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  1. Welcome Phil Couple of guys down Wagga have (had) a couple of tracks up and running, you'd have to check the members track section to see exactly where.
  2. 9.Notice: The motors have been used before,but the performance is also good.
  3. Managed to get involved with todays discussions, great bunch of guys at the table of knowledge, i know it's early for us but if you get a chance to join in it's a great place to talk about anything and everything slotcar related, there's not a great difference between countries when it comes to setups as well.
  4. Sad to hear, saw a photo of him recently and thought he looked like death warmed up, another one that'll be missed, at least he is immortalised on film. I think i'll be digging out "Man who would be King" and give it another watch.
  5. Ready for download at Dave's site HERE And a Drag racing version as well
  6. Still got the one i modified to take 60, for the WRP, i think there's one for 20 plus as well, if not just work backwards and delete from 60 till you get what you want
  7. Very nice collection and restoration
  8. Hi Ken As i said, i can't see them either I'd say it's a problem with Alexis' hosting site, server or whatever, as photos elsewhere on the forum are fine ......... well most of them.
  9. The old photobucket photos are still up ..........
  10. Check out the home tracks, i think there's one in there from a few years back
  11. Google "The Roaring Season" it's got heaps of photos and information on motor racing in general also being a kiwi site it also has a lot of local information as well. You may have to join to ask questions, but that's a small price to pay for such a great site.
  12. Fathers day present arrived this afternoon, Ender 5 Pro, 1 1/2 hours after unboxing and printing my first test print, a dog, well i think it's a dog, failed chinese at school so it could be anything Impressed how easy the setup is Now to start some of the complicated things
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