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  1. Day 2 GT3 Motor pod failure saw the top three cars out all within 10 laps of each other
  2. Last minute headache for those coming over for the NSR Championship The wiring for the controllers is different to the standard NSW setup Also the plug for the track has a round pin earth The white plug connects to the "Sydney standard" setup, the red and green, in the picture, are swapped over for the new connection plug, the "blue wire" stays the same. If you can't get hold of a round earth pin plug, you can easily modify a ordinary one by grinding the sides of the flat "earth" pin and soldering a 20mm length of 3/16 brass tubing , as per the grey plug Good luck
  3. Sideways SW79 Toyota Celica LB GR.5 Turbo 1978 - Rodenstock Sideways SWCAR04B 720S GT3 Historical Color F1 GTR N39 LM 1997 Available Late September
  4. Couple of shots of the Brunswick track to be used in September
  5. 32nd models, UK https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/155084319993
  6. Couple of releases over the last month or so
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