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  1. I think he may have acquired some ....... Link
  2. Thanks Greg That's 10 am Thursday 21st AEDST Paul
  3. gazza

    Scale Car Garage

    Thanks John Be looking with interest to see how the Batmobile project works out Great to see AMT re releasing some of the early 1:32nd kits, more great projects for the track I also see that PMC are re releasing most, or all, of the Wacky Races series in 1:32 over here ...... Still waiting for them to hit the shops, more great projects
  4. Welcome Tony Sounds like a nice track you are planning to build A lot of information and a few how to pages in the home track and scenery sections
  5. It is posted on the Monday or Tuesday before the event, it will be a 10am meeting on Thursday (AEDST) this week.
  6. Always love a bargain, get in quick https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/313307088315?hash=item48f28ec5bb:g:EagAAOSw2V5ftlxN And only $81.58 postage
  7. gazza


    The BRM MINICARS field grows up!!! We're proud to present the new BRM 1/24 slot car model: AUTOBIANCHI A112 Abarth We start with these 2 fantastic liveries: - BRM131: A112 Abarth - Jagermeister #54 - Hockenheim 1982 - BRM132: A112 Abarth - Olio Fiat #007 - Nagano 2015 The chassis is the standard BRM Minicars with rear wheel drive and rear camber
  8. This from Armchair Pioneer new models Pioneer have let us know about the next models to arrive. This years Christmas models will be the Dodge Coupe in Festive red, green or gold. But before they arrive we will be receiving a couple of new 1968 Camaro's in blue and orange. As soon as they have final production images we will un-blur our images for you.
  9. I would suggest you get in contact with your local provider, Armchair usually supply a lot of ScaleAuto products but i can't see this being a high priority at the moment, but you never know. You may need to order it in.
  10. Awesome new 1:32 NSR replica available from October 2021: The beautiful and historic Porsche 908/03 #1 led by Jo Siffert and Pedro Rodriguez at the 1000 km of the Nürburgring in 1971, placed second place at the end of the race. This fantastic replica is also very fast on track and extremely easy to drive, the main skills of NSR slot cars Made with the exclusive handcrafted quality of 100 % Made in Italy, by the NSR World Champion, with the best quality on the market for slot cars 1/32
  11. Plastic Storage Box Organizer (Ref. SC-5086) Introducing the new organizing box to save different materials and / or accessories. Made in transparent plastic, triple individual lid with ′′ clip ′′ and ideal #slotbox measures: 183 x93x34mm. Available in your usual specialty store. ** (Single box supplied only, without parts).
  12. A white kit with all the different transfers, that'll do pig.
  13. For the US, but you never know ....
  14. Thanks Greg That's 10 am Thursday the 7th, Sydney time
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