motor Support. SC-9123B01 Chassis 3DP Scaleauto LMP Radical SR9 for RT4 Motor Support SC-9123B02 Chassis 3DP Scaleauto LMP Bmw V12 LMR for RT4 Motor Support SC-9123B03 Chassis 3DP Scaleauto GT3 Saleen S7R for RT4 Motor Support. SC-9123B04 Chassis 3DP Scaleauto GT3 Honda HSV for RT4 Motor Support. SC-9123B05 Chassis 3DP Scaleauto GT3 H. NSX for RT4 Motor Support SC-9123C01 Chassis 3DP Sideways GT3 McLaren 720S for RT4 Motor Support. SC-9123C02 Chassis 3DP Sideways GT3 Lamborghini Huracan for RT4 Motor Support SC-9123C03 Chassis 3DP Sideways GT3 Bmw M6 for RT4 Motor Support And 2 refs. for RT3 support: SC-9124C01 Chassis 3DP Sideways GT3 McLaren 720S for RT3 Motor Support SC-9124C02 Chassis 3DP Sideways GT3 Ford GT for RT3 Motor Support All of it now available!! 1/32: RT4 Motor Mount Extensions: Long and Short!! Photos speak for themselves...
  10. I'll take you up on that, easier to sort things out when you have a visual thing
  11. Tried a adapter in the original configuration but it didn't work
  12. Can't make it for next meet :(
  13. Just moved over here to Perth and by the looks of it they are running their tracks the opposite to NSW ie Positive in NSW and negative in WA Can someone provide me with a wiring diagram so i can make up a plug in adapter for the local tracks so i don't have to modify the dozen or so throttles i have If it's not a quick plug in adapter what are my alternatives apart from buying all new controllers.
  14. At ALDI today, $10 each 3 other different types of trailers with a boat, chopper and a smaller van-ette pulled by a Combi
  15. Typical cockroach, getting others to do the dirty work
  16. Put me down for 1, i'm now a local Quick question ....... Are we talking Bathurst / Hardie Ferado type specific or anything that raced at the Bathurst circuit up until and including 1990, that Scalextric has produced.
  17. That's what i thought when i first saw it
  18. On display at the Gaydon Motor Museum recently
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