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  1. Okay then(seriously) I got a hold of a 38yr old Mini Cooper from e-bay tried it on the digital track at work set the track to anologue & yes it went backwards if being ran in the anticlockwise (as we all do?). I turned it the car arond to run in the clockwise direction & it went forwards arent i clever? Then i put another old Corvette 1974ish on the track & it went forwards in the anti clockwise direction? What puzzles me is these cars have no SSD chips in them, have obviously been well raced before i got them,why do they have alternate race directions. Also bought a scalextric Bathurst battle set up it came with a V8 Ford & holden,the Ford went forward the holden went backwards(went forwards when running clockwise) is the answer scaleys made in china? mass produced and only checked if at all to see if the wheels turn. Being new to the slot car game but having some 12volt skill i switched the Minis front braid wires around.All this did was put the track into safe mode so nothing worked. My conclusion is unconclusive & same as you guys i will change the wires over at the motor end & see what happens. I also changed the the power section of track around(Scalextrics flipped it to inside) & the Holden did go forwards in the anticlockwise.I didnt have the Mini at the time. Dig/Plug fitted cars will run in either direction if on digital or analogue that much i can confirm.
  2. Tish Tish stop teasing them & speak some more french.
  3. Thanks for reply lads. Looks like i will try the F1 scaley chip & hope it doesnt burn too soon,have used the sisp12 in a few 20-30 scaley motors & they handle well with power draw,scaleys dont like big motors from past experiance (also larger body to fit into). The GT 40 slot it is 21.5k i think so will try. Just trying to keep the Ford as original as possible
  4. manyarra

    Pontiac Park

    I definitley require a bigger shed (Santa)?
  5. Can see this page available not much traffic though. Digital question i have anyway. Have become the very proud owner of a slot it ford GT40 brand new,luuvverly car. Also purchased a sisp12 dig chip.All good. Am having problems trying to get it to fit inside,best i can come up with is permanently removing driver comparment(pleases no) any ideas for me out there?Also the above post can the moderaters remove was still & still am learning forum navigation. cheers from gaz
  6. OK all of the above have sent me tiny mind into orbit. Just on the subject of digital in car chips was i looking for. Will the humble scalextric in car chip run on the scorpious circuit or Nah? Will cross the controller bridge with SYD when we meet. I will get there trackside B4 xmas .WASCRG.
  7. OK im curious,very.How does one go about making urethane tires/tyres?(send me a PDF) or purchasing the above mentioned locally home made: Has to be easier than calculating any chemical dangers: Dont really want to lose a limb for this. I have a small collection of spares of which may come in handy for door stops or knee reconstuctions. As a new guy i hadn't heard of urethane on slots only on skateboards(yes 3 months new,almost a virgin) but always interested in better handling on track. Using scalextric digital pro track at present & loving all the rear end slides, just the de-slots on hairpins that trouble me & getting some traction exiting. cheers from Gaz Ave a good w/end.
  8. You guys i still can see how worthy the V8 Fords are SOO much cooler /faster (dont remind me about Bathurst i had a jar of Vegemite on the Fords?) Must get over before xmas break. Q. Went on line purchased a GT40#24 1966 (red sebriing) do you know if these slot it cars have any way of set up besides tires? Will hope to meet you all soon as i can. regards Garry. I can see 2 of my 1 & only Ford in the last shot on track?
  9. Im in do prefer a rusty GTHO hope they consider/:D
  10. Gday Gents would like to catch up meet ave a race & some where are you located?
  11. Gday ken/mark . New fella here Gaz. We run a digital track with all the fruit i can think of. Our first obstacle was to work out why the track kept going into safe mode. was informed that digital can only handle so much load at once, it basically shuts down to protect itself.Then we had a few racers putting 20-25+rpm motors in their cars running standard scalextric chips.Apparently what can happen is the motor draws too much current/overload resulting in either safe mode time out or blown chips. Trust me i saw 1 car catch fire on track. Now us being grown men wouldnt accept this dilema & after making some enquiries got some very helpfull advice from Mr Armchair Racer(Kev) use the slotit chip sisp12 as it will handle more load & it works, no blown chips yet. However when you get 4 cars using 20-30 rpm motors there is definitley noticable load on track & things do get marginally slower. I myself have stuck with standard scalycar with sisp12 chip & have no problem racing in time with my mates. I think Scalextric had this all sorted before going to market with their product & would advise others to kep it simple light on magnets motors & enjoy.Does anyone use the brake button on their handset?slot it chip will adapt into almost any scaly saloon car, not F1s.
  12. Has anyone out there been to pattos place website?pretty cool lotsa stuff (for blokes like me /novice)Question is has anyone bought 1 of the complete car kits? I have soon to arrive. Instructions talk about wall plugs & cards do you know what these are? putting together a 2002 Bathurst Ford. not trying to hang a picture?
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