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    I didn't know you were missing !!!!

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    motorsports,cars and bikes,slot cars, shooting and any outdoor sport that doesn't entail exercise, staring into the eye of the fire, adding to my collection of naval lint, taking polls, i love polls and can not get enough polls, i might start a poll to see if we can have more polls, mastering the art of one hand clapping plus annoying the shite out of everyone, this last thing i excel at, and have won many trophies.
    In the 2003 hide and seek finals i was incognito, luckily not that many people knew where cognito was, so i managed to remain undetected.

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  1. Looking good there Shane
  2. Thanks Greg That's 9am Thursday here in Oz (east coast) Or 11am for our Kiwi cousins
  3. gazza

    World RX

  4. They are all a variation on a theme
  5. gazza

    World RX

    Even the boys at the World Championship Rallycross enjoy a bit of "real" racing https://www.facebook.com/fiaworldrallycross/photos/pcb.4800928276586295/4800913126587810/
  6. Anyone know what happened to this experiment
  7. If you haven't seen this site yet, check it out, inspirational to say the least https://www.facebook.com/trajectoire132/?notif_id=1631796544462631&notif_t=page_post_liker_invite&ref=notif https://www.trajectoire132.com/?fbclid=IwAR0mt_1Gf90VmgZuCyDJimyP5BHUw7NDXVl-cOecyqRLJA2CksWFQ_u85Ug
  8. While building a Pioneer Legends 34 Ford white kit I wondered what else i have on the 3D printer could fit the chassis So behold the XE Legend Had the Falcon file so it was only a matter of shrinking it down to fit the chassis, fit some outrageous wide guards and there you have it Bit more fun for the track and i'm sure no one else is going to turn up with the same body and scheme on race night
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