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    In the 2003 hide and seek finals i was incognito, luckily not that many people knew where cognito was, so i managed to remain undetected.
  1. https://youtu.be/zatvsCkNNSk
  2. Only a couple of minutes ...... https://youtu.be/zK4Sabii4EU
  3. Just converted these over ...... https://youtu.be/WyvOxlnES6U
  4. Just converted these over ...... https://youtu.be/AOqql3cSzvM
  5. We had batches of specially made MJK tyres for the SCX WRP cars running in the proxy event back in 2014-16, they were brown in colour but a slight red tinge, almost transparent, very soft but had very good grip and needed no sanding or truing, unopened packets are still good today as are the ones on the cars, just need a little very light sanding and a run up on a wet soapy rag. I've cars arrive that have been screwed down so tight that the rear axle has popped, no one specific manufacturer, just pot luck as they just about all come from the same area.
  6. Wrong, it should be encouraged, the sooner these tards are out of the gene pool the safer it'll be to go for a swim again.
  7. gazza

    WRC 2021

    Looks like is back in Oz, this time in a new location and gravel. https://autoaction.com.au/2020/06/21/rally-australia-set-to-return-in-2021?fbclid=IwAR3OraR4BOEYcpKqB4TmNu5aqmypt0es8_ME11Jc-x5OPq2PtcjH2afUIpc
  8. The big green reply box at the top of the first post, on the right side, and the quick reply box, at the bottom, appear on all posts that i have opened. I'm assuming that the green box is only attached to the first post allowing you to post to the first post/question/information submitted, instead of going to the last post added without reading anything posted between the first and your intended post. This is ok for only 3 or 4 reply's but can lead to endless multiple posts on the same subject when the thread is over many pages, because as we all know no one reads any previous post to see if a particular question has been asked. People will still do that but with the only reply being after the last post, they may actually read a few reply's on the way and find an answer to the question they wanted. So if anyone of authority is listening, maybe turn that option off and see if that solves this and saves any other problems.
  9. The reply box is directly under the previous post (Reply to this Topic), well it does for me
  10. Got them all John, from the first (18 years ago) to the last (10 years ago), if he's computer illiterate he'll had having to type everything into it, and don't forget that this is a DOS program, sit him down and force him to use RC, he's not illiterate he's just scared of trying, besides you'll be the one on call 24/7 to fix and help out, might as well go with the latest and simplest.
  11. I have heard that it had closed, owners of the site wanted to redevelop the area, could be wrong
  12. Found a good one in the states, $80 odd dollars, with the exchange it doubled then with postage bought it to about $230, no thanks. Building your own sounds like a far better, and cheaper, option.
  13. Leave the bonnet off and find a bigarse motor, 24th scale would do, for the front
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