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  1. I have got the decals sorted for a 2007 Toyota camry all I need is a donor car. Could anyone help picking one out? Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. That is a fantastic looking building and the pictures are just aweinspiring!
  3. slot king

    Race Of Champions

    Congats Finland on the race of nations cup.Race of champions in around 25 mins on eurosport!
  4. I was really unhappy with what Rick did,to me it was plain out of order trying to take Lowndes out (I'm a ford fan).
  5. They all look very nice. My favourite just has to be that Mobil1 commodore.
  6. Echoing many others this is a great idea to get manufactuars attention.I've signed it.
  7. Looks like a nice little set of spares there.
  8. Nice track, wish my routed track track looked like that.
  9. I'm interested in the R10 and the Porsche RS Spyder.What series is the R10cars from?
  10. slot king

    New Jags

    Yeh and Beejay nice pics!
  11. slot king

    New Jags

    I love them Jags, prefer the black+silver livery but they both look absolutely fabulas.
  12. They do look great with them interiors in.Brings the car a new lease of life.
  13. slot king

    Got My Scaley Am Dbr9

    I've got one aswell.3rd fastest on my track (behind the scaley 350 and supra JGTC cars).
  14. The Marcos is my favourite.I will buy one when I get the chance (hopefully).
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