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  1. By the sounds of your criteria just get 3 of whatever you want and load them up with magnets, you'll then get the results your after.
  2. Try here http://slotworxracing.com.au/index.php/v8-body-build
  3. gazza

    Sorell Creek Track

    Bit of local inspiration i see Looks great
  4. From MRE SCALEXTRIC BATMOBILE - you will all have noticed that this car comes with Batman but NO Robin ! Disgraceful - but there may be an answer. Today I have had discussions with the relevant people and can have a ROBIN figure created to go in the Scalextric car. I am happy to proceed with this if there is enough interest. Cost uncertain at the moment, and it would be supplied unpainted, but it would certainly complete the car. Please show your interest on the MRE Facebook page, or email to MRE directly at mre@mre.co.uk if you would be interested in a ROBIN figure for your Batmobile.
  5. I noticed that Batman is flying solo in the supplied photo
  6. Try just copy and paste from Imgur
  7. gazza

    Motor brackets

    I've printed off plenty of different combinations for all the different Mabuchi style motors, feel free to pm me.
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